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HealthNews RoundUp - 3rd Week of June 2020



Mask-It Or Casket



If you want to avoid CoVid and not give it to your mother, you’d better don a mask.  Look, the overwhelming evidence is that CoVid19 spreads primarily through the air.


Data shows that masks work: they already prevented 66,000 CoVid cases in NYC.  Those in China and Japan use them every year to stop the flu.


Cases are rising where people are careless and congregating without masks.  CoVid is like Russian roulette.  Even the young and healthy may get a nothing case or end up dead with devastating lung, heart, or kidney destruction. 


Wear a mask anywhere near strangers.  Multi-layered masks that filter virus are now available. Mask-it or casket!


#covid #mask #filter 

covid, mask, filter



Don’t Poison Yourself Avoiding CoVid



Calls to poison control centers have more than doubled during the CoVid pandemic, and the CDC now reports that 39% of more than 500 surveyed adults are engaging in dangerous and potentially lethal practices such as washing food with bleach, applying household cleanser and disinfectants to bare skin, or intentionally inhaling or ingesting disinfectants.


The good news is that 60% are taking additional care to clean and disinfect their homes, the bad news is that 25% experienced at least one adverse effect from their efforts including nasal and sinus irritations, eye pain, skin irritation, dizziness, nausea, and breathing problems.


Keep your world clean, but don’t poison yourself. Do mask, distance, and wash.


#covid #disinfection #poisoning

covid, disinfection, poisoning




Value Of Masking, Distancing, and Washing



MDW, MDW, Mask, Distance, and Wash,  I can’t say it often enough.  Now a just pre-published study from Thailand’s Topical Medicine Research Unit puts numbers on the value of these critical public health measures.


Studying 1050 subjects either CoVid-infected or not, the researchers show that mask wearing reduces risk of CoVid infection by 77%.  Distancing more than one meter cuts infection risk by 85%, limiting close contact to less than 15 minutes 76%, and hand washing 67%.  On the other hand, sharing a cigarette or a dish more than tripled the risk of infection.


In order to beat CoVid, we all must follow the numbers and mask, distance, and wash.


#covid #mask #distance #wash

covid, mask, distance, wash




Pollen Fights Flu and CoVid



As pollen counts rise in the spring and autumn, the incidence of viral respiratory disease significantly diminishes.  This from a Dutch analytic study just published online by the pre-print server


The investigators, noting that the seasonal flu incidence cannot be explained by weather alone, show that as both allergic and non-allergic pollen counts soar, the incidence of influenza and SARS decline.  They suggest that the immune activation triggered by seasonal allergies actually prevents invasion of respiratory tissues by viruses including CoVid19.


Whatever the reason, this phenomenon is yet another good reason to get out into the greenery of Mother Nature.  Put on your mask and go to the park.


#covid #pollen #influenza

covid, pollen, influenza



CoVid Threatens Your Entire Nervous System



Half of patients with CoVid19 infections suffer damage to their brains, spinal cords, and peripheral nerves.  This from an extensive international review by Northwestern University and University of Colorado neurologists.


When CoVid strikes, often headaches, dizziness, concentration deficits, smell and taste malfunction, and even seizures surface even before any fever or cough,  In those with the most severe infections, the virus can directly attack brain tissue producing encephalitis and meningitis, the spinal cord with myelitis, and peripheral nerves with paralysis.  CoVid triggers excessive clotting and ischemic stroke.  


The lack of mask wearing and distancing is evidence that many, especially younger males, fail to take CoVid seriously.  Do so at your own peril!


#covid #brain #spinalcord #stroke #seizure #smell #taste

covid, brain, spinalcord, stroke, seizure, smell, taste




Toilet Paper Hoarding Reveals Your Inner Secrets



The excess toilet paper rolls in your closet reveals that you are scared to death of CoVid.  Swiss and German investigators surveyed the buying habits and personality traits of 1029 adults from 35 countries.


The data shows that those most personally threatened by the CoVid pandemic shopped for toilet paper more frequently, bought more rolls per shop, and stocked more at home.  Toilet paper hoarding rises with age, female gender, and conscientiousness.  Americans and Europeans were no different.


Hoarding toilet paper won’t protect against CoVid unless you make toilet paper masks.  Instead buy and use one of the cotton masks with a filter insert that are now readily available online


#covid #toiletpaper #hoarding #masks

covid, toiletpaper, hoarding, masks



Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Safety Ropes Recalled



The Consumer Products Safety Commission and Dick’s Sporting Goods have recalled 63,000 Field and Stream Safety Ropes sold at their stores or at Sportsman’s Warehouse stores.  These ropes can fail if used in freezing weather.  They are black with orange lines and were sold in one or three packs.  If you have these ropes, immediately stop using them and return them to the store for a full refund,  If you need more information, contact Dick’s Sporting Goods at 1-877-846-9997.


#recall #ropes #dicks #cpsc

recall, ropes, dicks, cpsc 




Island Wear Umbrella Strollers Have Been Recalled



The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Island Wear Inc. have recalled Island Wear Umbrella Strollers.   These stroller are unsafe since the location of the restraint system produces a large gap between the restraint and the seat.  In addition, the covering on the grab bar may detach and expose the underlying foam creating a child choking hazard.  These are violations of the federal Carriages and Strollers Safety standards.  Immediately stop placing your children in these strollers and return them to the point of purchase for a refund.  Questions may be directed to Island Wear at 1-844-449-4144.


#recall #cpsc #stroller #parenting

recall, cpsc, stroller, parenting




Indiglow LED T8 Lamps On Recall



The CPSC and Ushio America have recalled the Indiglow LED T8 Lamps.  This product may overheat causing the lamp to fall from ceiling or wall fixtures possible striking and injuring bystanders.  Stop using these lamps, remove them from fixtures, and contact the company for a refund or replacement lamp.  You may reach the company at 1-800-838-7446.


#recall #csc #ledt8lamps #ushio

recall, csc, ledt8lamps, ushio



Recall on Miniware Teething Spoons



The CPSC and Bonnsu have recalled Miniware Teething Spoons.  The silicone spoon may break or be easily bitten into pieces by a child causing a choking hazard.  These spoons manufactured in various colors have been sold in sets of two and as part of  First Bites Meal Kits, First Bites Travel Kits, and Sip and Snack Kits.   The spoons and kits have been sold over the past nearly 3 years online at and and in stores including Dillard’s, The Tot, Turquoise, The Mellowland, Mom Loves Me, and Bitte.


If you have these spoons or kits, stop using them and contact Bonnsu at 1-855-334-8129 for a free replacement product or to request a refund.


#recall #cpsc #spoons #parenting #infants #choking

recall, cpsc, spoons, parenting, infants, choking




Davina Wintergreen Essential Oil and Kneads Relief Sore Muscle Blend On Recall



The CPSC and Davina Wellness have recalled bottles of Davina Wintergreen Essential Oil and Davina Kneads Relief Sore Muscle Blend.  These products contain methylsalicylate. and must be in child-resistant packaging as per the federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act.  Immediately store these bottles in locations unreachable by children.  Contact Davina Wellness at 844-328-4629 for a replacement, child-resistant cap.


#recall #cpsc #wintergreenoil #davina

recall, cpsc, wintergreenoil, davina



Now Real Food Raw Macadamia Nuts Have Been Recalled



The FDA and the Now Health Group are recalling Now Real Food Raw Macadamia Nuts.  Lot # 3141055 had a possible contamination with salmonella.  This bacterium can cause serious and potentially fatal gastroenteritis in the very young, frail, elders, or those with weak immune systems.  If you have this product at home, do not consume it and return it immediately to the point of purchase for a full refund.  If you require more information, contact the company at 1-888-669-3663.


#recall #fda #macadamianuts #salmonella

recall, fda, macadamianuts, salmonella




Cap’t Rusty’s Seafood Dips On Recall



The FDA and Rusty’s Seafood Market are recalling Captain Rusty’s Seafood Dips.  The various varieties of these dips contain undeclared allergens including fish, shellfish, wheat, eggs, soy and milk.  The products involved are plastic containers and plastic buckets of the following dips: smoked salmon, smoked mahi, lobster, crab and lobster, and blue crab.  Customers may return any of these dips for a complete refund.  To obtain more details about the return, contact Rusty’s Seafood Mark at 1-818-244-2799.


#recall #rustysseafooddips #seafooddips #allergens

recall, rustysseafooddips, seafooddips, allergens

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