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RoundUp - 2nd Week of October 2023






How To Exercise With Arthritis - Best Of - WBZ Radio -0291



Peggy Keating of the Duke University Diet & Fitness Center, currently call the Duke Lifestyle & Weight Management Center,joins Dr. Smith to advise a patient with arthritis and back problems about how to exercise safely and effectively.  She discusses use of non-weight-bearing water therapy and stationary bikes.


#exercise #arthritis #duke #back #watertherapy #stationarybike #wbznewsradio

exercise, arthritis, duke, back, watertherapy, stationarybike, wbznewsradio



Fainting: It’s Causes and Symptoms: Best Of - WBZ Radio -0191



Dr. Smith talks with Mark Linzer, MD formerly of the New England Medical Center and currently professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota.  Fainting is also known as syncope and is driven by the vasovagal reaction.


#linzer #fainting #syncope #vasovagal #wbznewsradio

Linzer, fainting, syncope, vasovagal, wbznewsradio



Fainting: When to get an evaluation:  Best Of - WBZ Radio -0191



 If you experience fainting, when should you get a formal evaluation.  Dr. Mark Linzer, formerly of Tufts Med and now at UMinnesota tells Dr. Smith the indications that are worrisome.


#linzer #fainting #syncope #driving #weakness #cardiovascular  #wbznewsradio

linzer, fainting, syncope,  driving, weakness, cardiovascular, wbznewsradio



Second Opinion For A Back Problem:  Best Of - WBZ Radio -0590



Dr. Smith discusses why and how to obtain a second opinion for possible surgical management of chronic back disease.  He mentions the physician referral services that hospitals offer.  Now, this service is offered online with a search feature on each hospital’s website.


#backpain #weakness #secondopinion #neurosurgery #orthopedics #wbznewsradio

backpain, weakness, secondopinion, neurosurgery, orthopedics, wbznewsradio



Do A Breast Self-Exam Like A Surgeon:  Best Of - WBZ Radio -0691



Dr. Smith speaks with the late Robert Osteen MD, breast surgeon at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, about what a surgeon looks for during a breast exam. 


#breast #selfexamination #surgeon #osteen #brigham #cancer #wbznewsradio

breast, selfexamination, surgeon, osteen, brigham, cancer, wbznewsradio



Giving Doctors-In-Training The Patient Experience: Best Of - WBZ Radio - 0891



In this WBZ Medical Minute introduced by the late Gary LaPierre, Dr. Smith describes how one medical school gives its doctors to be a glimpse of medical care from a patient’s point of view.  


#medicalschool #physicians #patients #hospitals #sensitivity #wbznewsradio

medicalschool, physicians, patients, hospitals, sensitivity, 




Tonsil Disease:  When Should Tonsils Be Removed:  Best Of: WBZ Radio; 0191



Dr. Smith discusses the reasons for removal of the tonsils.  They include infection and obstruction.


#tonsils #tonsillectomy #infection #lingualtonsils #snoring #obstruction #sleepapnea #wbznewsradio

tonsils, tonsillectomy, infection, lingualtonsils, snoring, obstruction, sleepapnea, wbznewsradio


CPSC Recalls



Capri Pet Deodorizing Sprays and Shampoos Have Bacterial Contamination 



Recall By: Cpsc;  CURIO Brands


Problem: Capri Blue Deodorizing Pet Bedding Spray, Capri Blue Waterless Foaming Shampoo, Capri Blue Deodorizing Fragrance Spritz and Capri Blue Detangling and Conditioning Sprays, purchased from June 2023 through August 2023, are contaminated with nasty bacteria including Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


Sold:  About 59,000 units were sold at pet stores and online at


Actions:  Stop using these products.   Visit the website and complete the refund request form or call the company at 1-877-748-7141.   You will have to take a photo of the product with the date and your initials and submit it online for the refund before you dispose of the product.


#capriblue #petspray #deodorant #shampoo #beddingspray #bacteria #infection #pseudomonas #recall

capriblue, petspray, deodorant, shampoo, beddingspray, bacteria, infection, pseudomonas, recall



Rene Rofe Kids Blanket Sleepers and Robes Can Ignite



Recall By: Cpsc;  International Intimates Inc.


Problem: Rene Rofe Girl Children’s Blanket Sleepers and Hooded Robes do not meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear and create risks of burn injuries.


Sold:  About 38,000 items were sold online at,, and at children’s clothing stores nationwide.


Actions: Do not permit your children to sleep in or wear these garments.  Contact International Intimates at 1-877-623-2536 or via email at for a full refund.  You will have to cut the items in half, take a photo, and submit the pic with your contact info to the website.


#renerofe #sleepers #robes #flammable #burns #recall

renerofe, sleepers, robes, flammable, burns, recall



Cocco Candy Rolling Candy May Choke Your Child



Recall By: Cpsc;  KGR Distribution Corp.


Problem:  The rolling ball on this Cocco Candy Strawberry, Tutti Frutti, and Cola flavored liquid candy dispenser may dislodge from the container leading to aspiration, choking, asphyxiation, and death.


Sold. About 145,800 candy units were sold nationwide and online at


Actions:  Take this candy away from your kids and contact KGR Distribution at 1-888-802-8823 or via email at for a full refund.


#kgr #coccocandy #rollingcandy #ball #aspiration #choking #asphyxiation #death #recall 

kgr, coccocandy, rollingcandy, ball, aspiration, choking, asphyxiation, death, recall 



Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy May Choke Your Child



Recall By: Cpsc;  Candy Dynamics


Problem:  The rolling ball on this Slime Licker, Toxic Waste, and Mega Toxic Waste branded Blue, Red,  Green, and Pink flavored liquid candy dispensers may dislodge from the container leading to aspiration, choking, asphyxiation, and death.


Sold. About 70 million candy units were sold at Walmart, Five Below and other stores nationwide, and online at, and other websites.


Actions:  Take this candy away from your kids and contact Candy Dynamics at 1-877-546-0483 for a full refund.


#candydynamics #slimelicker #toxicwaste #megatoxicwaste #rollingcandy #ball #aspiration #choking #asphyxiation #death #recall 

candydynamics, slimelicker, toxicwaste, megatoxicwaste, rollingcandy, ball, aspiration, choking, asphyxiation, death, recall 



Russsound Amplifiers Dangerously Overheat



Recall By: Cpsc;  Russound


Problem:  Russound MCA-88 Multizone Controller Amplifiers have defective internal circuit boards that overheat and create fire and burn hazards.


Sold:  About 3,170 were sold in the US and about 245 were sold in Canada to wholesalers and entertainment center/home theater installers.


Actions:  If you had an entertainment center installed, check to see if you have one of these amps installed.  If so, stop using it and contact Russound at 1-800-638-8055 or via email at dot arrange for a free replacement.


#russound #amplifier #entertainmentcenter #hometheather #overheading #fire #burns #recall

russound, amplifier, entertainmentcenter, hometheather, overheading, fire, burns, recall










FDA Recalls



Kula Can Drinks Have Coconut and Milk



Recall By: Fda;  Kula Brands LLC


Problem:  Kula Can - Pina Colada + Kratom Seltzer has undeclared coconut, a tree nut, and milk in them.  This is a risk for those allergic to these ingredients.  Involved are cans in lot number U17831532PNCL.


Sold:  Through retail stores, mail order, and direct delivery beginning on 7/10/2023.


Actions:  Return these drinks to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, contact Kula at 1-305-239-2288 or via email at


#kula #pinacoladakratom #coconut #treenut #milk #allergy #recall

kula, pinacoladakratom, coconut, treenut, milk, allergy, recall




Cookies-N-Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Has Peanut



Recall By: Fda;  Cookies-N-Milk


Problem:  6oz cups of "Chocolate Chip Edible Cookie Dough" contains undeclared peanuts.  This is a danger to peanut allergic kids and adults.  Affected is lot # 32402342C.


Sold: At retail stores in IA, KS, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD, WI, WY.


Actions:  Return this product to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Cookies-N-Milk at 1-214-491-6370.


#cookiesnmilk #chocolatechipcookiedough #peanut #allergy #recall

cookiesnmilk, chocolatechipcookiedough, peanut, allergy, recall



Costco’s Orgain Chocolate Flavored Protein Powder Has Sesame



Recall By: Fda;  Organ LLC


Problem:  Orgain Protein Powder + Superfoods, Creamy Chocolate Fudge flavor has undeclared sesame.  The following lot numbers are affected: 3212EL14, 3213EL14, 3214EL14, 3228EL14.


Sold: Exclusively at Costco warehouse stores in Alabama, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin.


Actions:  If you have this product with these lot numbers, return it to your Costco store for a refund.


#costco. #orgain #chocolate #proteinpowder #sesame #allergy #recall

costco., orgain, chocolate, proteinpowder, sesame, allergy, recall





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