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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of January 2023






The Latest Omicron Subvariant Is Spreading



The latest Omicron subvariant, XBB1.5, is rapidly spreading throughout the US.  It is driving surges of CoVid hospitalizations.


The XBB1.5 has a disturbing 144% growth advantage over the last subvariant BQ1.1 and a significantly higher transmission rate than the most recent subvariants including BA5 and XBB.  It now accounts for over 40-50% of CoVid cases in the Northeastern US and for more than 18% of cases in the US overall.  XBB1.5 is very prevalent in the Northeast and is driving surges of hospitalizations in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.


What do we all need to do?   We need to live smart and safe with minimal interference to our daily lives.  That means dusting off those N95 masks and wearing them in crowds and on public transit.  Sadly, we need to limit indoor restaurant eating.  Finally, we all need to be boosted with the latest bivalent mRNA boosters.  Then too, the CDC needs to develop and authorize another round of boosters.  CoVid is far from over.


#xbb15 #CoVid #omicron #hospitalizations #boosters

xbb15, CoVid, omicron, hospitalizations, boosters



How CoVid Zaps Our Smell and Taste



The CoVid virus causes a persistent loss of smell and taste not by itself damaging your nasal olfactory sensors but rather by triggering a vigorous autoimmune reaction that destroys these sensors.  So say researchers at Duke University after they studied tissue samples from 9 patients with prolonged smell and taste deficits comparing them with 15 controls.


The CoVid-infected samples showed thorough infiltration of olfactory tissue by CD-45 and CD-8 inflammatory T cells.  Efforts to find remnants of CoVid viral infection and cell destruction in these tissues using antibody staining revealed none.


#CoVid #olfactory #smell #taste #tcells #autoimmunity

CoVid, olfactory, smell, taste, tcells, autoimmunity



Food Preferences Are Genetic



Which foods we crave are determined by some 325 genes, primarily found in our brain tissues, as well as by our acquired personal preferences.  Scottish investigators now report this conclusion from their genome-association study of data from a half million subjects in the UK Biobank.


Their data showed that people’s food preferences fall into 3 groups: highly pleasurable items such as meats, junk foods, and desserts; low-cal foods including fruits and vegetables; and acquired taste foods such as coffee, alcohol, and spices.  When the numbers were crunched, it turns out that your genes and your personal preferences each contribute half to your food consumption habits.


The genetic basis for food preferences has been previously confirmed using twin studies.  The fact that the US has an obesity problem suggests that the donut gene may be way too prevalent!


#foods #genetics #pleasure #taste

foods, genetics, pleasure, taste



Monty Python Walking Burns More Calories



In an effort to add new and ever more effective ways of power walking, Arizona, Kansas, and Virginia kinesiologists have looked back to the 1970’s.  They find that the so-called Teabag walking technique demonstrated by John Cleese of the Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks led to energy expenditures 2.5 times higher than usual modes of walking.


The investigators tested 13 healthy thirty-something adults who were asked to walk a 30 meter course using either their usual walking style or two Monty Python styles.  The study revealed that the Cleese Mr. Teabag style was a significant calorie burner.  In fact, Teabag walking for 11 minutes a day equals about 75 minutes of vigorous intensity physical exercise.


#walking #montypython #teabagwalking #powerwalking

walking, montypython, teabagwalking, powerwalking



Mediterranean Diet Reduces Preeclampsia



Following a diet rich in fish, vegetables, fruit, whole grains, beans, nuts, and olive oil reduces the risk of preeclampsia by 28%.  Columbia University epidemiologists led a multi center cohort study of 7798 first time mothers with single pregnancies and complete dietary data.


Adherence to the Mediterranean diet was associated with a 21% lower risk of any adverse pregnancy outcomes, a 28% reduction in preeclampsia, and, wait for it, a 37% lower risk of gestational diabetes.


We know that a Mediterranean diet lowers risks of cardiovascular disease and metabolic problems.  Now we add a lowered risk of preeclampsia with its elevated blood pressure, kidney and liver problems, and later seizures to the list of benefits.


#Mediterraneandiet #pregnancy #preeclampsia #diabetes

Mediterraneandiet, pregnancy, preeclampsia, diabetes



Mercury-Containing Skin Creams Can Poison You



In a search for anti-aging remedies that erase age spots and wrinkles or products that remove freckles, blemishes, and dark spots, many, without knowing, buy cosmetics that contain mercury or its salts that are toxic to the human neurologic, cardiovascular, and renal systems.  Pregnant and nursing women, infants, and younger children are particularly vulnerable.


Mercury-containing products are banned by the FDA but are illegally imported, bought on websites, or bought abroad and carried back to the US.  These dangerous cosmetics are often found in shops that serve Latino, Asian, African, or Middle Eastern communities.


How do you spot the mercury-containing products?  Look for the words “mercurous chloride,” “calomel,” “mercuric,” “mercurio,” or the obvious “mercury, ” on the label.  If there isn’t an ingredient listing, that’s an automatic red flag.


I’ll review the FDA’s current list of dangerous mercury-containing products in a separate report.  Look for it.


#mercury #cosmetics #antiaging #neurotoxicity

mercury, cosmetics, antiaging, neurotoxicity



List of Dangerous Mercury-Containing Cosmetics



In my accompanying report, I detailed the dangers of mercury-containing anti-aging cosmetics particularly for pregnant women and young children.


Let’s review the FDA’s list of offending products along with pictures of them.


African Queen Strong Bleaching Treatment

Amos Make Me White in 7 Days

Aneeza Gold Beauty Face Cream

B.B. Clear Dark Spot Remover Cream

BeBe Special Cream & BeBe Special Cream CCM/Yellow

CCM Perfect 365 White Cream

CCM Special Cream Tumeric

Chandni Whitening Cream

Collagen Plus - Vit E Cream, Night Cream

Face Fresh Beauty Cream

Golden Pearl Beauty Cream

Goree Beauty Cream

HIYADY Glutatione Cream White & Bright

Kim Whitening Pearl and Snowlotus Cream

La Tia Mana Crema Limpiadora y Curativa

Light & Natural CAROTONE Black Spot Corrector CREME B.S.C

Ling Zhi BB Whitening Cream

Monespa Express Peeling

Sandal Whitening Beauty Cream

Skin care & Cosmetic MSII Express Peeling

Skin care & Cosmetic MSII Whitening Peeling


If you or someone you know has one or more of these products at home, avoid using them and dispose of them.  The products…not someone you know.


#mercury #cosmetics #antiaging #neurotoxicity

mercury, cosmetics, antiaging, neurotoxicity





A Future Blood Test For Alzheimer’s



German neurochemists have developed an accurate blood test that can specifically detect the brain-derived tau protein that is diagnostic for neurodegenerative Alzheimer’s Disease.  Since most of the tau protein circulating in blood is not specific for Alzheimer’s, the researchers generated an antibody against anti-brain-derived tau in order to power a more specific test.  Their new diagnostic test detects brain tau in blood as accurately as those tests that detect this protein in the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the brain.


#alzheimers #tau #blood #csf

alzheimers, tau, blood, csf



AI Detects Sounds of Gastrointestinal Disease



Warning you that this report is not suitable listening while you eat.  Assuming you’re prepared, let me tell you that engineers at Georgia Tech have developed an artificial intelligence-based “diarrhea detector.”  This device can be attached to public toilets and networked to feed data to public health officials.  When enough users of such facilities experience violently rapid bowel movements, there is an early warning that a dangerous and potentially deadly infectious gastrointestinal disease such as cholera may be spreading.  This type of AI detector uses sound spectral analysis and is also capable of detecting urination and yes flatulence or farts.


#ai #artificialintelligence #diarrhea #cholera #flatulence

ai, artificialintelligence, diarrhea, cholera, flatulence




CPSC Recalls



ZLINE Gas Ranges Poison With Carbon Monoxide



The CPSC and ZLINE now recall ZLINE 30-inch and 36-inch RG gas ranges.  The ovens of these gas appliances can emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide which creates a risk of oxygen deprivation and death.  About 28,000 of these appliances have been sold at Best Buy, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and The Range Hood Store stores nationwide and online at,,,,,, and   Immediately discontinue use of ovens in these appliances until a free repair has been accomplished by contacting ZLINE at 1-888-359-4482 or via email at  The ranges may continue to be safely used.


#zline #gaswranges #ovens #carbonmonoxide #co #poisoning #asphyxiation #death

zline, gaswranges, ovens, carbonmonoxide, co, poisoning, asphyxiation, death



Surf Nine Inflatable Paddle Boards Deflate



The CPSC and Surf 9 are recalling Body Glove Tandem Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, ULI Inventor Inflatable Paddle Boards, ULI Zettian Inflatable Supyaks and ULI Lila Inflatable Supyaks.  The glue on these inflatable paddle boards is defective permitting the seams to separate leading to sudden paddle board deflation with creation of drowning hazards.  About 13,300 of these paddle boards were sold in the US and about 7,000 Body Glove Boards were sold in Canada at Costco Warehouse stores and online at Costco,com.  Do not use these recalled paddle boards.,  Return them to Costco or contact Surf 9 at 1-866-696-9257 or via email at to arrange for a refund.


#surf9 #costco #paddleboards #inflatable #deflation #drowning #recall

Surf9, costco, paddleboards, inflatable, deflation, drowning, recall



Yamaha Viking Off-Road Vehicles Have Failing Brakes



The CPSC and the Yamaha Motor Company USA are recalling Model Year 2022 Yamaha Viking Off-Road Side-by-Side vehicles.  The parking brake mechanism may fail permitting the vehicle to roll and create crash and injury hazards.  About 500 of these off-road vehicles were sold at Yamaha Side-By-Side dealers nationwide.  Stop riding these off-road vehicles and contact Yamaha at 1-800-962-7926 to arrange free inspection and repair.


#yamaha #offroad sidebyside #brakes #crash #injury #recall

yamaha, offroad, sidebyside, brakes, crash, injury, recall




FDA Recalls



Avery’s Savory Popcorn Contains A Host of Allergens



The FDA and Avery’s Savory Popcorn LLC announce the recall of Avery’s Gourmet Popcorn, ALL FLAVORS.  This popcorn contains multiple undeclared allergens including milk, soy, peanuts, the tree nuts almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, and sulfites.  Those with hypersensitivities to these allergens could develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions should they ingest this popcorn.  The popcorn was sold in: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Texas.  If you bought this popcorn, discard it and contact Avery’s by phone at 1-214-930-0439 or via email at to receive a refund.


#averys #popcorn #milk #soy #peanuts, #treenuts #allergies #recall

averys, popcorn, milk, soy, peanuts,, treenuts, allergies, recall



Full Circle Market & Naturally Better Oat & Honey Organic Granola Has Undeclared Nuts



The FDA and the Bakery On Main have recalled one lot of Full Circle Market & Naturally Better Oat & Honey Organic Granola.  This product contains undeclared almonds.  Those with almond and tree nut allergies can develop serious or life-threatening allergic reactions after ingesting this granola.  The affected products have a best before date of 10/10/23.  The Full Circle granola was sold at Topco/Full Circle stores and the Naturally Better granola was sold at SEG stores.  If you have an almond or tree nut allergies do not consume these products but rather return them to the place of purchase.  For more information, contact Bakery On Main by email at or by phone at 1-860-895-6622.


#bakeryonmain #granola #almonds #treenbuts #allergy #recall

bakeryonmain, granola, almonds, treenbuts, allergy, recall



Tohato Nagewa Snack Is Milky



The FDA and Daiso USA now recall Tohato Nagewa Snack.  This product contains undeclared milk.  Those with milk allergies could develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions should they ingest this snack.  This product was sold in Daiso stores in California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, New York, and New Jersey.  If you purchased this snack, return it to any Daiso store for a full refund.  For additional information, contact Daiso by email at or call the company at 1-833-888-1610.


#daiso #tohato #nagewasnack #milk #allergy #recall

daiso, tohato, nagewasnack, milk, allergy, recall



Caesar’s Pasta & Orefresco Frozen Manicotti Has Bacterial Contamination



The FDA and Caesar’s Pasta LLC are recalling Caesar’s Pasta & Orefresco Frozen Manicotti.  These products are contaminated with listeria monocytyogenes and have a best by date of 9/28/2024.  Listeria can trigger serious and fatal infections in the very young, in older, frail individuals, and in those with weakened immune systems.  This frozen manicotti was sold to restaurants in Philadelphia, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Southeastern NY State; Northeastern PA; and San Juan, PR markets.  These were no retail sales.  Although restaurants should have stopped using this contaminated manicotti, be on the safe side and avoid ordering manicotti at restaurants in these regions.  For more information, contact Caesar’s Pasta at 1-856-227-2585 Ext 226.


#caesars #manicotti #listeria #infection #recall

caesars, manicotti, listeria, infection, recall



Sun Sprouts Alfalfa Sprouts Are Salmonella-Contaminated



The FDA and SunSprout Enterprises are recalling multiple lots of raw alfalfa sprouts.  This product is contaminated with salmonella. This bacterium can trigger serious gastroenteritis and life-threatening sepsis in the very young, in older, frail individuals, and in those with weakened immune systems.  The products have been sold in Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa.  The involved lots are #4211, #5211, #3212, and #4212.  Do not consume this product and dispose of it carefully while protecting yourself with gloves.  For more information and refunds, contact SunSprout by email at


#sunsprouts #alfalfasprouts #salmonella #infection #recall


sunsprouts, alfalfasprouts, salmonella, infection, recall

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