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RoundUp - 2nd Week of November 2023 





Adding Salt May Risk Diabetes



Those who always add salt to their food were 28% more likely to have developed Type 2 diabetes over a 12 year period.  Tulane University epidemiologists analyzed data from 402,982 mildly overweight subjects in the UK Biobank.


All were diabetes-free at the beginning of a 12 year period.  Each completed a survey regarding their use of salt in food, and the group was divided into those who rarely added salt, sometimes did, usually did, and always did.  Compared to those who never added, those who sometimes did were 11% more likely to have developed diabetes, those who usually did were 18% more likely, and those who always did were 28% more likely.


Looking at other characteristics of each of the groups, there were few differences in the percentages who consumed alcohol, regularly exercised, had high cholesterol, had high blood pressure.  However, each group that added more and more salt had a greater percentage of tobacco smokers.  The percentage who currently smoked increased from 8% in the never adding salt group to 11%, 15%, and 23% in those adding sometimes, usually, or always.  


So adding more salt is associated with smoking.  Since other studies have shown that smoking and nicotine exposure triggers insulin resistance, a rise in blood sugar, and the development of type 2 diabetes, salt ingestion may not be the diabetes trigger.  We do know that one common cause for both salt craving and smoking is stress, but no psychological studies were carried out on the subjects.


This is a perfect example of the situation where a given scientific study ends up raising more questions than it answers.  The two recommendations we can make: don’t add salt to your food AND don’t smoke.


#salt #saltcraving #diabetes #smoking #insulinresistance

salt, saltcraving, diabetes, smoking, insulinresistance



Living In Pollution May Risk Parkinson’s



Those living in severely polluted areas have as much as a 60% higher risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease.  This the conclusion of a population-based, geographic study of nearly 22 million Medicare beneficiaries by researchers at Arizona’s Barrows Neurological Institute and St. Louis’ Washington University School of Medicine.


Their analysis revealed a steadily increasing, linear risk of Parkinson’s with increasing exposures to polluted air from the lowest or about 2 um.m2 PM2.5 to 13 ug/M2.  At that point, the Parkinson’s risk is about 56% higher with the risk rising to 60% as the pollution level risk nearly doubles to 24 ug/M2.


This geographic map shows that the hot spots for both pollution and Parkinson’s occur in the industrialized zones of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, reaching southward into Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.  The cold spots for pollution and Parkinson’s occur in the far west, in the mid and northern west coast, and in the northeast.


Bottom line:  if you can, live where the air is clean.  If you can’t, do use air purifiers at least while you sleep.


#pollution #parkinsons #pm25

pollution, parkinsons, pm25



Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills Impair Women’s Defensive Responses



Women using oral contraceptive medications that combine synthetic estrogen and progesterone hormones experience a thinning of a brain fear-promoting region.  Quebec neuropsychiatric researcher report this finding following their study of 37 young oral contraceptive users, 40 never users, and 41 men,


Both groups of women, contraceptive users and non-users, demonstrated enhanced brain fear centers compared with men.  Compared with non-users, those women regularly taking combined oral contraceptives had thinner fear centers in their prefrontal brain zones.  These reductions in the brain tissues responsible for mounting fear and flee responses are associated with the lower doses of estrogens  found in oral contraceptives that also contain progesterone.


The study does not address whether or not these anatomic brain changes put women at greater risk by significantly impeding their defensive instincts, but it raises that possibility.


#combinedoralcontraceptives #OC #estrogens #progesterones #fear #defense

combinedoralcontraceptives, OC, estrogens, progesterones, fear, defense



Possible New Therapy For Long CoVid



Those suffering from continuing life-limiting symptoms following an acute CoVid infection have significantly lower levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin compared with those who enjoy a full recovery.  University of Pennsylvania neurobiologists performed detailed metabolic analyses of 58 subjects with Long CoVid and compared them with those from 30 fully-recovered CoVid patients and with those from 60 patients currently suffering from acute Covid infections.


The data revealed that persons with Long CoVid not only lacked normal levels of serotonin but also that serotonin levels during and immediately following an acute infection predicted whether a person would fully recover.  Levels of other metabolites were either unchanged during acute CoVid infections or uniformly returned to normal following the infection.


This serotonin depletion that accompanies Long CoVid suggests that FDA-approved agents commonly used for managing depression, so called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs like Prozac, Zoloft and Lexapro that help to elevate serotonin levels, may help the tens of millions of Americans currently suffering from Long CoVid.


#longcovid #serotonin #ssri #depression

longcovid, serotonin, ssri, depression



Politics Blunts Cancer Patients’ Trust In Medical Science



Those with conservative political beliefs were 31% less likely than political moderates and 74% less likely than progressives to believe and follow cancer research and therapeutic strategies authenticated by federal health agencies including the CDC and the FDA.  This the finding reported after a collaborative study of 3254 respondents by investigators at the University of Texas and Harvard Medical School.


This study depicts the sad reality currently facing American public health efforts.  One-third of Americans tend to reject proven medical scientific principles not only putting themselves at risk but also their family, friends, neighbors, and their entire communities.  The number dropped following the 2020 election and the advent of CoVid but it remains worrisome.


While rejecting recommended and lifesaving cancer treatment creates personal and familial tragedies, refusing to follow public health recommendations including appropriate vaccination, mask wearing, isolation, and distancing puts everyone at risk.   Innocent children, those weakened by other illnesses, and most older Americans can suffer and sadly sometimes die because among the freedoms guaranteed by our American constitution is the freedom to be ignorant.  Exercising that freedom is just plain selfish and ultimately self-destructive.


#misinformation #cancer #publichealth #government #fda #cdc #vaccination #masking #quarantine

misinformation, cancer, publichealth, government, fda, cdc, vaccination, masking, quarantine



Dark Chocolate Contains Toxic Heavy Metals



We all love chocolate, but the latest Consumer Reports’ exposé reveals that about one in every three chocolate products contains unacceptably high levels of the toxic heavy metals cadmium and lead.  These elements work wonderfully in batteries; not so well in your food or in your body.   The lead in tainted chocolate is most dangerous for the nervous systems of growing children and the fetuses growing within pregnant women.  Cadmium accumulates in the body and leads to weakened bones and kidney damage.


Lead lands on the cocoa beans during processing. Cadmium originates from the soil in which the cocoa plants grow.  Ultimately, both toxins end up in all chocolate products, but in some more than others.  Then too, chocolate also contains some mercury and arsenic.  


Consumer Reports uses California’s Prop 65 maximal allowable levels of cadmium and lead in foods to define which products are unacceptably risky if consumed repeatedly.  


Dark chocolate contains the highest heavy metal levels with 82% of dark chocolate bars missing the California safety limits.  Some bars contained metal levels in the so-called safe range including Divine 70%, Sam’s Choice 85%, Ghirardelli 86% and 72%, Mast 80%, Tara 70%, and Valrhona Abinao 85%.


Then the most toxic dark chocolate bars.  The highest in cadmium was Sam’s Choice 70%.  The highest in lead were Perugina bars.  The highest in both cadmium and lead was Evolved Signature 72%.


Turning to chocolate chips, Hu Dark Chocolate Gems and Target’s Good & Gather contained too much lead.  None of the chips had excess cadmium.


Cocoa powder?  Avoid Hersey’s and Droste but Navitas, Nestle, Better Body, and 365 Whole Foods are in a safe range.


Hot chocolate?  Avoid Nestle, Trader Joes, Starbucks, and Great Value-Walmart, but Ghirardelli and Swiss Miss are ok.


All the brownie mixes except for Ghirardelli are ok.  Among the cake mixes, avoid Bob’s Red Mill and Simple Mills.


Bottom line:  moderate your dark chocolate intake and buy the brands with the least metallic content.


#chocolate #lead #cadmium #darkchocolate #milkchocolate #cocoapowder #hotchocolate #brownies

chocolate, lead, cadmium, darkchocolate, milkchocolate, cocoapowder, hotchocolate, brownies






Making New Insulin-Secreting Cells



Researchers at Canada’s University of Alberta have developed a new method for efficiently turning stem cells into full-fledged insulin-secreting pancreatic islet cells.  Working out the system in a pre-clinical mouse model, the process involves treating stem cells capable of becoming any cell in the body with the anti-tumor drug AT7867 that inhibits enzymes and results in the enhanced generation of islet cells after transplantation into the host animal.  The so-called pancreatic progenitor stem cells treated in this way reverse the diabetic state 36% faster than untreated stem cells.  More testing and clinical trials lie ahead before this technique is approved for routine use in human diabetics, but it will hopefully find its way to the clinic…..someday soon.


#stemcells #pancreaticprogenitor #diabetes #AT7867

stemcells, pancreaticprogenitor, diabetes, AT7867



Brain Implant Translates Thoughts Into Speech



Neuroscientists and bioengineers at Duke University have collaborated to develop enhanced multichannel flexible liquid crystal polymer electrode arrays that could be implanted into the brains of patients with neurodegenerative diseases in order to restore their speech.  These implantable prostheses are capable of recording the higher resolution microelectrocorticographic neural signals that more accurately represent a person’s intended communications.  These signals have a 35% greater quality compared with standard recording techniques.  This greater signal fidelity will be critical for driving the future prostheses capable of translating signals from the brain into audible speech…someday soon.


#electrocortiography #communications #implant #brain #electrodes #speech #neurodegenerative

electrocortiography, communications, implant, brain, electrodes, speech, neurodegenerative






Super Melanin Cream Turbocharges Wound Healing



Northwestern University dermatologists and chemical bioengineers have cooked up a synthetic form of the naturally occurring pigmented polymer melanin.  The natural melanin lends color to human tissues, protects the tissues from harmful ultraviolet radiation, and has antioxidant characteristics that help neutralize the reactive oxygen metabolic waste products that arise in our tissues. 


The synthetic nanoparticle melanin does all these things but better.  The biocompatible, nontoxic, clear, non-absorbable material sits on the skin’s surface and protects against not only UV radiation but also toxic chemicals.  It features a modified chemical structure with enhanced anti-oxidative properties that efficiently scavenges oxygen free radicals.  It protects while it speeds healing.  It works both before and after sun exposure.  This super melanin cream moderates the skin’s own protective systems to prevent autoimmune-type damage as healing occurs.


The currently-available melanin creams will likely be joined and then replaced by this super melanin product once it is commercialized.


#melanin #healing #uv #antioxidants #nanotechnology

melanin, healing, uv, antioxidants, nanotechnology



Your Smartphone May Detect Drunk Speech



Stanford ER docs collaborating with University of Toronto bioengineers have developed speech analysis models for phones and also for smart speakers capable of detecting alcohol intoxication with 98% accuracy.  The researchers tested their algorithm on a small group of 18. Nearly three-quarters of the subjects were male with ages ranging from 21-62 years.  The participants were asked to read a tongue-twister after drinking an excess of weight-based alcohol over a 7 hour period.  The speech spectrographic patterns could predict a blood alcohol level over 0.08% and higher with a 98% sensitivity, a 97% specificity and positive predictive value, and a 98% negative predictive value.  It won’t be long before your car demands an error-free rendition of the flag pledge before sparking the ignition.


#smartphone #smartspeaker #alcohol #breathalyzer #voicespectrum #intoxication

smartphone, smartspeaker, alcohol, breathalyzer, voicespectrum, intoxication




CPSC Recalls



Textron Off-Road Vehicles Have A Mind Of Their Own



Problem: CPSC and Textron Specialized Vehicles Recall E-Z-GO PTV And Tracker OX EV Vehicles since these vehicles’ internal motor wiring can become damaged over time permitting the vehicle to move unintentionally creating crash and injury hazards for the operator and bystanders.


Sold:  About 1,660 vehicles were sold in the US, about 60 were sold in Canada, and about 20 were sold in Mexico.


Actions:  Immediately stop using the E-Z-GO PTV and Tracker OX vehicles and contact your Textron dealership or Textron Specialized Vehicle for a free repair.




Phone: (888) 525-6040


#textron #offroad #motorcontrol #crash #injuries #recall

textron, offroad, motorcontrol, crash, injuries, recall



Textron Arctic Cat and Tracker Off-Road Vehicles Have Defective Parking Brakes



Problem:  The CPSC and Textron Specialized Vehicles are recalling Model Year 2022 and 2023 Arctic Cat Prowler Pro / Pro Crew and Tracker Off Road 800SX / 800SX Crew Side by Side Recreational Off Highway Vehicles since these vehicles are able to move on an incline even though “park” is displayed on the digital dash.  This leads to crashes and injuries to operators and bystanders.


Sold:  About 6,800 were sold in the US and about 700 were sold in Canada.


Actions:  Stop riding these recalled vehicles and contact Textron Specialized Vehicles to schedule a free repair that includes modifications to the shift mechanism and sensor.


Contact info:


Phone: (800) 279-2281


#textron #arcticcat #tracker #offroad #parkingbrake #crash #injuries #recall

textron, arcticcat, tracker, offroad, parkingbrake, crash, injuries, recall



IKEA Mirrors Fall Off The Wall



Problem:  The CPSC and IKEA are recalling wall mirrors since the plastic fittings that attach the mirror to the wall break causing the mirror to fall and create a laceration hazard.


Sold:  About 14,600 were sold in the US and about 10,500 were sold in Canada.


Actions:  Immediately stop using these recalled mirrors and contact IKEA to order a free set of replacement wall fittings and instructions.  Customers can also return their mirrors to any IKEA store for a full refund.


Contact Info:

Phone: 1-888-966-4532


#IKEA #wallmirror #detachment #injury #lacerations #recall

IKEA, wallmirror, detachment, injury, lacerations, recall



Style Selections Branded Electric Fireplaces Overheat



Problem: The CPSC and Twin Star International are recalling Style Selections 42-inch-wide Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplaces since they overheat creating fire and burn hazards.


Sold:  About 14,670 of these fireplaces were sold exclusively at Lowe’s.


Actions: Stop using and unplug these recalled electric fireplaces and contact Twin-Star for a refund of the purchase price.  To obtain the refund, you must complete the online recall registration form at or call Twin-Star for information.


Contact information:

Phone: (855) 884-9651


#styleselections #lowes #electricfireplaces #overheating #fires #burns #recall

styleselections, lowes, electricfireplaces, overheating, fires, burns, recall




IMOONZZZ Children’s Nightgowns Ignite



Problem:  The CPSC and IMOONZZZ are recalling IMOONZZZ Girls Nightgowns since they  fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear and create a risk of burn injuries for children.


Sold:  About 13,300 nightgowns were sold on


Actions:  Take the recalled nightgowns away from your children and contact iMOONZZZ for a full refund. You’ll will be asked to destroy the garments by cutting them in half, take a photo of the destroyed nightgowns, and send the photo to


#imoonzzz #nightgowns #girls #flammability #burns #recall

imoonzzz, nightgowns, girls, flammability, burns,.recall




DR Power Tow-Behind Mowers Have Fault Exhaust Pipes



Problem:  The CPSC and DR Power Equipment are recalling DR Power branded Tow-Behind Field & Brush Mowers since these units have easily breakable exhaust pipes which cause damage to the unit and operators due to excessive heat.


Sold:  About 2,930 mowers were sold in the US and about 102 were sold in Canada at DR Power Equipment dealers nationwide and online at and


Actions:  Immediately stop using these recalled mowers and contact DR Power Equipment for a prorated refund or credit toward a new DR Power product. The prorated refund or credit will be determined based on the age of the unit.


Consumer Contact:


Phone: 1-800-854-1565


#drpower #mowers #exhaust #overheating #fire #burns #recall

drpower, mowers, exhaust, overheating, fire, burns, recall



Polaris Ranger Vehicles Have Defective Brakes



Problem:  The CPSC and Polaris are recalling Model Year 2023 RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar and XP 1000 NorthStar Crew Off-Road Vehicles due to improperly installed center brake lines that cause the rear brakes to remain activated leading to overheating, reduced braking, and the creation of fire, burn, and crash hazards.


Sold:  About 1,025 vehicles were sold in the US and about 40 were sold in Canada.


Actions: Stop riding these recalled vehicles and contact Polaris or an authorized Polaris dealer to schedule a free inspection, and repair if necessary.


Contact info:


Phone: (800) 765-2747


#polaris #ranger #offroad #brakes #overheating #crash #burns #recall

polaris, ranger, offroad, brakes, overheating, crash, burns, recall



Armada, Atomic, and Salomon Ski Bindings Release Unexpectedly



Problem:  The CPSC and the Amer Sports Winter & Outdoor Company are recalling these ski bindings since their toe components tend to fail which allows the ski boot to disconnect from the ski, creating fall and injury hazards.


Sold:  About 4,250 bindings were sold in the US and about 1,446 were sold in Canada at ski stores nationwide and online at, and


Actions:  Immediately stop using these recalled ski bindings and return them to any authorized Armada, Atomic Ski, or Salomon dealer for a free inspection and replacement of the toe portion of the ski bindings.  The dealers can verify if your binding is included in this recall based on its serial number.


Consumer Contact:


Phone: 1-833-944-1062 Sports Winter & Outdoor Recalls Ski Touring Bindings Due to Fall and Injury Hazards


#armada #atomic #salomon #skibindings #detachment #injuries #crashes #recall

armada, atomic, salomon, skibindings, detachment, injuries, crashes, recall




FDA Recalls



Off The Eaten Path Chickpea Veggie Crisps Contain Milk



Problem:  The FDA and Frito-Lay are recalling Off The Eaten Path Chickpea Veggie Crisps since they contain undeclared milk ingredients due to the unintended presence of caramel seasoned crisps. 


Sold : In Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.


Actions:  Do not consume this snack.  Return it to the place of purchase. For more information, contact Off The Eaten Path Consumer Relations at 1-844-683-7284.


#offtheeatenpath #crisps #milk #allergy #recall

offtheeatenpath, crisps, milk, allergy, recall



Malachita Fresh Cantaloupes Have Salmonella Contamination



Problem:  The FDA and SOFIA PRODUCE, LLC dba Trufresh are recalling all sizes of fresh cantaloupes packaged in cardboard containers labeled with the “Malichita” label because they are contaminated with Salmonella.  This bacterium causes a severe gastroenteritis in the very young, elders, and in those with weakened immune systems and the gastrointestinal infection can become a systemic septicemia.


Sold: In Arizona, California. Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida and Canada but also possible resold in other states.


Actions:  Return these cantaloupes to the place of purchase.  For more information,  call Tru Fresh at 1-520-394-7370.


#malichita #cantaloupes #salmonella #infection #recall

malichita, cantaloupes, salmonella, infection, recall



Croissant Sandwiches Contain Hidden Soy and Milk



Problem:  The FDA and the Hearn Kirkwood company are recalling variously branded Croissant Sandwiches because its labeling did not identify the soy and milk allergens in the products.  The brands include Food Unlimited; Jack and Olive; and Sprig and Sprout.


Sold: The affected sandwiches were sold from October 20, 2023 and November 3, 2023, in: Alabama, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.


Actions:  Those with allergies or sensitivities to soy or milk should not consume and discard these sandwiches. For more inforrmation, email the company at or call 410-799-9900.


#crossant #sandwiches #soy #milk #allergies #recall

crossant, sandwiches, soy, milk, allergies, recall

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