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RoundUp - 3rd.4th Weeks of September 2023





At What Ages Are We Happiest?



Throughout our lives, we all experience ups and downs in our own perceptions of happiness throughout our lives.  Now teams of German and Swiss psychologists have collaborated to study this phenomenon by analyzing a series of studies covering some 460,902 subjects.


Their data shows that childhood is a time of uniform happiness.  Then, as the pre-teen years approach and teen years ensue, happiness diminishes from ages 9 to 16.  After the emotional traumas and profound physical changes of adolescence wane, happiness increases and remains prominent from 16 to age 70.  Thereafter, happiness diminishes consistently until age 96 when most study data stopped.


These observations represent broad generalizations, and each of us is in command of our own sense of happiness and well-being.  Such positive feelings are driven by strong relationships with family and friends, satisfying results in school and at work, and achievement of our short and long-term goals.


#happiness #adolescence #childhood #adulthood #geriatric

happiness, adolescence, childhood, adulthood, geriatric 



Migraine Headaches Associated With Higher Risk of Heart Attack and Stoke



Women more so than men who experience migraines are at a higher risk for early heart attacks and strokes.  Danish researchers reviewed the health records of 179,680 women and also 40,757 men over a 22 year period.


Their data revealed that women with migraine had a 22% higher risk of heart attacks, a 21% higher risk of strokes due to blocked arteries, so-called ischemic stroke, and a 13% higher risk of strokes due to brain bleeds.  The men in the study had a 17% higher risk for heart attack and a 23% higher risk for ischemic stroke but at no higher risk for hemorrhagic strokes.


Bottom line:  Those experiencing migraines and the medical teams caring for them should be on alert for signs of impending cardiovascular disease including heart attack and stroke.  Migraine headaches occur more frequently in women than men, so, ladies, be especially alert to impeding problems.


#migraines #heartattack #stroke #womenshealth #menshealth

migraines, heartattack, stroke, womenshealth, menshealth



Medication Errors For Kids With ADHD Are Surging



The frequency of serious medication errors in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders has nearly tripled over the past 22 years.  This according to a survey of our nation’s poison control centers by pediatric investigators at Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.


The data revealed that two-thirds of the most serious errors occurred in children 6 to 12 years of age, three-fourths occurred in males and half involved amphetamines.  Not surprisingly, kids under the age of 6 were twice as likely as older children to have a serious medical complication from incorrect dosing.  The most common errors involved giving children duplicate doses in 54% of cases, giving a child an incorrect medication in 13% of cases, or administering a medication prescribed for another child in another 13% of cases.


It is ironic that children suffering from attention issues are the victims of sloppy medication management by caregivers who are distracted and NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO DETAIL.


#adhd #attentiondeficit #medicationerrors #children #pediatrics #poisoncontrol

adhd, attentiondeficit, medicationerrors, children, pediatrics, poisoncontrol



How Do Underage Children Obtain Electronic Cigarettes?



A large multinational meta-analysis study shows that most children and teens under the age of 21 obtain vaping equipment, VE, from peers or siblings.  New Zealand researchers reviewed 17 studies covering approximately 30,000 young people from the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Fourteen of the 17 studies were conducted in the US, and all were published in peer-reviewed journals.


The single most prevalent source of VE was a “friend” in about 59% of those vaping for the first time or most recently and in 52% of those current or consistent users.  Nearly two-thirds of underage vapers did so by borrowing a device.  A friend was the source in 81% of cases, siblings loaned in 9.5%, and fewer than 5% borrowed VE from parents or adult relatives.  One in four enlisted someone else to buy the device for them from a vape shop, convenience store, or online.


Despite minimum age laws in the US and other countries, those under 18 to 21 continue to obtain VE.  Now, in some cases, the users begin vaping to quit tobacco smoking, and that is beneficial.  In many cases, though, the young users vape to look cool or succumb to peer pressure.  In doing so, they expose themselves to high and addicting doses of nicotine as well as to toxic organic fumes from flavorings and solvents that serve to damage their lungs irreversibly.


#vaping #electroniccigarettes #underage #nicotine #addiction #tobacco #adolescence

vaping, electroniccigarettes, underage, nicotine, addiction, tobacco, adolescence






There’s A New Breath Sweetener In The Dairy Aisle



Are you hesitant to wolf down garlic-laden pesto or Caesar salad at lunch for fear that your rancid breath will turn off a client, your boss, or, worse, a date.  Ohio State University food scientists now report that yogurt has powerful halitosis-fighting powers.  


Their studies show that two chief yogurt components, protein and fat, both have powerful capabilities to neutralize garlic’s volatile sulfur compounds that drive the bad breathy get after ingesting that so-called “stinking flower.”  Modifying the amount of fat present in the yogurt or changing the protein structure by heating or decreasing its acid level both reduced garlic deodorization.


Work is underway to create a yogurt with uniformly high fat and protein that will serve as an even more effective breath sweetener……someday soon.


#garlic #halitosis #yogurt #sulfur #protein #fat

garlic, halitosis, yogurt, sulfur, protein, fat




Robotic Micro-needle Journeys Deep Into The Lungs



A tiny, barely visible but steerable nickel-titanium needle can be precisely guided into lung tissue while avoiding vital structures including blood vessels.  Blending the resources at the University of North Carolina, pulmonologists, radiologists, bioengineers, and computer scientists developed the robotic needle.   The needle is attached to a catheter and introduced into the lung via a bronchoscope.  Once deep within the airways, the robotic needle is advanced forward nearly entirely guided by a computer employing navigational data obtained via prior CT scanning that precisely locates blood vessels, airways, and objects to be biopsied or injected with medication.  This miracle needle will permit injections deep in not only the lungs but, after additional studies, also within other vital organs…… someday soon.


robotics, needle, CT, biopsy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy








Drug-Coated Prostate Balloon Could Eliminate Need For Surgery



Enlarged prostates that block a man’s urine flow and complete bladder emptying often lead to a root-router type of prostate surgery called trans-urethral resection of prostate, better known at TURP surgery.  The procedure often leads to undesirable complications such as sexual dysfunction and incontinence.


The FDA has recently approved the Optilume BPH Catheter System as an alternative to surgery.  The device has dual balloons that inflate and  push back obstructing prostatic tissue, open an effective urine flow channel, and deliver a medication, paclitaxel, that shrinks the prostate and prevents a repeat obstruction.


A randomized, controlled, double-blind study of the device demonstrated its effectiveness in restoring urine flow and bladder emptying while avoiding the sexual performance and incontinence issues that may complicate traditional surgery.


#prostate #bph #hypertrophy #surgery #turp #erectiledysfunction #incontinence 

prostate, bph, hypertrophy, surgery, turp, erectiledysfunction, incontinence 





CPSC Recalls


Shimano Cranksets Disintegrate



Recall By: CPSC; Shimano North America Bicycle Inc.


Problem: The 11-Speed Bonded Hollowtech II Road Cranksets have bonded parts that separate and break creating crash and injury risks to riders and bystanders.  Affected are Shimano Ultegra FC-6800, Dura-Ace FC-9000, Ultegra FC-R8000, Dura-Ace FC-R9100 and FC-R9100P 11-Speed Bonded Hollowtech Road Cranksets manufactured before July, 2019.  To clarify, the crankset is the bike part to which the pedals and chain are attached.


Sold:  About 680,000 cranksets were sold in the US, and about 80,000 were sold in Canada.


Actions:  Stop riding on bicycles with these cranksets and contact a Shimano dealer for an inspection and repair.  For more information and to confirm that your crankset is recalled, reach Shimano at 1-844-776-0315.


#shimano #crankset #cracks #falls #injuries #recalls

shimano, crankset, cracks, falls, injuries, recalls



Costco Novaform Mattresses May Be Moldy



Recall By: CPSC: FXI Inc.


Problem: Novaform ComfortGrande 14-inch and Novaform DreamAway 8-inch Mattresses became wet during manufacture and may contain mold.


Sold: About 48,000 mattresses were sold exclusively at Costco stores in the Northwest and San Francisco Bay Area.


Actions:  Do not sleep on these mattresses.  Contact FXI at 1-888-886-2057 to arrange for a free replacement mattress and pickup of your old mattress.


#costco #fxi #mattress #mold #infection #recall

costco, fxi, mattress, mold, infection, recall




H&M Men’s Beaded Bracelets Are Loaded With Lead



Recall By:  CPSC; H&M


Problem:  H&M’s men’s clasp beaded bracelets contain levels of lead that exceed safe federal standards.  Lead is particularly neurotoxic if ingested by children.


Sold:  About 12,290 bracelets were sold at H&M stores nationwide and online at


Actions:  Stop wearing these clasp bracelets and contact H&M at 1-855-466-7467 or via to receive a prepaid mailer in order to return the product for a refund.


#h&m #bracelet #lead #poisoning #recall

h&m, bracelet, lead, poisoning, recall



Rainbow Road Series Children’s Board Books Are Choking Hazards



Recall By: CPSC;  Make Believe Ideas


Problem:  The plastic binding rings on all 7 Rainbow Road Series Board Books may detach from the books and create choking hazards for young children.


Sold: About 260,000 books were sold in the US and about 12,900 were sold in Canada at Target, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club and other stores nationwide and online at and other websites.


Actions:  Immediately take these books away from your children. Register with Make Believe Ideas at to receive a refund in the form of a gift card.  You will be provided instructions for book disposal and verification.  For additional information, contact the company at 1-877-206-1091.


#rainbowroad #children #boardbooks #binding #choking #recall

rainbowroad, children, boardbooks, binding, choking, recall



DR Power Chipper Shredder Spit Schrapnel



Recall By: CPSC; DR Power Equipment Co,


Problem:  Metal fragments may separate from the chipper shredder’s housing and spew out creating laceration hazards for the operator and bystanders.  In addition, the hopper may detach from the chipper shredder leading to injuries.


Sold: About 5900 chipper shredders were sold in the US and about 90 were sold in Canada.


Actions:  Do not operate these chipper shredders, and contact DR Power Equipment at 1-800-550-4845 or via email at to arrange a full refund or a free repair with prepaid shipping.


#DR #chipper #shredder #projectiles #fragmentation #laceration #injuries #recall

DR, chipper, shredder, projectiles, fragmentation, laceration, injuries, recall




Insignia and Yardbird Fire Tables with Lava Rocks Can Burn You



Recall by: CPSC; Best Buy


Problem:  The lava rocks in these units tend to split and propel out of the fire table leading to burn injuries.  Affected at model numbers NS-PFT28BK3 and NS-PFT30BK03.


Sold About 1490 fire tables were sold online at Best, on the Best Buy channel, and and via Best Buy for Business.


Actions:  Discontinue using these recalled fire tablets and contact Best Buy at 1-800-566-7498 to arrange a free repair with lava rock replacement by fire-safe glass beads.


#bestbuy #firetable #insignia #yardbird #lavarocks #burns #recall

bestbuy, firetable, insignia, yardbird, lavarocks, burns, recall



Generac Portable Generators Spew Fuel



Recall by: CPSC: Generac Power Systems


Problem:  These generators have fuel tanks with inadequate venting due to defective rollover valves.  They tend to build up pressure and squirt fuel when opened leading to fires and burns.


Sold: About 64,000 generators were sold at home improvement and hardware stores nationwide.


Actions:  Discontinue using these generators and contact Generac at 1-888-391-0503 to request a free repair kit.


#generac #portablegenerator #fuelleak #fire #burns #recall

generac, portablegenerator, fuelleak, fire, burns, recall



Honda Lawnmower and Pressure Washer Engines Have Renegade Starter Ropes



Recall by: CPSC; American Honda Motor Co.


Problem:  The small gasoline engines on these lawnmowers and pressure washers have defective camshafts that cause their starter ropes to suddenly and forcefully retract when you pull them.  This recoil action leads to injuries.


Sold:  About 391,000 units were sold at Honda Power Equipment dealers, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, Northern Tool and various farm, agricultural and rental stores nationwide.


Actions:  Stop using the recalled lawnmowers and pressure washers with these recalled engines and contact an authorized Honda Power Equipment dealer to arrange for a free inspection and repair.  For more information about this recall and to verify if your unit is in the recall, contact Honda at 1-888-888-3139.


#honda #gasolineengines #mower #pressurewasher #starter #recoil #injury #recall

honda, gasolineengines, mower, pressurewasher, starter, recoil, injury, recall




Stihl Chainsaws Can Refuse To Stop



Recall by: CPSC; Stihl Inc.


Problem: The braking system on the STihl MSA 300 battery-powered chain saws operates with a delay which creates laceration hazards for the operator and bystanders.


Sold: About 2800 chainsaws were sold nationwide by Stihl dealers.


Actions:  Immediately stop using this chainsaw and contact your Stihl servicing dealer for free replacement of the brake drum and band.  For additional information, contact Stihl by calling 1-800-233-4729.


#stihl #chainsaw #brake #lacerations #injuries #recall

stihl, chainsaw, brake, lacerations, injuries, recall




TJX Foldable Bistro Set Chairs Tend To Collapse



Recall by: CPSC; TJX


Problem:  Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and Homesense Foldable Bistro Set Chairs have wooden frames that break or collapse unexpectantly when you sit on them creating fall and injury hazards.


Sold” About 11,000 chairs were sold Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and Homesense stores nationwide.


Actions:  Don’t sit on these recalled chairs.  Return the chairs to the place of purchase for a refund.  Alternatively, you may contact TJX at 1-800-762-4177 for instructions regarding refunds and proper disposal.


#tjx #marshalls #homegoods #tjmaxx #homesense #foldablechairs #collapse #fall #injury #recall


tjx, marshalls, homegoods, tjmaxx, homesense, foldablechairs, collapse, fall, injury, recall



Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kits Create Ingestion Hazards



Recall by: CPSC; Buffalo Game


Problem:  These beads that expand on absorption of water create choking and gastrointestinal obstruction risks.


Sold:  About 52,000 of these toys were sold exclusively at Target stores nationwide.


Actions:  Take away this game toy kit and the contained water beads from your children before returning the kit to a Target store for a refund.  You may also contact Buffalo Games at 1-800-637-0732 ors email the company at to receive a prepaid mailing envelop for product return as well as your refund.


#target #waterbead #activitykit #choking #ingestion #giobstruction #recall

target, waterbead, activitykit, choking, ingestion, giobstruction, recall




FDA Recalls



Sunnyside Farms Diced Organic Butternut Squash Has Bacterial Contamination



Recall by: FDA; Safeway Fresh Foods


Problem:  The product is contaminated with E. Coli O45.  This pathogenic bacterium triggers a diarrheal illness.  In some people, it triggers a form of kidney failure called Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.  Affected product has a use by date of 9/19/2023.


Sold:  At Costco in Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virgina.


Actions:  Do not consume this squash.  Return the product to your Costco store for a refund.  For more information, call Costco at 1-856-692-7200.


#costco #squash #ecoli #infection #kidxneyfailure #recall

costco, squash, ecoli, infection, kidxneyfailure, recall



Kraft Singles American Cheese Could Make You Gag



Real By:  FDA; Kraft Heinz


Problem:  Individual slices of Kraft Singles American Cheese have a thin wrapper film attached to them due to a malfunction of a wrapping machine.  If you ingest the slice, you could gag and choke on the film.  Affected are packages with A Best When Used By Date of 10 JAN 24 through 27 Jan 24 with an S and 72 in the manufacturing code.


Actions: Do not consume these American Cheese Slices.  Return the product to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, contact Kraft Heinz at 1-800-280-8252.


#Kraft #americanCheese #slices #packingfilm #gagging #choking #recall 

Kraft, americanCheese, slices, packingfilm, gagging, choking, recall 



Marketside Chocolate Chip Explosion Cake Has Hidden Peanuts



Recall By: FDA; David’s Cookies


Problem:  Lot #BS23212 of Marketside Chocolate Chip Explosion Cake actually contains Marketside Ultimate Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake, and the product packaging fails to warn of the peanut ingredient. 


Sold: At Walmart stores nationwide.


Actions:  If you have this product, return it to a Walmart store for a full refund.  If you require additional information, contact David’s Cookies at 1-800-500-2800.


#marketside #walmart #chocolatechip #cake #peanut #allergy #recall

marketside, walmart, chocolatechip, cake, peanut, allergy, recall








Knickerbocker Homestyle Hamburger Buns Contain Milk



Recall by: FDA;Knickerbocker 365 Inc.


Problem:  These “Homestyle” hamburger buns contain undeclared milk.  The affected lot codes are I31C, J01C, J02C, J06C, J07C, J08C, J09C and J11C.


The product was sold at southeastern Michigan retail outlets including:  All Season’s Market, John’s Market, Main Party Store, Nino Salvaggio, Steiner Meat Market and Van Dyke Liquor Beer & Wine.


Actions:  Return the product to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, call 1-248-217-1942.


#knickerbocker #hamburgerbuns #milk #allergy #recall

knickerbocker, hamburgerbuns, milk, allergy, recall

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