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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of March 2023





This set of reports mark the last that I am broadcasting from New York City.  In a few weeks, I will be moving from the Big Apple back to the medical and healthcare capital of the world, Boston. Wish it were as easy as pressing a button.


Once I’ve settled into my new studios, I’ll resume health and recall reports.  That will be sometime over this coming summer.  So until we next speak, Keep A Smile on You Face and Your Body In Motion, these are THE best medicines.  HERE’S HOPING I’LL BE SEEING YOU BACK……SOMEDAY SOON.






Brain-eating Amoebae Could Kill You



Once again, a person has died after being infected by the brain-eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri.  This lethal unicellular organism got into the brain of a Florida resident after that person squirted tap water, which is not sterile, into the nose and sinuses as a sinus rinse.  Naegleria grows in warm fresh water including ponds, lakes, river, and hot springs.  


A number of previous deaths have occurred when persons used Neti Pots to flush their sinuses using tap water.  Other deaths due to these amoebae have been traced to children and teens infected while swimming.


I heartily recommend cleansing nasal cavities to liquify and remove obstructing mucus.  When you do, you must use sterile normal saline.  The best source are aerosol cans marked as Simply Saline, Little Remedies. Nasal Mist, and Neilmed Nasal Wash.  I do not recommend any products that do not provide sealed, aerosol containers of sterile saline but rather use tap water that must be boiled, cooled, and adjusted using included packets of minerals.  I also don’t recommend squeeze bottles that can suck contaminated nasal contents back into the bottle.


#amoeba #meningitis #naegleria #netipot #braineating

amoeba, meningitis, naegleria, netipot, braineating



Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protect Against CoVid



Those with the highest levels of omega-3s were less likely to contract CoVid or be hospitalized with it.  This the conclusion of a University of South Dakota study that analyzed data from 110,584 subjects in the UK Biobank.


Each person had measurement of circulating fatty acids using nuclear magnetic resonance techniques and an Omega-3 index calculated.  They were arranged in 5 groups from lowest to highest index percentages with Omega-3 indices ranging from 3.54% to 7.96%.


Those with the highest Omega indices vs. the lowest were 21% less likely to suffer a CoVid infection and 26% less likely to be hospitalized with that Covid infection.


The best sources of omega-3s are fish including salmon, bluefin tuna, mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies, lake trout, and striped bass.


#CoVid #omega3fattyacids #infection #hospitalization

CoVid, omega3fattyacids, infection, hospitalization



Long CoVid Damages Organs



Nearly 60% of those evidencing signs of Long CoVid have significant detectable organ damage.  Investigators at University College, London studied 536 subjects with a mean age of 45 years looking at the prevalence of single and multi-organ impairment 6 and 12 months following CoVid infections.  Only 13% of the group had required hospitalization the majority having milder infections.


The data shows that a full 59% of the group evidenced single organ damage while 27% suffered multi-organ damage.  Evidence of long-term damage on imaging was found in the liver, pancreas, spleen as well as in the heart and lungs.


With CoVid case numbers receding, many have developed a cavalier attitude about protecting themselves from infection and reinfection by masking and avoiding crowds, particularly indoors.  You do not want a CoVid infection let alone a reinfection.  This virus is not a one-off experience. Evidence from this and other studies drives home the point that Covid has lifelong effects in your body, and that life may be much more miserable and shorter.


#CoVid #longcovid #organdamage #liver #heart #lungs

CoVid, longcovid, organdamage, liver, heart, lungs



Hair Analysis Shows Excessive Preteen Drug Use



Nearly 1 in every 5 preteens has evidence of drug abuse.  UC-San Diego psychologists studied 1390 preteens ages 9 to 13 years.  Each child was asked about substance use and underwent hair analysis looking for evidence of cannabis, alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, nicotine, opiates, and fentanyl.


By the end of the study, 10% of the preteens admitted to using one or more drugs.  However, an additional 10% of subjects were found to have traces of these substances in their hair.  Taking into account a small overlap, 19% of the group either admitted to or had chemical evidence of drug abuse.


Other studies have shown even greater drug use by slightly older US children with 26% of 8th graders admitting to drinking and 23% admitting to smoking.  Use of hair analysis can provide objective evidence of substance abuse providing a more accurate assessment of the problem.


Then comes the real challenge: eliminating the underlying causes of child and teen drug abuse: peer pressure; academic pressure; and toxic family members and behaviors.


#drugs #hairanalysis #teens #cannabis #alcohol #tobacco

drugs, hairanalysis, teens, cannabis, alcohol, tobacco



Why We Fear Clowns



More than half of people of all ages admit to a fear of clowns or so-called coulrophobia. A survey of 987 participants by South Wales psychologists reveals that 53.5% of us have some fear of clowns,  Compare this with other phobias where 3.8% have a fear of animals, 3% have a fear of needles, 2.8% have a fear of heights, 2.3% fear weather, 2.2% fear closed spaces and 1.3% fear flying.


Those admitting coulrophobia were questioned further to discover the reasons for their fears.  The most common reasons included: 

  • Bizarre facial features: exaggerated and distorted human features; inability to read a clown due to a mask or facial makeup.

  • Unpredictable behavior.

  • A previous disturbing interaction with a clown.

  • Creepy clown stories in movies and on tv.


#clowns #fear #coulrophobia 

clowns, fear, coulrophobia 






Future Computer Chips May be Human Brain Cells



Johns Hopkins computer scientists and bioengineers have partnered to produce human stem cell-derived brain organoids capable of biological computing. These devices are representative of a novel construct known as organoid intelligence.  Developed as 3D bioelectrode arrays, these myelinated organoids are capable memory storage, problem solving, and intelligent learning.  It’s a brave new world that frightens many but offers the future possibility of a treatment if not a cure for dementia…..SOMEDAY SOON


#organoidintelligence #biocomputing #dementia

organoidintelligence, biocomputing, dementia



Ultrasound Kidney Therapy Treats High Blood Pressure



Use of sound waves to numb and silence overactive kidney nerves that drive up blood pressure leads to a substantive 8 point pressure drop in patients poorly responsive to conventional medical therapy.  Collaborators at New York’s Columbia University and the Université de Paris analyzed data from 3 randomized trials involving 506 persons with hypertension.


Twice as many patients in the groups receiving ultrasound kidney treatments as an adjunct to their other therapy successfully reached their target blood pressures as those managed with conventional medicinal regimens alone.


So…those of you having problems managing your high blood pressure may expect to have your kidneys medically vibrated… SOMEDAY SOON.


#ultrasound #kidney #hypertension #denervation

ultrasound, kidney, hypertension, denervation





Needle-less Naked mRNA Vaccination



Investigators at the Japanese company NanoCarrier Ltd. have developed technology to deliver so-called naked mRNA, that is mRNA not wrapped in a lipid container, directly into the skin without a needle.  Using jet injection,  the mRNA that encodes for a vaccine protein is forced into a person’s skin layers rather than into the sub-skin, the subcutaneous layer, or into the muscle layer.  Once in the skin, the mRNA codes for protein that triggers an immune reaction likely stronger than that initiated by an intramuscular injection.  The skin itself has a large number of immune cells capable of stimulation.  In addition,  the protein antigen streams quickly from skin into regional lymph node immune factories where abundant antibodies and killer T cells are generated.  Successfully tested in mice, the system is headed for human trials and then into the clinic.


#mRNA #vaccine #needleless #jetinjection

mRNA, vaccine, needleless, jetinjection



Wearable Heart Muscle Damage Sensor



New Jersey cardiologists have tested a wrist-worn sensor developed by RCE Technologies Inc. that employs infrared light to continuously detect and instantly measure blood levels of troponin.  This protein, released when heart muscle is damaged, is usually measured as a snapshot via a blood draw in the emergency room that can take nearly an hour make the diagnosis of a heart attack.  The new wrist sensor uses bluetooth to continuously transmit data to cloud-based computers that use AI to determine a troponin level.  A Rutgers University study of 239 patients with suspected heart attacks showed that the wristband determined troponin levels with a  90% accuracy when compared with conventional blood testing.  This technology can also be adapted to other circulating biomarkers permitting rapid emergency diagnosis of several disorders.  Expect commercialization of this technology.


#troponin #heartattack #myocardialinfarction #wearable #infrared

troponin, heartattack, myocardialinfarction, wearable, infrared




CPSC Recalls



Vaunn Bedrail Entrapment



The CPSC and BeyondMedShop now recall Vaunn Medical Bed Assist Rail adult bed rails.  As is always the case with poorly designed bedrails, the user may become entrapped within the the bedrail structure proper or between the bedrail and the mattress with a risk of neck entrapment and asphyxiation.  About 102,000 of these bedrails were sold online at, Amazon,com, and on eBay.  If you have one of these bedrails, contact BeyondMedShop toll-free at 1-877-836-8838 to arrange a free repair.  The company notes that a remedy for the problem won’t be available until this coming May, 2023.


#vaunn #bedrail #entrapment #asphyxiation #recall

vaunn, bedrail, entrapment, asphyxiation, recall



Anker Powerbanks Get Too Hot



The CPSC and the Fantasia Trading company are recalling Anker Powercore 20K 523 Power Banks Model A1366.  These lithium-ion batteries tend to overheat posing burn and fire hazards.  About 42,000 of these batteries were sold in the US and 620 were sold in Canada at Target stores nationwide and online at, and  If you have one of these batteries, discontinue charging and using it and contact Fantasia Trading at 1-800-988-7973 or via email at to receive a full refund and proper disposal instructions.


#anker #battery #lithiumion #overheat #burns #fires #recall

anker, battery, lithiumion, overheat, burns, fires, recall



Monoprice Pure Outdoor Cooking System May Ignite



The CPSC and the Monoprice company are recalling Monoprice Pure Outdoor Cooking Systems.  The insulation coating on the stove may ignite during use creating fire and burn hazards.  About 3780 of these outdoor cooking systems were sold online at,,,,,,, and  Stop using these systems and contact Monoprice at 1-844-500-7656 or by email at for a full refund.


#monoprice #outdoorcooking #insulation #fire #burns #recall

monoprice, outdoorcooking, insulation, fire, burns, recall



Bedsure Electric Heating Blankets and Pads Overheat



The CPSC and the Bedsure company are recalling Bedsure Electric Heating Blankets and Pads.  These appliances have defective controllers that lead to overheating, fires, and burns.  About 350,000 electric blankets and pads have been sold online at and  Immediately stop using these blankets and pads, unplug them, and contact Bedsure at 1-855-888-9966 or via email at for a full refund.  Be ready to provide photos of the recalled products to qualify for the refunds.


#bedsure #electricblanket #electricpad #controller #overheating #fire #burns #recall

bedsure, electricblanket, electricpad, controller, overheating, fire, burns, recall



Calico Critters Animal Figures Can Choke



The CPSC and Epoch Everlasting Play LLC are recalling all Calico Critters flocked animal figures and sets that were sold with bottle and pacifier accessories.  The bottle and pacifier accessories create choking hazards for infants and toddlers.  More than 3.2 million sets were sold in the US.  Immediately take these recalled bottles and pacifier accessories away from children.  Contact Epoch Everlasting Play at 1-800-631-1272 or via email at to receive instructions regarding submission of photos in order to obtain safe replacement accessories.


#calicocritters #animalfigures #bottles #pacifiers #choking #recall

calicocritters, animalfigures, bottles, pacifiers, choking, recall



Kindred Bravely Bamboo Nursing Hoodies Have Dangerous Drawcords



The CPSC and the Akerson Enterprises have recalled Kindred Bravely Bamboo Nursing Hoodies.  The drawcords on these hoodies have small plastic end caps that may become loose and create choking hazards for infants, toddlers, and young children.  About 7500 of these hoodies were sold at Village Maternity, Nature Baby Outfitter, Tootsies Children’s Boutique, Nurturing Expressions, Simple Organics Wellness Center, RSVP Gifts and More, Milk & Baby and other maternity boutiques nationwide and online at and  Stop using these recalled nursing hoodies until you have cut and discarded the drawcords.  For a refund, fill out a form on the kindred site.  For more information, call the company at 1-888-850-3756 or reach them via email at


#kindredbravely #nursing #hoodie #drawcords #choking #recall

kindredbravely, nursing, hoodie, drawcords, choking, recall



Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heaters Overheat



The CPSC and Vornado are recalling Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heaters.  These heaters have defective wiring that cause the appliance to overheat and create burn and fire hazards.  About 1450 of these heaters were sold at Bed Bath & Beyond and other stores nationwide and online at and other websites.  Stop using this heater, unplug it, and visit the company’s website to register for a refund.  For more information, call Vornado at 1-844-205-7978. Air Recalls Portable SRTH Small Room Tower Heaters Due to Fire Hazard


#vornado #heater #tower #overheating #burns #fires

vornado, heater, tower, overheating, burns, fires



Yeti Coolers and Gear Cases Spew Dangerous Magnets



The CPSC and YETI are recalling YETI Soft Backpack Coolers, Soft Coolers, and Sidekick Dry Gear Cases.  The magnets in the magnet-lined closures may detach and be swallowed by young children.  These high powered magnets may attract each other while in the gastrointestinal tract leading to perforations, gut torsion, intestinal blockage, infection, sepsis, and death.  About 1.9 million of these YETI items were sold in the US and about 40,760 were sold in Canada at Dick’s Sporting Goods, ACE Hardware, Academy Sports + Outdoors, YETI and other stores nationwide and online at and  Stop using these items and contact YETI at 1-833-444-3151 or via email at for instructions about returning the product for a replacement product or a refund in the form of a gift card with $25 above the case value added.


#yeti #cooler #gearcase #magnets #foreignbodies #perforation #obstruction #volvulus

yeti, cooler, gearcase, magnets, foreignbodies, perforation, obstruction, volvulus



FDA Recalls



Omega3 Pet Supplements Hide A Vitamin Overdose



The FDA and Stratford Care USA are recalling multiple brands of dog and cat omega3 soft gel supplements.  All of them contain dangerously high levels of Vitamin A.  The supplements were sold nationwide at Veterinary Clinics, Distribution Centers, Retail Stores, and Online Market Places such as Amazon and Chewy.  The affected lots and expiration dates are: lot 31133 EXP 04/13/23 and lot 30837 EXP 10/26/22.  If you bought any omega3 softgel pet supplements, do not feed them to your dogs and cats.  Check the lot numbers.  For additional information, call Stratford at 1-877-498-2002 or reach the company via email at


#omega3 #supplement #softgel #dogs #cats #vitaminA #recall

omega3, supplement, softgel, dogs, cats, vitaminA, recall


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