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HealthNews RoundUp - 4th Week of February 2023



CPSC Recalls


Mainstays Three-Wick Candles Burn Too Hot



The CPSC and the Star Soap Star Candle Prayer Candle company are recalling

Mainstays Three-Wick Candles with 7 different names: Jack-O-Lantern, Mystic Fog, Warm Apple Pie, Warm Fall Leaves, Fall Farm House, Pumpkin Spice and Magic Potion.  All of these multiple wick candles burn very hot and too close to the jar causing the glass to fracture thus creating laceration, fire, and burn hazards.  About 1,210,000 candles were sold at Walmart and online at  Immediately stop lighting these candles and contact the Star Soap etc. company at 1-800-680-2474 to receive a full refund.


#mainstays #walmart #candles #laceration #fire #burns #recall

mainstays, walmart, candles, laceration, fire, burns, recall



LumaRail Bed Assist Rails Can Entrap You



The CPSC and Platinum Health now recall LumaRail Bed Assist Rails, three models: Bed Assist Rail with Legs (model PHB4000), Free Standing Bed Assist Rail (model PHB6000) and the DoubleSafe Bed Assist Rail (model PHB7000D). When these bedrails are attached to a bed, users may become entrapped within the bedrail or between the bedrail and the side of the mattress with risk of death by asphyxiation.  About 53,000 of these bedrails were sold online by,,, eBay, and Overstock, as well as through online medical supply stores nationwide including RehabMart and Fabrication Enterprises.  Immediately discontinue sue of these bedrails and contact Platinum Health at 1-833-408-0509 or via email at for a free repair kit.


#lumarail #bedrail #entrapment #asphyxiation #death #recall

lumarail, bedrail, entrapment, asphyxiation, death, recall



1st Stage Scuba Regulators May Drown You



The CPSC and XDEEP-TecDiveGear are recalling 1st Stage Scuba Regulators.  A defective turret connection screw may break and stop flow of air with a risk of drowning.  About 50 of these regulators were sold in the US and about 10 were sold in Canada at diving stores nationwide and at  Stop diving with these regulators and contact XDEEP-TecDiveGear at 1-888-610-0503 or via email at for a full refund or a replacement regulator.  Alternatively, you may return the recalled regulator to the place of purchase.


#tecdivegear #regulator #turretscrew #drowing #recall

tecdivegear, regulator, turretscrew, drowing, recall



Lancaster Table & Seating High Chairs May Dump Your Child



The CPSC and Clark Associates now recall Lancaster Table & Seating High Chairs Model 164HIGHCBK.  This high chair may break creating fall and injury hazards for infants and toddlers.  About 22,400 highchairs were sold in the US and about 52 were sold in Canada at The Restaurant Store and online at and  Immediately discontinue using these high chairs and return them to any Restaurant Store location in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware or Maryland.   Alternatively, contact Clark Associates at 1-800-285-8172 or via email at to obtain a free replacement or a refund as a store credit.


#Lancaster #highchair #falls #injuries #infants #toddlers #recall

Lancaster, highchair, falls, injuries, infants, toddlers, recall



TJX Aderes Bookcases Tip Over and Crush



The CPSC and HomeGoods are recalling TJX Aderes Bookcases.  These unstable bookcases, if not anchored to the wall, may tip over with entrapment and crush hazards for children.  About 73 were sold at HomeGoods and HomeGoods/Marshalls or T.J. Maxx combination stores.  Immediately stop using these bookcases and contact TJX at 1-888-520-1892 to receive either a full refund in the form of a store gift card credit or to arrange for a replacement bookcase.


#tjx #bookcase #tipover #crush #injury #children #recall

tjx, bookcase, tipover, crush, injury, children, recall



Polaris Timbersled Snow Bike Conversion Kits Have Failed Brakes



The CPSC and Polaris Industries announce the recall of 2023 Polaris Timbersled ARO and RIOT ProSnow Bike Conversion Kits.  The QuickDrive fastener tends to loosen during operation triggering a brake failure, crashes, and injuries to drivers, bystanders, and property.  About 780 kits were sold.  Stop using these recalled Snow Bike kits and contact a Polaris dealer for a free repair.  For additional information, call Polaris at 1-800-765-2747.


#polaris #snowbikekit #brakes #crash #injuries #recall

polaris, snowbikekit, brakes, crash, injuries, recall



Harbor Freight Saw Blade Guards Fail To Protect



The CPSC and Harbor Freight Tools have recalled the replacement lower blade guards for 12-inch Chicago Electric Power Tools branded 12-inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saws, item #61970.  The replacement blade is part #15610.  The lower blade guard replacements fail to completely cover the saw blade and tend to break while making a cut leading to user injuries that may be severe.  About 7175 of these replacement blade guards were sold by Harbor Freight’s parts service departments.  Stop using these blade guards and contact Harbor Freight at 1-800-444-3353 or via email at to receive a free lower guard assembly kit and installation instructions.


#harborfreight #saw #bladeguard #injuries #recall

harborfreight, saw, bladeguard, injuries,  recall



Cosori Air Fryers Might Fry You



The CPSC and the Cosori company have recalled Cosori Air Fryers.  A wire connection in the product overheats leading to fire and burns.  About 2 million of these air fryers with various model numbers were sold in the US, about 250,000 were sold in Canada, and about 21,000 were sold in Mexico at Best Buy, Target and The Home Depot stores nationwide and online at,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and  Immediately discontinue using these recalled air fryers and contact Cosori at 1-888-216-5974 or via email at to receive either a replacement air fryer or your choice of another Cosori product.  You’ll have to register at with your contact info and submit photos of your defective unit with the cord cut off.


#consori #airfryer #overheating #fires #burns #recall

consori, airfryer, overheating, fires, burns, recall



SmartBase Euro Slats Metal Platform Bed Frames Will Collapse



The CPSC and the Zinus company are recalling SmartBase® Euro Slats Metal Platform Bed Frames.  The bed frame assembly kits failed to include reinforcing brackets for you to install on the corners of the frame to prevent collapse of the frame with injuries to those on the bed or anyone or pets under the frame.  About 30,400 frames were sold in the US online at Amazon, Wayfair, Wal-Mart, Target, Overstock and The Home Depot.  If you have one of these bed frames, get off it and clear the space under it.  Contact Zinus at 1-800-613-1225 or via email at to obtain the free repair kit that does contain the corner reinforcing brackets, the installation tool, necessary hardware, and printed as well as video installation instructions.


#zinus #bedframe #collapse #injury #recall

zinus, bedframe, collapse, injury, recall



Scarpa Ski Boots Can Dump You As You Walk



The CPSC and SCARPA are recalling Scarpa F1 LT and F1 GT Ski Boots.  The screws that attach the ski/walk mechanism to the boot loosen and fall out leading to falls and wearer injuries.  About 770 of these ski boots were sold in the US and about 160 were sold in Canada at Cripple Creek Backcountry, REI, Ski The Whites, Skimo Co, Ute Mountaineers, and other sporting goods stores and authorized SCARPA dealers nationwide as well as online and  Stop using these recalled ski boots and contact SCARPA at 1-866-998-2895 or via email at for instructions about replacing the screws.  You have several choices including taking the boots to a SCARPA dealer for screw replacement or receiving replacement screws.


#SCARPA #skiboots #walking #falls #injury #recall

SCARPA, skiboots, walking, falls, injury, recall




FDA Recalls



Bindle Bottles Contaminate Contents With Lead



The FDA and Bindle Bottle LLC are recalling Bindle Bottles.  These bottles contain a zone of exposed lead in the bottom storage compartment.  Unpackaged food stored in the bottle’s bottom storage compartment will be contaminated by the lead leading to lead poisoning for persons or animals consuming the adulterated food.  Lead is a neurotoxin particularly dangerous for small children and pets.  These bottles were sold nationwide at bindle and in 32 oz, 24 oz, 20 oz, and 13 oz. sizes.  Stop using these bottles and obtain a free at-home repair kit at  For additional information about the recall, contact Bindle at


#bindle #bottle #lead #poisoning #recall

bindle, bottle, lead, poisoning, recall 



Rao’s Homemade Roasted Red Peppers with Portobello Mushrooms Have Nuts



The FDA and Sunny Dell Foods, LLC are recalling Rao’s Homemade Roasted Red Peppers with Portobello Mushrooms.  Affected jars of this product contain the undeclared tree nut pine nuts.  Those with tree nut allergies may develop serious reactions after ingesting this condiment.  The affected lot is #SD21160-03 RPOA.  If you bought this Rao’s product, return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information call Sunny Dell Foods at 1-610-932-5164 Ext # 102.


#raos #redpeppers #portobello #pinenut #treenuts #allergy #recall

raos, redpeppers, portobello, pinenut, treenuts, allergy, recall



Snowy Range Blue Hand Sanitizer Is Poisonous



The FDA and the nanoMaterials Discovery Corporation are recalling all lots of its Snowy Range Blue Hand Sanitizer.  This product which is an 80% alcohol solution contains methanols or wood alcohol that is poisonous.  Ingestion of methanol can cause neurologic damage including seizures and blindness.  Stop using this recalled hand sanitizer and return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact the company at


#snowyrangeblue #handsanitizer #methanol #poisoning #seizures #blindness #recall

snowyrangeblue, handsanitizer, methanol, poisoning, seizures, blindness, recall



Chukar Cherry Bombs May Trigger Allergies



The FDA and the Chukar Cherry Company announce the recall of Chukar Cherries Cherry Bombs.  This snack contains undeclared hazelnuts.  Those with hazelnut allergies can develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions after consuming this product.  The affected product has Best By dates from 072023 to 022024.  If you bought this product prior to 2/10/23, return it to the place of purchase or destroy it.  For more information, call Chukar Cherries Customer Service at 1-800-624-9544 or via email at


#chukar #cherries #nuts #hazelnut #allergy #recall

chukar, cherries, nuts, hazelnut, allergy, recall



Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula Is Bugged



The FDA and Enamel have recalled Enfamil Prosobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula in 12.9 oz containers.  This infant drink could have cross-contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii.  The recalled batches are ZL2HZF and ZL2HZZ with a Best By date of 1 Mar 2024 were sold sold nationwide in the US, Puerto Rico, and Guam.  If you have any of this baby formula, do not feed it to your baby.  Return it to the place of purchase for a refund or simply destroy it.  For additional information about the recall, contact Enamel at 1-800-479-0551 or via the email


#enfamil #prosoybee #infant #formula #bacteria #cronobacter #infection #recall

enfamil, prosoybee, infant, formula, bacteria, cronobacter, infection, recall

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