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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of December 2021







What We Know About Omicron in the US



The Covid Omicron variant, known officially as B.1.1.529, was first reported to the WHO by South African public health officials on 11/24/2021.  There is evidence that this variant may have been circulating as early as October 2021 and possibly earlier.  


The first case of Omicron in the US was reported on 12/1/2021. As of December 8, there was at least one case in each of 25 states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington State, and Wisconsin.  Keep in mind though, as of the first week of December, 99.9% of CoVid cases were still due to the Delta variant.


As of the latest CDC report on 12/10, there were 43 known cases, one hospitalization, and no deaths due to Omicron.


So what are the details of these first 43 US Omicron cases.  One-third of the cases occurred in those who had been traveling internationally, but two-thirds appeared in those who remained in the US.  47% of cases occurred in those who completed a 2 dose mRNA vaccination regimen, and 33% occurred in those who got the 2 dose vaccination plus the booster.  No info on which vaccines they had received.  Then 14% of Omicron victims had a previous CoVid infection. 


The reported symptoms from Omicron infections were like many mild CoVid infections: runny noses, congestion, cough, and fatigue.  Only one person was hospitalized for 2 days.


The current CDC recommendations for preventing and managing Omicron are complete vaccination including boosting, masking, optimal ventilation, testing, and strategic quarantines.


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CoVid, omicron, vaccination, booster



Omicron Spreads Like Wildfire



Omicron cases in a South African province doubled in just 3.4 days.  This exponential growth of the CoVid Omicron variant was just reported by Polish public health investigators studying the spread of this disease in the Gauteng province during 4 weeks this past November into December.


The bad news is that this particular province seemed to have reached the goal of herd immunity by this past summer as evidenced by a fall in Delta cases by October.  Even with this apparent immunity,  From October on, each week the number of CoVid cases more than quadrupled.  That cloudburst of CoVid cases seems to be due to the Omicron variant.


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CoVid, omicron, immunity



Omicron’s Mutated Spike Protein Attaches To Cells, Not Antibodies



A molecular dynamics analysis of the Omicron variant indicates that the 32 spike protein mutations permit the virus to adhere more strongly to the ACE2 receptor that unlocks the viral gateway into the cell.  At the same time, these mutations reduce the affinity of the spike proteins for protective antibodies generated by vaccines, natural infections, or those injected into CoVid patients in the form of the Regeneron antibody cocktail.  Thus, the model suggests that our existing vaccines will have reduced capabilities for preventing Omicron CoVid infections and our antibody cocktails will have less able to prevent serious and life-threatening disease.


Nigerian and British molecular biologists collaborated to create this model that explains why Omicron appears to be the most transmissible CoVid variant to date.  At the same time, the model suggests that Omicron may be less likely to be neutralized by our existing vaccines or by antibody cocktails.


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CoVid, omicron, ace2, rbd, vaccine, regeneron, antibodies



Which CoVid Vaccines Protect Best Against Delta Breakthrough Infections?



Those vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine were 15% less likely to require hospitalization for a breakthrough infection compared with those Pfizer-vaccinated.  Persons vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine were 78% more likely to be hospitalized for a breakthrough compared with those who received the Pfizer.  These results were just published online by epidemiologists at Seattle’s University of Washington working with the artificial intelligence group at the Microsoft Corporation.


The researchers studied 17,881 persons with CoVid breakthrough infections.  Their data revealed that the mortality risks were the same for those who had received the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines but 70% higher for those vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson single shot vaccine.  


A natural CoVid infection does help. Those who had developed a CoVid infection prior to receiving any vaccination were half as likely to require hospitalization and four times less likely to die.  This offers proof that extra immunity from either a previous exposure to the virus or a booster of vaccine can be lifesaving.  In case you aren’t certain, the vaccine is a far safer route to that extra immunity.


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CoVid, vaccine, moderna, pfizer, johnsonandjohnson



Omicron CoVid May Be Related To Common Cold Viruses



The Omicron variant of CoVid may be better able than previous variants to evade the human immune system because it contains snippets of genetic material similar to those in common cold viruses that have adapted to infecting humans.  This suggestion comes from the Cambridge Mass. analytics company Nference.


The researchers theorize that persons co-infected with Covid and common cold coronaviruses could have both viruses replicating in their lung and gastrointestinal lining cells.  During this process, genetic material from both types of virus could co-mingle leading to hybrid viral offspring bearing characteristics of each parent virus.  


Omicron seems to have arisen in South Africa where many have HIV-driven immunosuppression and could more readily be simultaneously infected by multiple types of viruses.  The best defense against it is two shots of an mRNA vaccine and timely boosters.


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CoVid, omicron , commoncold, vaccine, coronavirus



Boosted CoVid Vaccinations Essential For Omicron Protection



Boosting of CoVid-vaccination induced immunity is necessary to have any chance of preventing an Omicron infection.  This the conclusion of German infectious disease researchers after studying the effects of serum from subjects vaccinated with either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines and boosted with either Pfizer or a natural CoVid infection.


This first plot shows the relative protective strength of anti-CoVid antibodies when tested against the Delta variant in grey or the Omicron variant in red.  The two shot Pfizer regimen produces little protection against Omicron.  Boosting the immunity with a third shot of Pfizer using various doses or a natural infection does produce protection in 1/3 to 1/2 of patients.


The second plot shows that 2 shots of Moderna is similarly ineffective against Omicron compared with Delta.  Adding a booster of Pfizer offers protection in 7 of 9 patients.


We don’t know yet how serious an Omicron infection can be.  With hospitalization and deaths rising, we suspect that the news is not good.  Now is the time to develop as much CoVid immunity as you can with at least 3 shots of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.


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CoVid, omicron, pfizer, moderna, booster, infection



CPSC Recalls


DeWalt Wireless Headphones On Recall



The CPSC and E-filliate recall DeWalt Jobsite Pro Wireless Earphones.  These earphones may overheat either while charging or during use creating fire and burn hazards.  About 301,800 of these earphones were sold nationwide at Home Depot, Lowe’s and other electronic and hardware stores as well as online a  If you bought these wireless earphones, immediately discontinue using them.  Contact E-filliate by phone at 1-888-979-4439 or via email at in order to receive a prepaid shipping label to return the product for a full refund.


#efilliate #dewalt #earphones #overheating #fires #recall

efilliate, dewalt, earphones, overheating, fires, recall



Recall on Children’s Projector Flashlight Key Chains



The CPSC and Halo Branded Solutions Inc. have recalled Children’s Projector Flashlight Key Chains branded as Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Avengers, and ESPN.  These little toys are not child-safe.  A child may open the item and access the button cell batteries which creates a choking hazard as well as an ingestion hazard and a risk of internal battery burns.  About 82,500 of these toy flashlight keychains were distributed free of charge as promotional items by the Starlight Children’s Foundation to hospitals and healthcare facilities. The recalled flashlights were part of a Disney-branded care package that also includes a tote bag, silicone wristband, playing cards, ink pen, journal, wall decals and a set of postcards. There are four button cell batteries with model number LR41 inside the flashlight. Immediately take this toy away from children and contact Halo by phone at 1-855-425-6266 or email at to receive a free shipping label to return the product to Halo for a $5 gift card.


#halo #toyflashlight #projector #disney #buttonbatteries #ingestion #burns #choking #recall

halo, toyflashlight, projector, disney, buttonbatteries, ingestion, burns, choking, recall



Recalled Are GE Free-Standing and Slide-In Electric and Gas Ranges



The CPSC and GE Appliances-Haier Co. are recalling GE Free-Standing and Slide-In Electric and Gas Ranges.  This appliance may tip over when a heavy object is placed on an open oven door when the range is not secured to the walls with an anti-tip bracket.  What follows could be a risk of a crust injury and/or burns from hot liquids or food.  About 132,000 of these ranges were sold in the US and 12,960 were sold in Canada at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy and other home appliance stores nationwide.  If you have this range, contact GE Appliances at 1-877-247-9770 or online at to find out whether the appliance you have has been recalled and to schedule a free home service call to secure the appliance to the wall.  Meanwhile, do not place items on the open oven door.


#geappliances #range #tipover #crustr #burns #recall

geappliances, range, tipover, crustr, burn, #recall



Mark of Fifth Avenue Children’s Robes On Recall



The CPSC and Mark of Fifth Avenue are recalling Mark of Fifth Avenue Children’s Robes.  These garments fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear creating burn risks.  About 10,000 of these robes have been sold online at and at  If your child has one of these robes, do not permit its use.  Contact Mark of Fifth Avenue by email at to receive a full refund by submitting a photo of the robe cut in half.


#markoffifthavenue #childrensrobe #flammable #burns #recall

markoffifthavenue, childrensrobe, flammable, burns, recall



Drive-DeVilbiss Bed Assist Handles and Bed Rail On Recalled



The CPSC and Drive-DeVilbiss Healthcare have recalled Drive-DeVilbiss Bed Assist Handles and Bed Rail.  Users may become entrapped between the rail and the mattress or within the bedrail itself creating  risk of asphyxiation.  About 496,100 of these rails and handles were sold in the US, about 68,000 in Canada, and about 119 in Mexico at home health and medical supply stores and online at and  Immediately stop using these recalled handles and bed rails and contact Drive-DeVilbiss Healthcare by phone at 1-877-467-3099 or online at to receive a full refund.


#drivedevilbiss #bedrails #bedhandles #engtrapment #recall

drivedevilbiss, bedrails, bedhandles, engtrapment, recall






FDA Recalls




BUBS Naturals Fountain of Youth Formula Collagen Protein is Recalled



The FDA and BUBS Naturals are recalling BUBS Naturals Fountain of Youth Formula Collagen Protein.  This product contains undeclared milk. The product was sold online at and at as well as at some brick and mortar grocery stores. If someone with a milk allergy should consume this product, a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction could occur.  If you bought this product and either you or a household member have a milk allergy, return the product to the point of purchase for a refund or dispose of it.  For additional information, contact BUBS Naturals customer service by email at or by phone at 1-760-456-2631.


#bubs #collagenprotein #milk #allergy #recall

bubs, collagenprotein, milk, allergy, recall



Recalled is Al Kanater Tahini



The FDA and International Golden Foods Inc. have recalled Al Kanater Tahini.  This product is contaminated with salmonella that may cause serious and life-threatening infections in the young, elders, and those with reduced immunity.  If you bought this product do not consume it but return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact International Golden Foods by phone at 1-800‐343‐7423 or by email at


#alkanatar #tahini #salmonella #infection #recall

alkanatar, tahini, salmonella, infection, recall



Calise Bakery Golden Flax Seed Scala Bread is Recalled



The FDA and Calise & Sons Bakery have recalled Calise Bakery Golden Flax Seed Scala Bread.  This product contains undeclared sesame seeds.  Those allergic to sesame may develop a serious or life-threatening allergy reaction should they ingest this bread.  A total of 689 packages of Calise Italian Scala bread with sesame seeds were sold in bags labeled as Calise Bakery Golden Flax Seed Scala Bread.  These mislabeled breads were sold in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.  If you bought this bread, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact Calise by phone at 1-401-334-3444 or via email at


#calise #bread #sesame #allergy #recall

calise, bread, sesame, allergy, recall



Recall on Dakota Toms Chicken Salad Croissants



The FDA and Dakota Toms are recalling Dakota Toms Chicken Salad Croissants.  The affected products are dated 12/7/2021-1/12/2022.  These pastries contain undeclared egg and milk allergens.  Those who are allergic to either eggs, milk, or both could develop serious or life-threatening reactions if they ingest these croissants.  If you purchases these croissants return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Dakota Toms at 1-800-658-3008.


#dakotatoms #chickendsaladcroissant #egg #milk #allergy #recall

dakotatoms, chickendsaladcroissant, egg, milk, allergy, recall

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