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RoundUp - 3rd Week of June 2023





Use of Mind Stimulating Drugs May Backfire



Those who use drugs like methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine, branded as Ritalin and Dexedrine, to think faster, work longer, and get better test scores can actually handicap their performance.  University of Melbourne neuroscientists report this finding after testing 40 subjects, ages 18 to 35 years, in a randomized, double-blinded trial.


There tabulated data showed that the medicated subjects consistently performed only 50% of the tasks on a so-called knapsack test efficiently. The drugs failed to improve the chances of correct answers, and they increased the time the subjects required to complete a task.  The researchers found that this suboptimal performance was due to a diminished quality of effort.


Methylphenidate, branded as Ritalin and Concerta, and dextroamphetamine, branded as Dexedrine, are effective medications for those with attention deficits and hyperactivity disorders.  We now know that those without such cognitive issues are outsmarting themselves by taking these drugs in an effort to turbocharge their minds.


#Methylphenidate #dextroamphetamine #adhd #stimulants #testing

Methylphenidate, dextroamphetamine, adhd, stimulants, testing



Grilling Food May Damage Your DNA



You might say: Doc….We’ve heard over and over that charcoal grilling produces carcinogenic compounds that might later trigger cancer.  Now, though, Stanford University chemists have uncovered yet another genetic risk associated with cooking foods at high temperatures.


We know that our food comes from plants and animals, but we never think about the fact that the food contains its own DNA.  The researchers have studied the considerable damage that occurs to this food DNA when you heat and super heat it.  They then proved with tracer studies that fragments of this damaged food DNA is incorporated into mammalian cells not only in the test tube but also in the lining cells of test animals.  The higher the cooking temperatures the greater the DNA damage.


So think about this the next time you are grilling or, for that matter, cooking pizza in a high temperature oven.  We don’t yet know what harm this damaged food DNA may trigger over time.  But…..This latest data is food for thought that contains no damaged DNA.


#dna #charcoal #grilling #pizza #fooddna

dna, charcoal, grilling, pizza, fooddna



Weight Loss Surgery May Weaken Teen Bones



Bariatric surgery in the form of sleeve gastrectomy leads to a significant reduction in bone strength associated with decreased bone density and increased bone marrow fat.  Harvard Medical School radiologists report these findings after a 2 year prospective study of 54 subjects 15 to 21 years of age.


Of the group, 25 underwent surgery and  29 received dietary and exercise counseling.  The lumbar spine strengths of those undergoing surgery decreased 10-fold more than those receiving medical therapy.  Bone densities of the surgical group decreased 4-fold more than those in the control group.


The bottom line: those undergoing bariatric surgery should have careful monitoring of their bone health with appropriate dietary modifications and medical therapy.


#bariatric #surgery #dieting #osteoporosis #vertebralbodystrength #bonedensity 

bariatric, surgery, dieting, osteoporosis, vertebralbodystrength, 




Ketamine Nasal Spray Squelches Migraines



Nearly half (49.1%) of those using ketamine nasal spray called it “very effective and more than a third (35.5%) described their lives as “much better.”   


Neurologists at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University’s headache center screened 242 subjects, 80% of whom were women with a mean age of 44 years.  Their descriptive study found that the participants used, on average, 6 sprays of ketamine a day for about 10 days a month.  Two-thirds of the subjects were so satisfied that they remained intranasal ketamine users after the study ended.


This preliminary study is an exciting beginning offering yet another modality for control of migraine headaches, a disease affecting more than 39 million Americans and more than a billion people worldwide.


#migraines #ketamine #nasalspray

migraines, ketamine, nasalspray



Kangaroo Mother Care Keeps Preemies Alive



Consistent and close skin-to-skin contact between mothers and low-birthweight newborns reduces risk of death during their first month of life by 32%.  Pediatricians at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences conducted a meta-analysis of 31 trials using this so-called kangaroo medical care.  Their technique also reduced the risk of severe infection by 15%.


This close cuddling technique should be initiated as soon after birth as possible as mortality for premies and low birthweight newborns is greatest in the first 24 hours.


#kangaroo #kmc #premies #lowbirthweight #mortality #kangaroomothercare

kangaroo, kmc, premies, lowbirthweight, mortality, kangaroomothercare



Early Exercise Speeds Concussion Recovery



College athletes experiencing concussions during play were about 90% more likely than non-exercisers to enjoy resolution of all symptoms and return to play if they resumed light exercise less than two days post-concussion.  Researchers at the University of Michigan Concussion Center headed a multisite study of 1228 collegiate athletes at 30 institutions.


They determined the probability that an athlete would resolve all symptoms and return to active play as a function of when, if ever, they initiated exercise.  The exercise timing categories included EARLY, less than 2 days after injury, TYPICAL, 3-7 days post injury, and NEVER.  Compared to the NEVER group, the EARLY group was 92% more likely to experience complete symptom resolution and 88% more likely to return to play.  These early exercisers also recovered 2 to 3 days faster.


The bottom line: if you’ve had a concussion, get moving within two days after the injury.


#concussion #earlyexercise #athletics #collegiatesports

concussion, earlyexercise, athletics, collegiatesports





Improved Prostate Cancer Screening Test



Combining genetic information with conventional Prostate Specific Antigen, PSA, test results sharpens the precision and the predictive value of conventional PSA tests.  Multi-disciplinary researchers at UC-San Francisco and the Stanford Cancer Institute studied 95,768 men and discovered 128 specific genetic associations with prostate cancer.  Using this data, they developed a PSA polygenic score that, when combined with conventional PSA levels was 3.4 times more predictive of aggressive prostate cancer than raw PSA values.  Such hybrid PSA testing could avoid as many as 31% of negative prostate biopsies for screening purposes and as many 12% of such biopsies for follow up after prostatic cancer therapy.


#psa #prostatecancer #genetics #precisiononcology

psa, prostatecancer, genetics, precisiononcology



Reanimating “Dead” Donor Hearts



Patients who received a donor heart that had stopped and its owner died in so-called circulatory death were just as likely to survive 6 months as those who received hearts from brain-dead donors whose hearts were actively beating at the time of donation.  This remarkable multicenter study, headed by Duke University cardiac transplant surgeons, used the “heart in a box” Organ Care System developed by the Andover, MA-based TransMedics company to bring “clinically dead” hearts back to life by perfusing them with warmed, oxygenated blood after they have been electrically shocked.  The system permits testing of the heart to be certain that it will support life.


The study compared 80 patients who received hearts from circulatory-dead donors with 86 who received hearts from brain-dead donors.   The 6 month survival of those patients receiving resuscitated hearts was 94%, statistically no different than the 90% figure for those receiving hearts that had never actually stopped beating. There were more post-surgery graft issues with the reanimated hearts, but all were manageable.


This is a game changer since the supply of donor hearts, currently in terribly short supply, could be expanded by as much as 30%.  As I file this report, the only organs transplanted from circulatory-dead donors are kidneys, livers, and lungs.  This new technique will change that and save many lives….someday soon.


#heart #circulatorydead #braindead #transplantation #transmedics

heart, circulatorydead, braindead, transplantation, transmedics



Shock-Absorbing Helmets Save Athletes’ Brains



Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE is a threat to brain power and even longevity of not only professional football players but also those at the college and high school levels.  Stanford University bioengineers, in collaboration with a local company appropriately named Savior Brain Inc,. have developed football helmets that incorporate 21 liquid shock absorbers. When tested with the type of simulations used by the NFL to evaluate helmet safety, these novel helmets offer a overall 33% reduction of impact harm and up to a 50% reduction of harmful impact in those zones that produce significant brain injury.  These helmets are not available yet, but they promise to make American football safer……someday soon.


#cte #chronictraumaticencephalopathy #concussion #football #helmet #shockabsorber #saviorbrain

cte, chronictraumaticencephalopathy, concussion, football, helmet, shockabsorber, saviorbrain






Topical Erectile Dysfunction Therapy



The FDA has just granted a device approval for the first topical agent that treats erectile dysfunction.  Branded as Eroxon, this Futura Medical agent is applied to the head of the penis and and triggers surface cooling, then warming.   These temperature changes stimulate nerve endings and increase organ blood flow within 10 minutes resulting in a useful erection in two-thirds of users.  This reaction occurs faster than that generally seen with oral medications such as Viagra or Cialis.   Eroxon won’t come cheaply though here in the US.  Available $31US or $7.75 a dose in the UK and in Belgium, I see it is selling here in the US on Amazon for $80 or $20 a dose.,aps,578&sr=8-1&ufe=app_do:amzn1.fos.006c50ae-5d4c-4777-9bc0-4513d670b6bc


#eroxon #ed #erectiledysfunction #topical

eroxon, ed, erectiledysfunction, topical



Quantas Airlines Attacking Jet Lag



With the flight time from Boston to Australia pushing 21 hours, the Australian airline Qantas has been studying how to make that journey more pleasant and the aftermath more bearable by instituting measures to reduce jet lag.  Working with the University of Sydney’s sleep researchers, circadian rhythm scientists, and nutrition and movement experts, the airline has developed novel cabin lighting and physical space, mealtimes, and menus.  They match the lighting and mealtimes to passengers’ biologic clocks to promote better on-board sleep.  They serve menu items like fish, chicken, fast-acting carbs, and milk-based desserts that increase production of the natural sleep-promoting amino acid tryptophan. They provide physical space for passenger stretching and exercise. The airline has even ordered special versions of Airbus A350s that support all these modifications that they call Project Sunrise.  Hopefully, US carriers will follow their playbook.


#quantas #jetlag #circadian #sleep #tryptophan

quantas, jetlag, circadian, sleep, tryptophan



Uber Will Soon Deliver Your Drugstore Items



With every company imaginable getting into the healthcare business, Uber, the ride-sharing behemoth, is no exception.   Uber is now adding the delivery of over-the-counter medications and devices as well as your prescription items to their services.  Named Uber Health, the company will not only will deliver your Tylenol, Bandaids, and blood pressure drugs, but, considering food-as-medicine, they’ll bring groceries of all kinds to your doorstep.  The service is currently initiated by your medical team using an Uber website, so you must request its use through your team.  When they order items for delivery to you, you’ll receive text notifications.  Oh, by the way, the intent is for Uber to deliver healthy items, so don’t expect to be receiving your Twinkies and donuts via Uber Health anytime soon.  The cost of the service will, hopefully, be covered by healthcare businesses.


#uber #uberhealth #over-the-counter #prescriptions #groceries 

uber, uberhealth, over-the-counter, prescriptions, groceries 





CPSC Recalls



Oceanic SCUBA Diving Buoyancy Compensating Devices May Drown You



Recall: CPSC; Huish Outdoors



The weight pocket handles may break preventing a diver from dumping weights in an emergency in order to rise to the surface leading to a drowning.


Affected: Oceanic OceanPro, Oceanic Excursion, and Oceanic Hera models.


Sold: About 7,100 units were sold in the US and 345 were sold in Canada.



Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled SCUBA Diving Buoyancy Compensating Devices and contact Huish Outdoors to receive free replacement weight pockets.  Pockets are detachable and easily replaceable. Consumers should dispose of the current weight pockets.


Company Contact:


Phone: 1-833-493-1029


#huish #bouyancycompensating #malfunction #weightpocket #drowning #recall

huish, bouyancycompensating, malfunction, weightpocket, drowning, recall



Trek Promax Hydraulic Disc Brakes May Fail



Recall: CPSC; Trek



The brake hose may detach from the control lever creating crash, fall, and injury hazards to the rider and bystanders.


Affected: Promax Solve DSK-925 and Promax F1 DSK-927 hydraulic disc brakes.


Sold:  About 96,900 were sold at Trek dealers nationwide and online at



Immediately stop riding bicycles with these recalled brakes and contact you local Trek dealer for a free inspection and repair. You can check you bike’s serial number online to determine if your bike is affected.


Company Contact:

Phone: (800) 373-4594


#trek #brakes #crash #falls #recall

trek, brakes, crash, falls, recall




FDA Recalls



Tostitos Avocado Salsa Dip Contains Hidden Milk



Recall: FDA; Frito-Lay


Problem: The front of the affected product’s jar is correctly labeled as Tostitos Avocado Salsa but the back of the jar has another product’s nutrition information and declarations.  The allergen milk is not declared on the label.


Actions: If you or a family member has a milk allergy, do not consume the product.  Return it to the place of purchase for a refund or discard.


Company contact:

Frito-Lay Consumer Relations at 1-800-352-4477.


#fritolay #tostitos #milk #allergy #recall

fritolay, tostitos, milk, allergy, recall



Sun Wave Mini Fruit Jelly Cups May Choke Small Children



Recall by : FDA; Richin Trading Inc.


Problem:  These mini jelly cups are small enough to create a choking risk for small children.


Actions: Return these cups to the place of purchase for a full refund.


Company contact: 1-626-308-3212


#sunwave #jellycups #choking #recall

sunwave, jellycups, choking, recall



Great Value and Rader Farms Frozen Strawberry Products May Give You Hepatitis



Recall by: FDA; Willamette Valley Fruit Co


Problem: These frozen fruit blends containing frozen strawberries have been found to contain the hepatitis A virus.


Sold: Walmart stores in 32 states; Costco stores in Colorado, Texas, California, and Arizona; HEB stores in Texas.


Actions: If you think that you may have purchased these products, check your freezer.  If you have any of them, return them to the place of purchase for a refund.


Company contact: Willamette Valley Fruit Co. at 1-800-518-9865.


#greatvalue #raderfarms #frozenstrawberries #hepatitis #infection #recall

greatvalue, raderfarms, frozenstrawberries, hepatitis, infection, recall



Wawona Frozen Foods Frozen Blend Products May Also Give You Hepatitis



Recall by: FDA; Wawona Frozen Foods, Inc.


Problem: Year old 4 lb. Packages of Wawona Frozen Foods Organic DayBreak Blend may contain the hepatitis A virus.


Affected: Use By dates of 09/23/2023, 09/29/2023, 09/30/2023 and 10/18/2023


Sold: Costco stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah and Washington state.


Actions: If you think that you may have purchased these products, check your freezer.  If you have any of them, return them to the place of purchase for a refund.


Company contact: Wawona Frozen Foods at 1-866-534-9986.


#wawona #OrganicDayBreak #hepatitis #infection #recall

wawona, OrganicDayBreak, hepatitis, infection, recall

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