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HealthNews RoundUp - 3rd Week of March 2021



Can CoVid Long Haulers Be Vaccinated?



Those with lingering CoVid symptoms can safely receive an mRNA or an adenoviral vector vaccine, and vaccination is associated with overall improvement in symptoms.  British researchers report these findings after  studying 66 CoVid long-haulers two-thirds of whom were vaccinated with either the Pfizer or the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines.


Vaccination was well-tolerated with no significant degradation in quality-of-life.  Two thirds noted transient systemic reactions included fever, muscle aches, and headache.  Those vaccinated were 41% less likely to experience escalation of their CoVid-related symptoms but were 1.5 times more likely to enjoy greater symptom resolution.  Both vaccines seemed to produce similar results.


CoVid long-haulers should get vaccinated.


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Longhaulers, CoVid, vaccine, pfizer, astrazeneca



Air Pollution Drives Up CoVid Infection Rates



Rising concentrations of particulate pollutants in the air is directly associated with a rise in CoVid infections.  Researchers in Hong Kong, Britain, and Israel draw this conclusion after analyzing data from 18 Chinese provincial capital cities including Wuhan.


Pooling data from all studied cities, there was a significant trend between concentration of 2.5 micron particulate matter in the air, known as PM2.5, and the rate of change in CoVid infections.  Looking only at the numbers from Wuhan, the epicenter of the Chinese CoVid epidemic, the effect of air pollution on CoVid infection rates was even more dramatic.


This study suggests that air pollution as well as population density is driving CoVid spread.


#CoVid #pandemic #pollution #china

CoVid, pandemic, pollution, china



Day Camp Kids Are Safe From CoVid



Last summer’s experience reassures us that children can safely attend day camps.  New York pediatric researchers draw this conclusion from their study of 8,480 campers and 3,698 staff at 23 camps.


CoVid cases only occurred in 2 camps. Only one camper and 6 staff members became infected.  Driving this success was near universal staff masking and select camper masking, regular hand sanitizing, focused testing, daily temperature checks, separation of campers into cohort bubbles, outdoor activities and meals, use of indoor facilities only for changing clothes, no field trips, and the use of distancing while eating. 


Critical to the success of these day camps were flawless communications between camp officials and parents.


#daycamps #CoVid #mitigation

daycamps, CoVid, mitigation



mRNA Vaccines Reduce Risk of Asymptomatic CoVid Infections



Vaccination with either the Moderna or the Pfizer mRNA vaccine reduces the already small incidence of asymptomatic CoVid infection by 44%.  Investigators at the Mayo Clinic report this vaccine protective after studying 39,156 asymptomatic adults. 


Asymptomatic CoVid infections as determined by PCR testing are uncommon only occurring in 3.2% of the unvaccinated.  Vaccination with an mRNA vaccine lowers that risk by 20% after the first dose of vaccine and by as much as 47% following the second vaccine dose.


Pfizer and Moderna report even greater protection against asymptomatic infections by their respective vaccines.  Their testing was completed at longer intervals following vaccination permitting stronger immunity.


#CoVid #vaccine #asymptomatic #mrna #moderna #pfizer

CoVid, vaccine, asymptomatic, mrna, moderna, pfizer



Impact Of CoVid On Pregnancy and Childbirth



Should a pregnant woman contract CoVid, she is less likely to show initial symptoms but more than twice as likely to end up in the ICU on a ventilator and nearly twice as likely to die.  British investigators performed a meta-analysis of 73 studies covering 67, 271 pregnant women.


Pregnancy reduces chance of initial fevers, shortness of breath, and muscle aches by an average of 60%.  Even so, it increases odds of ICU admission by 2.1 times, the need for a ventilator by 2.6, times, risk of profound respiratory failure doubles, and death from any cause rises 1.8 fold.  Mothers with CoVid are 1.5 times as likely to have a pre-term birth and their babies are nearly 5 times more likely to require a NICU stay. 


Unvaccinated pregnant women who have not experienced a previous CoVid infection should be monitored extremely carefully and managed aggressively.


#CoVid #pregnancy #icu #ventilator #mortality

CoVid, pregnancy, icu, ventilator, mortality




Better Sleep Heals Post-Traumatic and Other Brain Disease



Concussion, dementia, and sleep deprivation produce similar changes to your brain’s architecture as determined by a novel MRI imaging analysis.  Oregon investigators now present data from their study of 56 Afghanistan war vets and suggest possible therapeutic approaches to TBI and dementia.


Their imaging data shows a correlation between battle brain trauma and enlargement of perivascular spaces that fill with metabolic waste as the result of brain cell damage.  This same material collects with advancing age and dementia, but sound sleep helps flush it away.


The researchers propose that their imaging technique provides a diagnostic and monitoring tool for brain injuries and a method for documenting improvement driven by improved sleep.


#tbi #concussion #dementia #sleep #mri

tbi, concussion, dementia, sleep, mri



HR Platform Frames Recalled



The CPSC and Global Home Imports announce the recall of HR Platform Frames.  These frames may collapse unexpectedly posing a crush hazard that may lead to a severe injury or death.  The models involved include HR33, HR46, HR50, HR60, and HR66 in all sizes sold though American Furniture Warehouse, Mattress Firm and other retailers. Immediately stop using HR platform frames and contact Global Home Imports at 888-550-4371 to obtain a free repair kit that will strengthen the frame.


#mattressframe #hrplatform #collapse #crush

mattressframe, hrplatform, collapse, crush



Recall on HOFISH 10 inch Hybrid Certi-PUR Certified Foam and Pocket Spring Mattresses



The CPSC and HOFISH are recalling HOFISH 10 inch Hybrid Certi-PUR Certified Foam and Pocket Spring Mattresses.  These mattresses fail to meet federal flammability standards risking fire.  These were sold exclusively via amazon, com.  If you have one of these, stop using it.  Contact HOFISH at 1-888-731-2419 to receive a free fitted mattress cover to put the mattress into compliance.


#mattress #hofish #flammability #fire

mattress, hofish flammability, fire


Heal The World Hand Sanitizer Is Recalled



The FDA and PNHC, LLC now recall Heal The World Hand Sanitizer.  This product is packaged in bottles that suggest bottled water with a risk of poisoning should this product, containing alcohol, be ingested.  If you have this product at home, return it to the point of purchase or call PNHC, LLC at 1-813-434-0741 to arrange a refund.


#handsanitizer #alcohol #packaging #poisoning

Handsanitizer, alcohol, packaging, poisoning



Whole Foods Cranberry Biscotti On Recall



The FDA and Whole Foods announce the recall of Whole Foods Cranberry Biscotti.  This product contains undeclared tree nuts, specifically pistachio.  Those with tree nuts and pistachio allergies could develop a serious and life-threatening reaction should they ingest this biscotti.  If you purchased this product, return it with a valid proof of purchase to any Whole Foods store to receive a full refund.  For more information, phone Whole Foods at 1-844-936-8255.


#biscotti #cranberry #wholefoods #treenuts #pistachio

biscotti, cranberry, wholefoods, treenuts, pistachio

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