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HealthNews RoundUp - 5th Week of September  2021





Infant Gaze An Early Clue To Later Autism



Infants demonstrating unusual ways of looking at objects at 9 months of age are more likely to develop autism or autism spectrum disorder later in childhood.  Paychiatrists at UC-Davis analyzed the behaviors of a high autism risk group, 89 infants whose older siblings had from diagnoses of autism, and compared them with 58 infants at low risk as their siblings showed age-typical developmental parameters.  Observations were made at 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, and 36 months of age.


The result: children who engaged in atypical visual inspection of objects at 9 months were more likely to be diagnosed with autism at 3 years of age.  These atypical visual behaviors included: looking out of the corners of the eyes, holding an object close to the face, examining the object with one eye closed, and staring continuously at an object for more than 10 seconds.


This observation supports the theory that infants with autistic tendencies over-focus on objects due to their relative disinterest in person-to-person interactions.


#autism #vision #inspection #objects #social 

autism, vision, inspection, objects, social



Drugs For Non-Insulin Diabetes Blunt CoVid



Type 2 diabetics using GLP-1 receptor agonists that lower blood glucose and hemoglobin A1C are more likely to experience mild CoVid infections that don’t put them in the ICU, on ventilators, or on an autopsy slab.  Researchers at Penn State reviewed the electronic medical records of nearly 30,000 type 2 diabetics testing positive for CoVid during the pre-vaccine 2020’s.  Of these about 7,000 were on these drugs and 23,000 were not.


Those CoVid patients taking these GLP-1 receptor agonists like semaglutide, more familiar to TV viewers as Trulicity and Victoza, within 6 months of their CoVid diagnosis showed a 33% lower risk of hospitalization, a 38.4% lower risk of major respiratory complications, and a 42.1% lower risk of death.


Studies are continuing to clarify if this protective phenomenon is directly due this class of drugs.  The investigators also want to know if GLP-1- receptor agonists can also protect non-diabetics.


#CoVid #diabetes #ozempic #rybelsus #hospitalization #icu #death

CoVid, diabetes, ozempic, rybelsus, hospitalization, icu, death



Masks Protect Against Wildfire Smoke



The use of face masks in regions blanketed with wildfire smoke could reduce the risk of hospital visits due to respiratory distress by 22 to 39%.  Environmental scientists at  Colorado State University compared the abilities of masks made of various materials to protect their users against pollution from wildfires and other sources.


N95 non-medical dust masks or their KN95 equivalents are the most effective at reducing hospital and ICU admissions for respiratory disease when compared with single layer cotton masks, single layered nylon or other synthetics as masks, and multilayered surgical masks .  This effect is even more pronounced as a greater proportion of the affected population embraces defensive mask-wearing.


Looking directly at the pollution filtration effectiveness of various mask mask materials, all materials perform poorest for particles with diameters of 0.5-0.6 um.  Cloth and nylon masks work better as particle sizes rise from 1 to 10 um.


The bottom line: use at least surgical masks or even better N95 or KN95 masks when you are exposed to smoke, dust, airborne pollution of any kind, and allergens.


#smoke #masks #pollution #cotton #synthetics #surgical

smoke, masks, pollution, cotton, synthetics, surgical




Screening Device For Detecting Lazy Eye



A handheld device enables pediatric and primary care professionals to quickly and accurately screen for unequal eye performance problems including strabismus and amblyopia permitting an earlier diagnosis and institution of corrective therapy.  Investigators at NIH’s National Eye Institute in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente Southern California studied 300 children, ages 2 to 6 years, with no known eye disorders.


Comparing the electronic device’s performance with the gold standard, an exam by a pediatric ophthalmologist, showed that the screener properly flagged 100% of children with improper eye performance while over-diagnosing issues in only 15% of cases.


The screening is rapid requiring only 28 seconds to position the child, hold the device 14 inches from the child’s eyes, have the child fixate on the smiley face, allow the device to laser scan both retinas for subtle misalignment, and report the results on the LED panel.


The device, called the Blinq, was co-invented by pediatric ophthalmologist David Hunter MD at Boston Children’s Hospital.


#strabismus #amblyopia #lazyeye #blinq #screening

strabismus, amblyopia, lazyeye, blinq, screening



Spreaders of CoVid Disinformation



Disinformation Dozen:

1. Joseph Mercola

2. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

3. Ty and Charlene Bollinger

4. Sherri Tenpenny

5. Rizza Islam

6. Rashid Buttar

7. Erin Elizabeth

8. Sayer Ji

9. Kelly Brogan

10. Christiane Northrup

11. BenTapper

12. Kevin Jenkins


Just who is spreading dangerous misinformation about CoVid, its origins, its prevention, and its treatment?  The Center for Countering Digital Hate, a British-based think tank, has assembled a list they call the “Disinformation Dozen.”  These 12 social media influencers are responsible for as much as 65% of general CoVid crap on the web, 73% of Facebook’s anti-vaccine propaganda, and 17% of anti-vax garbage on Twitter. The Center is actively working to push these broadcasters of bunk off our public communication platforms, and we should all applaud and assist in their efforts..  Let’s see who’s on their list so we can all know and oppose these serial liars.


1.  Joseph Mercola is a osteopathic doctor who quit practice to peddle dietary supplements and alternative medicine treatments.  Business Week analysed his businesses and labelled him a “snake oil salesman..”  Without training in either immunology or infectious disease, he rails against vaccines, promotes vitamin D supplements and inhaled hydrogen peroxide for CoVid, and was cited by the FDA for hawking fake CoVid cures.  Oh, and he’s married to Erin Elizabeth Finn, number 7 of the Disinfo Dozen.


2.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., son of senator and presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy and nephew of JFK, is a malignant anti-vaxxer who runs the Children’s Health Defense organization.  He targets the black and latino communities spewing garbage that CoVid vaccines harm pregnant women (just the opposite) and that they kill healthy disadvantaged people.  His father and uncle are no doubt spinning in their graves.


3. Ty and Charlene Bollinger are anti-vaxxers selling books of lies about vaccines, CoVid, and cancer.  Continuing for years to the spread the lie that vaccines cause autism, more recently they’re the source of the paranoid garbage that Bill Gates is using CoVid vaccines to inject chips into Americans and others around the globe.


4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopath.  She’s an anti-vaxxer and anti-masker who encourages health care workers to forgo both.  Cutting her fangs on the lie that vaccines cause autism, she now barks that vaccines and masks prevent your immune system from responding to disease.  She badmouths CoVid testing, calls CoVid an alleged plague, and lies saying that CoVid vaccine is killing children.


5.  Ronnie Steven “Rizza” Islam is a Nation of Islam minister. He posts anti-vax lies in addition to antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ propaganda.  He screams that CoVid vaccines make women infertile, cause autism, and are a tool of Satan.  He blames Bill Gates for causing the pandemic in order to increase profits. Though a man of God, he and other family members were arrested on insurance fraud charges at a Scientology-affiliated Narconon rehab center in Compton, California.


6.  Dr. Rashid Buttar is an osteopath who claims that CoVid vaccines cause infertility, don’t work, have terrible side effects, cause HIV, and only provide 2 months of any immunity.  He warns that CoVid testing will infect you with germs of some sort.


7.  Erin Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Mercola, runs Health Nut News (now here’s some truth in advertising).  She claims that the medical-industrial complex uses vaccines to make us all chronically-ill.  She’s another one that falsely targets Bill Gates as a CoVid profiteer, lies saying that hydroxychloroquine is better tested for CoVid treatment than the vaccines, and makes antisemitic accusations.


8.  Sayer Ji is a self-proclaimed expert on alternative medicine after graduating Rutgers with a philosophy major.  He spreads false information about vaccine and mask safety and efficacy on his website GreenMedInfo.  He crows that the CoVid vaccine kills 40 times more adults than CoVid and 260 times more younger people than CoVid. His site filters out legitimate scientific references while cherry picking and promoting only those voices justifying alternative medicine therapy.  He promotes the anti-vax video sold by our old friends and grifters #3 Ty and Charlene Bollinger.  Quite the club don’t you think?


9.  Dr. Kelly Brogen, Sayer Ji’s partner, claims to practice holistic psychiatry at her Manhattan office.  She is a medical physician and graduate of Cornell medical school. ( I’m sure they’re proud of this alumna.).  Guess she skipped her infectious disease courses since she claims infections are caused not by viruses and bacteria but by psychological factors. For example, she insists that death from AIDS isn’t due to HIV but caused by the treatments that are prescribed to fight it.  She doesn’t believe the CoVid virus even exists.  But wait, she does support the unproven theory that severe depression is caused by intestinal bacteria and advocates coffee enemas.  Wonder if Starbucks offers these.  As a rabid anti-vaxxer, she denies that the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines tamed this dread disease.


10.  Dr. Christiane Northrup is another medical doc, an OB-GYN, who went to Dartmouth med and presumably finished her MD at Harvard.  She began her career legitimately by founding a women’s medical practice in Maine, writing popular books on women’s health, but then somehow blasted off into the outer limnits.  She advocates that tarot cards can diagnose disease, trauma in past lives causes chronic illness, denies the germ theory of infectious disease, claims thyroid disease is caused by throat blockage and is helped by iodine that is the opposite of the truth, suggests treating insomnia by covering mirrors, opposes HPV, human papilloma virus, vaccines to prevent cervical and other cancers in young adults, and opposes mammography screening for breast cancer.  On CoVid, she opposes contact tracing, masking, and vaccine development while recommending hydroxychloroquine ands ivermectin.  She claims that mRNA vaccines can mutate your DNA, which they cannot, and cause sterility, which they don’t.


11.  Ben Tapper DC is a chiropractor and social influencer who spreads peculiar and frankly false information about CoVid.  He whines that viruses cannot live outside the body and decries disinfectants, masks, and vaccines.  He screams that vaccines only help Big Pharma with profits and immunity from prosecution.


And finally  $  12. 12.  Kevin Jenkins.  Another anti-vaxer associated with Bobby Kennedy Jr.  Runs the Urban Global Health Alliance. He plays the race card and screams that vaccines are a conspiracy to wipe out black people and that American medicine is experimenting on blacks.  He encourages the flouting of public health measures including masking, distancing, and vaccination.


Now that you know the mega-liars who are spreading garbage, look for their trash online if only to recognize it, rebut it in replies and dislikes, and warn all those you know and love about the dangers of this Disinformation Dozen.


#CoVid #disinformation #lies #conspiracy #paranoia #vaccines #masks

CoVid, disinformation, lies, conspiracy, paranoia, vaccines, mask



CPSC Recalls


Polaris Phoenix 200 ATVs on Recall



The CPSC and Polaris now recall Polaris Phoenix 200 ATVs from the model years 2011 through 2021.  The throttle speed control is defective, can stick at a dangerous level, and is a crash risk.  About 13,000 affected ATVs were sold in the US and 990 were sold in Canada.  Note that some of these were already recalled back in July 2020 and in April 2018.  If you own one of these ATVs, stop using it.  Contact Polaris by calling 1-800-765-2747 or online at to receive a replacement throttle speed control bracket free of charge.  If you require help with installation, your Polaris dealer should step forward.


#polaris #atv #throttle #crash #recall

polaris, atv, throttle, crash, recall



Recall On Boppy Newborn Loungers



The CPSC and Boppy have recalled the Boppy Original Newborn Loungers, Boppy Preferred Newborn Loungers and Pottery Barn Kids Boppy Newborn Loungers.  Infants may roll on these loungers or off the loungers into a position that cuts off their breathing and creates a suffocation hazard.  Eight infants have already died in association with the use of this product.  About 3.3 million of these Boppy loungers were sold nationwide at Pottery Barn Kids, Target, Walmart and other children’s stores and general merchandise stores as well as online at  Immediately stop the use of these loungers and contact the Boppy Co. by phone at 1-800-416-1355 or online at to obtain a refund.  As an FYI, infants should alway sleep on a firm, flat surface in a crib, bassinet, or play enclosure on their backs without any blankets, pillows, or padded crib bumpers within their reach.


#boppy #lounger #infant #suffocation #recall

boppy, lounger, infant , suffocation, recall



Recalled are Oceanic Adult Dry Top Snorkels



The CPSC and  Huish Outdoors are recalling Oceanic Adult Dry Top Snorkels.  The bottom purge valve on this snorkel may leak permitting water entry into the breathing path with a resultant drowning.  About 76,000 of these snorkels were sold at Costco stores and online at  If you have one of these snorkels, discontinue using it.  Then follow the online instructions at about how to properly destroy the product and register for a free replacement snorkel.


#huish #snorkel #leak #drowning #recall

huish, snorkel, leak, drowning, recall 



Venom Youth All-Terrain Vehicles On Recall



The CPSC and Venom Motorsports are recalling Venom Youth All-Terrain Vehicles both gas and electric models.  These off-road vehicles do not meet mandatory safety standards including speed governors, and this poses a risk of crashes and injuries.  They were imported from China and sold in the US without meeting the CPSC safety requirments.  About 500 vehicles were sold nationwide.  If you have one of these vehicles, immediately stop using it and contact Venom Motorsports at 1-888-414-6548 or online at to arrange for a refund.


#venom #atvs #safety #crashes #recall

venom, atvs, safety, crashes, recall 



Recalled are SONOMA Goods For Life Branded Ultimate Oversized Antigravity Chairs



The CPSC and Kohl’s now recall SONOMA Goods For Life Branded Ultimate Oversized Antigravity Chairs.  The chairs may collapse when in use creating a fall and injury hazard.  About 31,000 of these chairs were sold nationwide at Kohl’s stores and online at kohl’  If you bought one of these chairs, stop resting in it and return it to the nearest Kohl;’s store.  If you have the receipt, you’ll score a full refund.  Without the receipt, you’ll receive a store credit.  For more information, call Kohl’s at 1-855-564-5755 or reach them online at


#kohls #antigravitychair #collapse #injury #recall

kohls, antigravitychair, collapse, injury, recall



Recall on Martha Stewart Collection Oil & Vinegar Cruets



The CPSC and Macy’s have recalled the Martha Stewart Collection Oil & Vinegar Cruets.  The glass portion of this container may shatter and create a laceration hazard.  About 26,150 of these cruets were sold nationwide at Macy’s stores and online at  If you have one of these cruets, stop using it and return it to a Macy’s store for a refund.  Alternatively, you can call Macy’s at 1-888-257-5949 to obtain a shipping label and a refund.


#macys #marthastewart #oilvinegarcruet #laceration #recall

macys, marthastewart, oilvinegarcruet, laceration, recall





FDA Recalls


Recalls on Picket Fence Creamery Taco White Cheddar Cheese Curds and Key Lime Pie Ice Cream



The FDA and Picket Fence Creamery are recalling  Picket Fence Creamery Taco White Cheddar Cheese Curds and Key Lime Pie Ice Cream.  Both of these products contain undeclared wheat.  Those with a wheat allergy could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction should they ingest either of these foods.  These cheddar cheese curds and key lime ice cream were both sold in Iowa.  If you have either of these products, don’t consume them.  Call Picket Fence Creamery at 1-515-438-2697 and request a full refund.


#picketfencecreamery #cheesecurds #icecream #wheart #allergy #recall

picketfencecreamery, cheesecurds, icecream, wheart, allergy, recall



Cashew Nuts Sold Under Various Brands are on Recall



The FDA and SunTree Snack Foods, LLC are recalling cashew nuts sold under various brand names including Harris Teeter, HEB, Happy Belly, and Prince & Spring.  These products were contaminated with small pieces of glass during the packaging process.  Ingesting these foreign bodies could cause lacerations and other injuries to the mouth, throat, and esophagus.  The involved products were sold in Washington, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.  If you purchased any of these items, don’t consume them but rather return them to the place of purchase.  For additional information, contact SunTree Snack Foods by calling 1-480-719-6900 x 219.


#suntreesnacks #cashews #glass #foreignbodies #laceration #recall

suntreesnacks, cashews, glass, foreignbodies, laceration, recall



Recalls on Whole Foods Apple and Cherry Pies



The FDA and Whole Foods announce the recall of Whole Foods Apple and Cherry Pies.  These pies contain undeclared milk and egg.  Affected are whole pies and slices of these pies.  Those with an allergy to either milk or eggs could develop a serious or possibly life-threatening allergy reaction to ingesting either of these products.  These pies were sold by Whole Foods in: Gaithersburg, Maryland; Exton, Springhouse, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and in Alexandria, Virginia.  If you bought one of these pies or pie slices, take your receipt to any Whole Foods store for a full refund.  For additional information, call Whole Foods at 1-844-936-8255.


#wholefoods #applepie #cherrypie #milk #egg #allergy #recall

wholefoods, applepie, cherrypie, milk, eggm, allergy, recall



DiGiorno Frozen Crispy Pan Crust Pepperoni Pizza is Recalled



The USDA’s Food Inspection and Safety Service and Nestle USA are recalling DiGiorno Frozen Crispy Pan Crust Pepperoni Pizza with a best buy label of MAR2022.  This pizza contains undeclared soy.  Those with a soy allergy could develop a serious and life-threatening allergic reaction after eating this product.  It turns out that, instead of pepperoni, these pizzas contain 3 meats that include textured soy protein.  If you have this pizza in your freezer or fridge, don’t consume it but return it to the place of purchase.  If you need more information, call Nestle at 1-800-681-1676 or reach them by email at


#nestle #pizza #soy #meat #allergy #recall

nestle, pizza, soy, meat, allergy, recall



Vemondo Vegan Crabless Mini Crabcakes Are Recalled



The FDA and Cuisine Innovations Unlimited, LLC now recall Vemondo Vegan Crabless Mini Crabcakes.  This product contains undeclared egg yolks.  Those with egg allergies may develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reactions after ingesting these crabcakes.  This product was sold in (Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia.  If you bought these crabcakes, return them to the place of purchase.  If you need more information, call Cuisine Innovations at 1-201-439-1036, Ext. 26.


#cuisineinnovations #vemondo #crabcakes #egg #allergy #recall

cuisineinnovations, vemondo, crabcakes, egg, allergy, recall



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