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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of September  2021






WHO Names Mu A Variant Of Concern



At the end of August, the World Health Organization announced another variant of interest, classified at B.1.621 and commonly known as the Mu variant.  This variant encompasses a constellation of mutations that could render it more impervious to the anti-CoVid antibodies generated by our current vaccine.   Early data suggests that its vaccine resistance is likely similar to the South African B.1.35l variant, and our mRNA vaccines should offer good protection, particularly against severe and life-threatening disease. 


It first arose in Colombia where its current prevalence is 39%.  Mu has spread to over 40 countries including the US.  Its global prevalence to date is low.  Over 2,000 Mu cases have been identified in the US.  It is most prevalent in Alaska representing almost 4% of cases there.  In the continental US, it is most prevalent in California followed by Florida, New York, New Jersey, Washington state, and Texas.


We don’t have solid data as yet to estimate its transmissibility rate and ability to create severe or fatal disease.  Stay tuned.


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CoVid, mu, variant, who


Majority Of Food Allergy Sufferers Don’t Know You Can Avoid Shots



Seventy-two percent of adults and parents of children with food allergies are unaware that oral immunotherapy is an effective, painless, and convenient alternative to allergy shots.  This the conclusion of a nationwide survey of some 781 respondents conducted by pediatric researchers at Northwestern University and Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital.


When the survey numbers were crunched, the data showed that more than 95% of food allergy sufferers had never been offered oral immunotherapy.  We’re not talking about small number of people either since 10% of American adults or 33,100,000 adults and 8% of children or 5,040,000 kids have food allergies.


So if you have food allergies or, for that matter, any allergies, ask your allergist about oral immunotherapy.  It can be DIY at home without needles or visits.


#allergy #oralimmunotherapy #oit #foodallergy

Allergy, oralimmunotherapy, oit, foodallergy



How Moderna CoVid Vaccine Produces Better Protection



Vaccination with the Moderna CoVid vaccine triggers more IgA anti-CoVid antibodies and anti-CoVid killer T cells compared with the Pfizer vaccine.  Researchers at Harvard and MIT studied the immune responses of 73 vaccine recipients including 28 who received the Moderna vaccine and 45 who received the Pfizer vaccine.


Analysis of the immune responses to each vaccine indicate that the Moderna vaccine produces more IgA secretory antibodies to CoVid spike, receptor binding domain, and N-terminal domain antigens.  On the cell-mediated immunity front, Moderna vaccine triggers enhanced antibody dependent neutrophil phagocytosis and antibody dependent killer cell activation.  Both vaccines produce similar IgG and IgM anti-CoVid antibody levels. 


In terms of immunity against the variants, Moderna triggers more antibodies in secretions, IgA antibodies, while Pfizer trigger more blood-borne antibodies, IgG and IgM.  However, the additional IgA, RBD,  and NTD antibodies triggered by Moderna in comparison to Pfizer may explain its better performance against variants including Delta.


#CoVid #vaccine #Moderna #Pfizer #antibodies #cellularimmunity

CoVid, vaccine, Moderna, Pfizer, antibodies, cellularimmunity



CoVid Boosters Do Protect



CoVid infection risk dropped more than 11 fold for those who received a third, boosting dose of CoVid vaccine.  Israeli researchers studied 1,144,690 persons over the age of 60 boosted with a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine and compared the incidence and severity of their CoVid infections with those occurring in a non-boosted population of 4 million.


Those boosted enjoyed an 11.4 fold lower incidence of any CoVid infection as proven by a positive PCR test.  The 3rd boosting dose reduces the incidence of severe disease 10 to 15 fold.  We know that the protective immunity against CoVid declines over time with increasing numbers of breakthrough infections.  A third dose of mRNA CoVid vaccine appears to provide a promising protection against the resurgence of this already devastating CoVid pandemic.


My advice: get your third shot of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine as soon as it is offered to you.  If you haven’t received any vaccine so far, do catch up.


#CoVid #vaccine #booster #pfizer

CoVid, vaccine, booster, pfizer



CPSC Recalls



Recall On StepUp Sidekick Learning Towers



The CPSC and Step 2 now recall StepUp Sidekick Learning Towers.  The storage tray with its cup holders and step may detach from the tower and create a fall hazard for a child.  About 1,570 of these items were sold in the US and about 34 were sold in Canada online at and at  Stop using this recalled StepUp Sidekick Learning Tower and contact Step2 by phone at 1-800-347-8372 or online at to arrange a full refund or a credit on of equivalent value. For purchases on amazon, you can arrange your refund in the form of an Amazon gift card.


#step2 #tower #tray #falls #children #recall

step2, tower, tray, falls, children, recall



TurboSke Kids Toddler Bike Helmets On Recall



The CPSC and SKE Outdoors are recalling TurboSke Kids Toddler Bike Helmets.  These children’s bicycle helmets fail to meet federal safety standards and create a head injury risk.  About 860 of these helmet have been sold online through and other online retailers.  Do not permit your children to use these bicycle helmets.  Call SKE Outdoors by phone at 1-888-761-2989 or online at to arrange free shipping back in exchange for a full refund or a replacement helmet.


#skeoutdoors #bikehelmet #safety #headinjury #recall

skeoutdoors, bikehelmet, safety, headinjury, recall 



Top Paw® Double Diner Dog Bowls Are Recalled



The CPSC and Petsmart are recalling Top Paw® Double Diner Dog Bowls.  The rubber gasket that covered the unfinished and sharp bottom edge of this product comes off easily and this create a laceration hazard.  About 100,300 of these dog bowls were sold at Petsmart stores and online at  Immediately stop using these dog bowls and return them to any Petsmart store for a refund.  For additional information, contact Petsmart by phone at 1-888-839-9638 or online at


#petsmart #dogbowl #laceration #recall

petsmart, dogbowl, laceration, recall



Recalled Are Cutie Spoovel Children’s Eating Utensils



The CPSC and Ryan and Rose have recalled Cutie Spoovel Children’s Eating Utensils.  The handle of this utensil may fragment and release small parts that pose a choking hazard for young children.  About 17,750 of these utensils were sold in the US and 110 were sold in Canada all online via  Take these utensils away from your children, trash them, and contact Ryan and Rose by phone at 1-800-317-8764 or via email at


#ryanandrose #cutiespoovel #utensil #choking #recall

ryanandrose, cutiespoovel, utensil, choking, recall






FDA Recalls



Carrot Cake Recall



The FDA and the Baking Institute Bakery Co. have recalled a pastry simply labelled Carrot Cake.  These cakes contains undeclared walnuts, coconut, and milk.  Those with allergies to these ingredients may develop a serious or even life-threatening reaction after ingesting the carrot cake.  This product was sold in northern Illinois in 6 and 8 inch sizes.  If you purchased these cakes, return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  If you have questions about this recall, contact the Baking Institute Bakery Co. at 1-t 847-272-5900.


#bakeryinstitute #carrotcake #walnuts #coconut #milk #allergy #recall

bakeryinstitute, carrotcake, walnuts, coconut, milk, allergy, recall



Weis Crab Cake Meal Is On Recall



The FDA and Weis Markets are recalling the Weis Crab Cake Meal.  This product contains undeclared milk.  Those with milk allergies have develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this crab cake.  The lots affected carry sell by dates of 8/25/2021 through 9/05/2021.  This product was sold by Weis Markets in PA, MD, NJ, and WV.  If you bought this product, return it to any Weis Market for a refund.  For more information, you may call 1-866-999-9347, option 5.


#weismarket #crabcakemeal #milk #allergy #recall

weismarket, crabcakemeal, milk, allergy, recall



Recall On Banoful Top Orange Biscuits



The FDA and KBF Inc. have recalled Banoful Top Orange Biscuits.  This food contains undeclared milk, and those with milk allergies could develop serious or life-threatening allergic reactions should they eat these biscuits.  This bakery item was sold nationwide through retail stores and mail order outlets.  If you purchased these biscuits, return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, call KBF at 1-646-714-4062.


#kbf #biscuits #milk #allergy #recall

kbf, biscuits, milk, allergy, recall



Recall On Rocky Top Farms Cherry Butter



The FDA and Rocky Top Farms have recalled Rocky Top Farms Cherry Butter.  This product, sold in clear 10 ounce jars, contains undeclared milk.  Those with milk allergies could develop a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction after ingesting this cherry butter.  This product was sold nationwide via the website  If you purchased this cherry butter, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  If you have questions, reach Rocky Top Farms by phone at 1-231-350-0985.


#rocktyopfarms #cherrybutter #milk #allergy #recall

rocktyopfarms, cherrybutter, milk, allergy, recall

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