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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of October 2022





Are You Really Vaccinated and Protected Against CoVid?



With the continuing invasion of new and more menacing CoVid Omicron subvariants, the CDC now gives us the sobering statistics about the current effectiveness of the first generation, so-called monovalent vaccination shots and boosters.  Using electronic medical record data from 21 hospitals in 18 states over the first 8 months of 2022, the study reports the protection afforded by 2 immunizing doses and 1 or 2 booster doses of the vaccine for some 4730 adult patients.


During the early Omicron period with BA1/2 predominant, the overall vaccine effectiveness was 69%.  During the more recent BA4/5 era, the overall vaccine effectiveness dropped to 31%.  The vaccine effectiveness against BA4/5 also falls sharply over 3.5 months following the last shot.  For 2 shots and a booster, it dropped from 60% to 29%.  For 2 shots and 2 boosters, the effectiveness was only 61% after the 3 months.  And these rather abysmal statistics were gathered even before the latest and most aggressiveness subvariants BQ1.1 and XBB.


What does this all mean for you?  It means that if you expect to escape a nasty and maybe lethal case of CoVid as well as spreading it to those you love, you’d better be getting another booster if its been 4 months since your last shot.  The booster you should be getting is the new bivalent Omicron-specific booster that promises the optimal protection and its available for all those 5 years and older.


#omicron #CoVid #vaccine #booster #BA12 #BA45 #BQ11

omicron, CoVid, vaccine, booster, BA12, BA45, BQ11



New Guidelines For Weight Reduction Surgery



The two professional societies whose members recommend and perform bariatric surgery now announce their first modifications in the indications for such surgery in more than 30 years.  The 1991 recommendations from The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders suggested weight loss surgery for those with body mass indices, better known as BMIs, of 40 or more or 35 to 40 for those with complicating metabolic diseases or in the pediatric and adolescent age groups.  Metabolic diseases include poorly controlled type 2 diabetes.


The improved safety and effectiveness of bariatric surgical techniques has prompted both professional societies to now recommend surgery for all those with BMIs of 35 of more and for those with BMIs of 30 or more with metabolic conditions or for children and adolescents.


The most common weight reduction surgical procedures performed worldwide are both done laparoscopically: partial stomach removal known as sleeve gastrectomy and  gastric bypass using the Roux-en-Y technique.  Other techniques include a gastric band placement, a gastric balloon placement, and a mini-gastric bypass.


#bariatricsurgery #asmbs #ifso #bmi #diabetes #obesity

bariatricsurgery, asmbs, ifso, bmi, diabetes, obesity



Past Weed Use May Intensify Your Post-Surgery Pain



Cannabis use during the month preceding surgery under general anesthesia may increase your post-operative pain and your need for opioid pain medications.  These conclusions stem from a Cleveland Clinic anesthesiology study of 1681 cannabis users and matched controls from a pool of more than 34,000 patients.  The results were recently reported at the Anesthesiology 2022 annual meeting.


Cannabis users reported 14% more pain during the first postop day compared with non-users.  They required 7% more opioid drugs to control that pain.  Similar results have been previously reported in smaller studies with less statistical power.


Ongoing are studies to better understand this phenomenon.  Bottom line: lay off weed smoking and edibles consumption for the month before surgery.


#surgery #generalanesthesia #cannabis #weed #marijuana #pain #opioids

surgery, generalanesthesia, cannabis, weed, marijuana, pain, opioids



Monkeypox Update At Close of October 2022



The CDC reports that, as of October 24th, there have been 28,004 Monkeypox cases in the US resulting in 6 deaths.  Two each occurred in New York City and in Chicago.  The other 2 occurred in Nevada and in Maryland.  Around the world 75,568 have been afflicted with the disease that is now referred to in the abbreviated MPV or MPX.


The case density is highest in California, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Illinois.  Most affected are males 31-35 years of age, and this group is the largest to receive treatment with TPOXX or tecovirimat, the most effective therapy for this viral disease.  The disease strikes 3 ethnic groups most commonly: White, Hispanic, and Black.


#monkeypox #mpv #mpx #tpoxx #tecovirimat

monkeypox, mpv, mpx, tpoxx, tecovirimat










A Radioactive Gel Promises Better Pancreatic Cancer Outcomes



From Duke University’s bioengineering department comes a novel method for delivering radiation therapy to pancreatic cancer.  Rather than irradiating the tumor using an external beam, the researchers combined radioactive iodine with a gelatinous material that holds it in close proximity to the cancer.  When combined with traditional chemotherapy, the gel radiation technique complete obliterated 80% of otherwise lethal tumors in mice.  This result bests most other treatments, and hopefully it will work as well in human patients.


#pancreatic #cancer #radiation #gel #chemotherapy

pancreatic #cancer #radiation #gel #chemotherapy



FLASH Radiation Therapy Safe and Effective



A first human test of ultra-fast and ultra-powerful proton beam radiotherapy suggests that this novel technique may be the way of the future.  University of Cincinnati radiation oncologists report their preliminary phase 1 trial results to the American Society for Radiation Oncology’s (ASTRO) Annual Meeting.


Ten patients 27-81 years of age with painful extremity bony metastases at 12 sites were treated with a whopping 8 Gy of radiation at greater than 40 Gy per second in about 3/10ths of a second.  This dose rate is 300 times higher than the conventional rate.  When these patients’ use of pain meds was recorded at varying intervals up to 13 months following therapy, 7 of the 10 patients enjoyed complete or significant partial pain relief.


The best news: this FLASH technique spares normal, non-cancerous tissue better than conventional radiation therapy.


#cancer #radiation #protonbeam #flash

cancer, radiation, protonbeam, flash





New Cervical Cancer Screening Test Is a Crystal Ball



A novel cervical swab test can identify pre-cancerous cervical cell changes some 4 years before they trigger cancer.  Austrian and British oncologic researchers have developed a test that analyzes the levels of DNA methylation in cervical cells captured on the cotton swab.


The test detects cervical cell cancer transformation with a 92.7% sensitivity for women over the age of 30 years.  When this test was performed on 428 cervical cell samples free of overt cancer but at risk for developing cancer due to the presence of human papilloma virus, the test correctly identified 55% of the women who would later develop overt cervical cancer over a 1-4 year period.


Not a perfect result but a very promising start that will become more precise with additional work.  BTW: the same test can forecast ovarian and breast cancer.


#cervicalcancer #dna #methylation #hpv #carcinomainsitu

cervicalcancer #dna, methylation, hpv, carcinomainsitu





Immunotherapy Gel Eliminates Residual Cancer Post-Surgery



The Harvard Medical School spinoff Surge Therapeutics has captured a $26 million war chest to begin testing its intraoperative immunotherapy hydrogel strategy in human patients.  Their successful mouse studies cured aggressive cancers with a single dose of the gel and, hopefully, will trigger similar dramatic effects in the clinic.  The immunotherapeutic nanotech gel, deposited at the time of surgery at the site of tumor removal, continually activates the body’s cancer-killing immunity in the regions most likely to harbor “machine-gun nests” of metastatic cells that could grow and kill the host.


#immunotherapy #gel #metastasis #cancer

immunotherapy, gel, metastasis, cancer



Testing Liver Therapy in Zombie Livers



Ochre Bio, a UK startup affiliated with Oxford University, is developing RNA-based drug therapies to treat and possibly regenerate ailing livers.  The company has pioneered the development and testing of candidate drugs using whole livers kept alive on machines.  A new round of financing is being used to support the expanded testing of possible drugs at 3 sites in the US including NYU, Yale, and Oklahoma’s LifeShare.  Human livers with various pathologies that currently make them unsuitable for human transplantation are kept alive for days at a time on perfusion machines during which drug candidates may be tested.‘Liver-ICU’-in-the-United-States-to-Evaluate-Effects-of-RNA-Therapies-on-Human-Liver-Performance


#liver #mRNA #perfusion #transplantation #ochre #nyu #yale #lifeshare

liver, mRNA, perfusion, transplantation, ochre, nyu, yale, lifeshare



Robotic Drug Capsule Could Be An Insulin Pill



MIT bioengineers have developed a spinning drug capsule that, when swallowed, can penetrate thick stomach mucus and permit larger protein drugs such as insulin to be administered orally.   The tiny machine, the size of a multivitamin, contains a miniature battery-powered motor and a drug reservoir.  Stomach acids dissolve the so-called RoboCap’s gelatin coating and trigger a switch that activates the mucus burrowing motor and drug dispersal mechanisms.  The device delivers 20 to 40 time more drug than a conventional capsule.  After delivering its payload, the spent capsule passes harmlessly through the GI tract.


#robocap #mit #insulin #diabetes

robocap, mit, insulin, diabetes




CPSC Recalls



Goalsetter Wall-mounted Basketball Goals Can Crash and Injure



The CPSC and the Goalsetter company are recalling Goalsetter wall-mounted basketball goals.  These basketball goals may detach from the wall, fall, and cause injuries that may be deadly.  About 18,000 of these basketball goals were sold at SCHEELS stores and basketball equipment stores nationwide and online at,,,  Immediately discontinue use of these goals and do not allow anyone or anything valuable to rest under them.  Contact Goalsetter at 1-855-951-7460 to arrange for either removal of the goal from your property with a full refund or for a free inspection and installation of an additional safety bracket.


#goalsetter #basketball #goal #crash #injury #death #recall

goalsetter, basketball, goal, crash, injury, death, recall



Brother Air Purifier Power Adapter May Shock You



The CPSC and the Brother company are recalling the Meic power adapters sold with Brother AirSure DF-2 Dynamic Filtration Tabletop Air Purifiers.  This AC power adapter has a casing that easily breaks as the unit is being plugged in or removed from a plug thereby exposing its metal plugs and creating electrical shock and electrocution hazards.  About 16,300 of these purifiers and adapter were sold online at and  Immediately discontinue use of this power adapter.  Contact the Brother company at 1-866-236-6835 to arrange for a free replacement AC adapter and instructions regarding return of your unit.


#brother #purifier #acadapter #case #shock #electrocution #recall

brother, purifier, acadapter, case, shock, electrocution, recall



Amazon Basics Executive Desk Chairs Easily Topple



The CPSC and Amazon are recalling Amazon Basics Executive Desk Chairs.  The leg bases on these chairs tend to fracture leading to falls and injuries.  About 11,4000 of these chairs were sold at  Stop using these chairs and contact Amazon at 1-888-871-7108 for for a refund.  You will be asked to provide photo evidence that you have destroyed the product.


#amazon.#deskchair #base #falls #injuries #recall

amazon.#deskchair, base, falls, injuries,  recall



LG Solar Panel Batteries Can Ignite



The CPSC and LG Energy Solutions Michigan are recalling LG Energy Solution “RESU 10H” Lithium-Ion Residential Energy Storage System Batteries.  These home solar panel system lithium-ion batteries may overheat, ignite, and burn creating fire and burn injury hazards for the hone occupants.  About 11,500 of these batteries were sold and installed by various distributors of solar energy storage systems nationwide, including, but not limited to Sunrun, AEE Solar, Baywa, CED, Krannich, Independent Electric Supply and Inter Island Solar Supply.  LG Energy Solutions Michigan will arrange for remote software updates to recalled batteries that are connected online. The diagnostic software monitors the recalled battery cells and shuts down the system if a fire risk is detected. If the battery shuts down, contact LG Energy Solution Michigan and do not attempt to turn the battery on again.  For additional information, call LG Energy Solutions Michigan at 1-888-737-8104 or email the company at


#lg #solarpanelsystems #battery #lithiumion #overheating #fires #recall

lg, solarpanelsystems, battery, lithiumion, overheating, fires, recall



Tesla Cyberquad Kid ATVs Are Unsafe



The CPSC and Radio Flyer are recalling Tesla Cyberquad for Kids by Radio Flyer, Model Number 914.  This Chinese-manufactured vehicle fails to comply with US federal mandatory safety requirements for all youth ATVs.  Furthermore, this product’s manufacturers and distributors have not provided a CPSC-approved and required ATV action plan for rider age recommendations and rider training.  About 5,000 of these ATVs were sold online at  Do not permit your child to use these Cyberquad ATVs.  Contact Radio Flyer at 1-800-621-7613 or via email at to receive instructions regarding removal and prepaid return shipping of the ATV’s motor controller in order to obtain a full refund.  The website also provides information regarding disposal of the vehicle.


#radioflyer #tesla #atv #safety #crash #injury #recall

radioflyer, tesla, atv, safety, crash, injury, recall



Punisher Adult Cycling Helmets Aren’t Protective



The CPSC and Bike USA Inc. are recalling Punisher Adult Cycling Helmets.  The helmets lack the positional stability and impact attenuation to meet US federal safety standard for bicycle helmets.  About 3400 of these bike helmets were sold online at,,,,,, and  Stop using these bike helmets and contact Bike USA at 1-800-225-2453 or via email at to receive a refund and additional information about the recall.


#bikeusa #punisher #bicycle #helmet #injury #recall

bikeusa, punisher, bicycle, helmet, injury, recall



Horizon Branded Treadmills Have A Mind Of Their Own



The CPSC and Horizon Fitness are recalling Horizon T101-05 Treadmills.  These treadmills unexpectedly accelerate, change speed, or stop without user input, creating fall and injury hazards.  About 192,000 of these treadmills were sold in the US and about 7,000 were sold in Canada.  Stop using these treadmills.  Contact Horizon Fitness at 1-888-223-1045 for via email at to receive a thumb drive with a software patch.


horizon, treadmill, motorcontroller, injury, recall



Pine-Sol Scented Multi-Surface Cleaners Have Bacterial Contamination



The CPSC and Clorox are recalling Pine-Sol Scented Multi-Surface Cleaners in Lavender Clean, Sparkling Wave, and Lemon Fresh scents, CloroxPro Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaners in Lavender Clean, Sparkling Wave, Lemon Fresh, and Orange Energy scents, and Clorox Professional Pine-Sol Lemon Fresh Cleaners. The Original Pine-Sol  with a Pine scent is not included in this recall.  These products are contaminated with bacteria including the nasty Pseudomonas aeruginosa that is a particular threat to those with weakened immune systems or to those who frequently use medical devices.  If you have any of these products, return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Pine-Sol at 1-855-378-4982 or reach the company via email at,


#pinesol #clorox #cleaners #bacteria #pseudomonas #infection #recall

pinesol, clorox, cleaners, bacteria, pseudomonas, infection, recall



FDA Recalls



Bombolo Biscotti Assorted Italian Cookies Contain Walnuts



The FDA and the Bombolo Biscotti company are recalling its Assorted Italian Cookies because the packages actually contain Italian Wedding Cookies.  The Italian Wedding Cookies contain undeclared walnuts.  Those with allergies to walnuts could develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions to the wedding cookies.  The affected lot # is 092222 with an expiration date of 4/5/2023.  These mislabeled cookies were sold at Publix Supermarkets in Lakeland, Orlando, and Deerfield, FL, in Atlanta GA, and in McLeansville NC.   If you purchased the Assorted Italian Cookie packages that contain the walnut-bearing Italian Wedding Cookies, return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, call Bombolo Biscotti at 1-941-752-6700.


#bomboloBiscotti #italiancookies #weddingcookies #walnuts #allergy #recall

bomboloBiscotti, italiancookies, weddingcookies, walnuts, allergy, recall




Da Cheng Vegan Golden Nuggets Contain Egg



The FDA and Da Cheng Vegetarian Food Inc. is now recalling Da Cheng Vegan  Golden Nuggets.  This product contains undeclared egg.  Those with egg allergies could develop serious and life-threatening reactions should they consume these drumsticks.  This affected products with expiration dates of 9/22/2023 and 1/11/2024 were sold in California, Utah, and Virginia.  If you purchased these 6.6 pound packages of vegan golden nuggets, do not consume them.  Return them to the place of purchase.  If you need more information about this recall, phone the Da Cheng company at 1-626-444-4980.


#dacheng #vegangoldennuggets #egg #allergy #recall

dacheng, veganderumsticks, egg, allergy, recall



Mighty Bliss Heating Pads Can Ignite



The FDA and Where LLC are recalling Mighty Bliss Heating Pads.  This product has a tendency to overheat, spark, ignite, and burn leading to fire and burn hazards.   About 544,212 of these heating pads were sold at and  The affected model numbers are MB-001, MB-002, and PE-MtyBls-HeatPad sold from July, 2021 through July 2022.  Stop using these heating pads.  To obtain a refund, cut the pad’s cord off, take a photo to prove that the pad can no longer be used, and upload the photo to the company website  More information about the recall may be obtained on the same website.


#mightybliss #heatingpad #overheating #fire #burns #recall

mightybliss, heatingpad, overheating, fire, burns, recall



Seed Ranch Flavor Sauces Have Hidden Soy



The FDA and the Seed Ranch Flavor Co. are recalling Seed Ranch Flavor Co branded Umami Everyday Sauce and Everything But The Sushi & Dumplings Sauce.  Both of these products contain undeclared soy and are sold in 5 oz. bottles.  Those with soy allergies could develop serious and life-threatening reactions should they consume these sauces.  These products were sold nationwide in select retail stores and online at as well as at  Don’t consume these sauces but return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information about this recall, contact David Delcourt at the Seed Ranch Flavor Co. by phone at 1-720-583-5375 or via email at


#seedranchflavor #sauces #umami #everythingbutsushianddumplings #soy #allergy #recall

seedranchflavor, sauces, umami, everythingbutsushianddumplings, soy, allergy, recall



Multiple Unilever Dry Shampoo Aerosols Contain Toxic Benzene



The FDA and Unilever USA are recalling Dove, Nexxus, Suave, TIGI Rockaholic, TIGI Bed Head, and TRESemmé branded dry shampoo aerosol products.  All of these spray shampoos contain elevated levels of the human carcinogen benzene in their propellents.  The affected products were all produced prior to October, 2021.  If you have any of these products on your shelves or in your bathrooms, stop using them.  Visit for refund information and other general information about this recall.


#unilevel #aerosolshampoo #dove #nexxus #suave #tigi #tresemme #benzene #cancer #recall

unilevel, aerosolshampoo, dove, nexxus, suave, tigi, tresemme, benzene, cancer, recall

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