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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of November 2022







Best Time For Diabetics To Exercise



If you or a family member is a diabetic, be aware that the best time for you to exercise is in the afternoon or evening.  Dutch researchers studied 775 diabetics, 58% women and 42% men, with a mean age of 56 years and a mean BMI of 26.2.  That’s a tad overweight.


Compared with those who pursued moderate to vigorous physical activity at anytime of day, those who worked out in the afternoon enjoyed 18% lower insulin resistance and those who exercised in the evening had an even more impressive 25% drop of insulin resistance.


Exercise in general is good for your glucose metabolism and control of diabetes 1 or 2.  The best time to do it though turns out to be in the evening. 


#diabetes #exercise #insulin #insulinresistance #glucose

diabetes, exercise, insulin, insulinresistance, glucose



Monkeypox Spreads Silently and Evades Vaccines



Those who have contracted monkeypox can spread the disease 4 days  or more before they themselves have any symptoms.  Even worse, our existing vaccines fail to cover developing variants.


Investigators at the UK Health Security agency studied data from 2746 persons, mean age 38 years, 95% males, who tested monkeypox positive.  Fifty-three percent of the person-to-person transmission occurred before the disease “donor” had any symptoms.  Careful study of 13 pairs of victims revealed that 77% had pre-symptomatic transmission anywhere from 4 to 9 days.


University of Missouri researchers report that the rapidly spreading and mutating monkeypox virus has developed mutations that specifically modify the binding sites targeted by therapeutic antibodies or the vaccines that produce them.  They fear that the virus is becoming strategically more capable of evading existing measures to control it.


Bottom line: stop the spread of virus by a rigorous adherence to isolation of exposed individuals and safe sexual practices.


#monkeypox #vaccines #antibodies #mutation #safesex

monkeypox, vaccines, antibodies, mutation, safesex



French Indict Government Officials For Negligent Pandemic Management



Agnes Buzyn, the French health minister during the first year of the CoVid pandemic, has been charged by the French Court of Justice of the Republic with x“endangering the lives of others” by “voluntarily abstaining from fighting a disaster.”


France is apparently the first and only country in the world to hold its government officials accountable for their mishandling of the pandemic.  Many in our own country feel that members of the Trump administration and Trump himself are guilty of these same offenses for their lackadaisical approaches to CoVid.   Their failures to impose and follow tried-and-true pandemic management principles including masking contributed to hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.


#CoVid #france #government #publichealth #pandemic #masking #gop #trump #distancing 

CoVid, france, government, publichealth, pandemic, masking, distancing, gop, trump




Weight Reduction Surgery Reduces Cardiovascular Risks



Bariatic surgery for obese individuals with non-alcoholic liver disease cuts their risk of heart attacks and strokes by nearly 50%.  Ohio State University informatics researchers along with gastroenterologists and surgeons completed a cohort study of 86,964 morbidly obese persons.


Compared with those who were treated medically, bariatric surgical patients enjoyed a 49% lower risk of all cardiovascular disease.  The surgery group showed a 47% lower risk of heart attack, heart failure, and stroke and a 50% lower incidence of angina, transient ischemic attacks, focal arterial blockage, and generalized atherosclerosis.


This OSU study underlines the fact that reaching a health weight is life-saving.  Many can do so with healthy eating habits and medically-supervised dietary strategies.  When that fails, it’s time for a trip to the operating room.


#obesity #bariatric #surgery #dieting #cardiovascular #heartattack #chf #stroke #tia #atherosclerosis

obesity, bariatric, surgery, dieting, cardiovascular, heartattack, chf, stroke, tia #atherosclerosis



Video Gaming Sharpens Young Minds



Playing video games triggers beneficial changes in teen brains that are associated with better cognitive function.  University of Vermont psychiatrists compared the brain functions of 679 9 and 10 year old video game players with those of 1128 pre-teens never played.


The data reveals that video game jockeys exhibited  significantly better cognitive performance included better visual and memory functions, more precise responses, and better attention.


The results show electronic gaming does play a role in the maturation of childrens’ problem solving.  It’s even better if kids mate this sedentary activity with vigorous activity playing real-world games.


#videogames #cognition #children #mri #memory #attention #exercise

videogames, cognition, children, mri, memory, attention, exercise



Paxlovid Saves Older CoVid Patients



Strategic use of the protease-inhibitor nirmatrelvir, a key component of the Paxlovid cocktail, for those CoVid patients 65 years and older cuts their rate of hospitalization by nearly three-quarters.  Israeli researchers now publish their data in the New England Journal of Medicine after comparing the outcomes of 3902 CoVid patients treated with the protease inhibitor during the Omicron period.  The control group of 105,352 did not receive the drug.


The older treated patients clocked a 73% reduction in CoVid-related hospitalizations.  More significantly they enjoyed a 79% lower risk of death.  The middle-aged patients 40 through 64 years of age saw no benefit from the nirmatrelvir in terms of hospitalization or death.


These finalized results indicate that seniors contracting CoVid should definitely receive Paxlovid despite an incidence of rebound.


#CoVid #nirmatrelvir #paxlovid #seniors #hospitalization #death

CoVid, nirmatrelvir, paxlovid, seniors, hospitalization, death



CoVid Omicron Booster Versus Latest Subvariants



The latest Pfizer and Moderna mRNA boosters directed against the Omicron BA.5 subvariants BQ1.1 and XBB generate levels of protective antibodies that are 4 fold and 8 fold lower than those against the most recently predominant BA.5.   Virologists and immunologists report these findings after testing blood from patients immunized with the original CoVid mRNA vaccines and the recently approved Omicron booster.


This finding is not good news since it predicts that even the latest CoVid booster is unlikely to offer significant protection against the latest round of subvariants.  That means we’re back on our own with only masking, crowd avoidance, outdoor dining, and strategic quarantines to protect us from CoVid infections that could lead to lingering cardiac, brain, kidney, and liver disease.


#CoVid #vaccine #booster #omicron #ba5 #bq11 #xbb

CoVid, vaccine, booster, omicron, ba5, bq11, xbb






Atrial Fibrillation May Be Frozen Out



Rather than merely band-aiding the consequences of atrial fibrillation such as stroke with rhythm-suppressing drugs and blood thinners, it is possible to destroy the root cause of this abnormal cardiac rhythm with cryotherapy.  University of British Columbia cardiologists report in the New England Journal the successful non-invasive catheter cryoablation of the fibrillation trigger point and the prevention of progressively more severe atrial arrhythmias.  Those receiving cryotherapy vs. antiarrhythmic drug therapy were 75% less likely to  develop persistent atrial fibrillation.


#atrialfibrillation #cryotherapy #pharmacotherapy 

atrialfibrillation, cryotherapy, pharmacotherapy 



Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Bowel Scarring May Be Prevented



Unchecked inflammatory bowel disease over years leads to life-threatening thickening and blockage of the small and large intestines that ultimately results in bowel-shortening surgery.  University of Calgary researchers now report a possible new medical approach to prevent devastating progression of Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.  By creating powerful, synthetic compounds that mimic natural inflammation inhibitors, they are able to turn off intestinal fibroblast inflammatory activity and halt the progression of small and large bowel-scarring disease in mice.  Next step: clinical trials in humans.


#crohns #ulcerativecolitis #inflammatoryboweldisease

crohns, ulcerativecolitis, inflammatoryboweldisease



Surgical Staples That Disintegrate On Command



MIT engineers in collaboration with Harvard’s Brigham & Women’s investigators are developing surgically-implantable materials that can be literally dissolved when no longer needed.  Metals including aluminum become brittle and disintegrate when exposed to gallium.  The research team has shown that aluminum staples will dissolve within minutes when coated with a gallium-indium liquid.  The gallium compound is non-toxic.  This same concept could be used to develop dissolvable stents and medication-carrying capsules.


#staples #stents #metal #embrittlement #galliumindium #aluminum

staples, stents, metal, embrittlement, galliumindium, aluminum







Women Want OVER-THE-COUNTER Birth Control Pills



A full 74% of surveyed women want over-the-counter oral contraceptives available without a prescription.  Most of those who answered no don’t use birth control pills now and don’t plan using them in the future.  This result stems from the latest Kaiser Family Foundation’s Women’s Health Survey of 5201 women.   By the way, both the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists favor prescription-less oral contraception.  Women favor this availability for convenience, confidentiality, cost-saving, and speed.


#over-the-counter #birthcontrol #contraceptives #prescription #womenshealth

over-the-counter, birthcontrol, contraceptives, prescription, womenshealth



Hospitals Fight Health Insurance Companies



A full 78% of US hospitals and healthcare systems complain that their relationships with commercial health insurers are tanking.  The chief culprit: mandatory pre-authorizations for surgery, imaging, lab testing, and pharmaceuticals.  Ninety-five percent of hospitals resent wasting ever-increasing time and money dealing with these pre-auths.  Why a waste?  Nearly two-thirds of pre-auth denials are overturned.  Another pet peeve: denials of payment for hospital services half of which are eventually overturned.  Bottom line: we need a better system for maintaining quality without wasting so much tine and effort.


#preauthorizations #healthinsurance #hospital #denials #claims

preauthorizations, healthinsurance, hospital, denials, claims



New RSV Drug For Infants



I told you about an RSV vaccine for prospective moms that protects their newborn infants.  Now AstraZeneca and Sanofi have partnered to create, test, and market a drug that squelches newborn RSV infections after they occur.  The new pharmaceutical, the monoclonal antibody nirsevimab, blocks RSV’s fusion protein so that the virus cannot enter human cells and replicate.  Branded as Beyfortus, the antibody has a long life that permits it last the entire RSV season and protect for the first 6 months of life.  The drug has received marketing authorization from the European Commission and will likely receive the same from the FDA and CDC.


#rsv #monoclonal #antibody #nirsevimab #beyfortus #europeanunion

rsv, monoclonal, antibody, nirsevimab, beyfortus, europeanunion




CPSC Recalls



Mockingbird Strollers Have Cracking Frames



The CPSC and Mockingbird LLC are recalling Mockingbird Single-to-Double Strollers.  This stroller’s frame may crack causing child occupants to fall with scratches, cuts, and bruising.  The affected lot #s including those between 20091 and 22602.  About 149,000 of these strollers were sold at Target stores nationwide and online at,, and  Immediately discontinue use of these strollers. Contact Mockingbird at 1-877-274-3240 or via email to receive a free frame reinforcement kit.


#mockingbird #stroller #singletodouble #frame #injury #children #recall

mockingbird, stroller, singletodouble, frame, injury, children, recall



Hunter Branded Lighting Fixtures May Shock



The CPSC and the Hunter Fan Co. have recalled 41 models of Hunter lighting fixtures from the Devon Park, Astwood, Highland Hill, Kerrison, and Van Nuys lighting collections.  The internal wiring in these fixtures is defective and creates shock hazards. 

About 2600 recalled fixtures were sold online at and at other websites.  Stop using these recalled lighting fixtures and contact Hunter at 1-866-326-2003 to receive a full refund.


#hunter #lighting #fixture #wiring #electrical #shock #recall

hunter, lighting, fixture, wiring, electrical, shock, recall



Generac Portable Generators Are A Danger To Your Fingers



The CPSC and Generac Power Systems are recalling Generac, HomeLink, and DR 6500 Watt and 8000 Watt portable generators.  The handles on these units can pinch fingers against the generator frame causing finger crushes and amputations.  About 321,160 of these generators were sold in the US and about 4575 were sold in Canada at major home improvement and hardware stores nationwide and online, including Ace Hardware, Amazon, Blain’s Farm & Fleet, City Electric Supply, Costco, Do it Best, Fastenal, Home Depot, Lowe’s Stores, Napa Auto Parts, Northern Tool & Equipment, Orgill, Power Equipment Direct, Ravitsky Bros., True Value, and W.W. Grainger.  If you purchased one of these generators from July, 2021 to November, 2022, contact Generac at 1-844-242-3493 to check if your unit is recalled.  If so, make sure you insert a handle locking pin until you receive a free repair kit to position the handle away from the frame.


#generac #generator #handle #finger #crush #amputation #recall

generac, generator, handle, finger, crush, amputation, recall



FDA Recalls



Giant Smoked Salmon Has Bacterial Contamination



The FDA and Seven Seas International USA, LLC are recalling Giant Food Private Label Sockeye Smoked Salmon.  This fish is contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.  This bacterium causes serious and sometimes life-threatening infections in the very young, in older frail persons,  and in those with weakened immune systems.  It can also trigger miscarriages and stillbirths.  About 540 cases of the salmon were sold at Giant Food stores in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware.  The affected lot # is R4132.  If you purchased this tainted salmon, return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.  If you require more information about this recall, phone Seven Seas International at 1–888-627-5668.


#giant #salmon #listeria #infection #recall

giant, salmon, listeria, infection, recall



Gamesa Arcoiris Marshmallow Cookies are Salmonella-Contaminated



The FDA and Comercializadora PepsiCo are recalling Gamesa Arcoiris (ARCO-IL-IS) Marshmallow Cookies.  This product is contaminated with salmonella.  This bacterium causes serious and sometimes life-threatening gastroenteritis and systemic infections in the very young, in older frail persons, and in those with weakened immune systems.  The affected product bears best before markings of 28MAR23, 5MY228001, 28MAR23, and 6MY128101.  The product was sold in California and Texas.  If you purchased these cookies, don’t consume them.  For additional information about disposal and refunds, contact Gamesa Consumer Relations at 1-877-842-6372.


#gamesa #marshmallowcookies #salmonella #infection #gastroenteritis #recall

gamesa, marshmallowcookies, salmonella, infection, gastroenteritis, recall



Adam’s Polishes Hand Sanitizer Contains Poisonous Alcohol



The FDA and Adam’s Polishes, LLC are recalling Adam’s Polishes Hand Sanitizer.  This 75% isopropyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer is contaminated with methanol.  Anyone accidentally consuming the product is at risk for methanol poisoning with coma, seizures, permanent blindness, permanent damage to the central nervous system, or death.  The product is sold in spray bottles for the 4oz, 8oz and 16oz sizes and in gallon jugs.  If you bought this product, stop using it and store it out of reach of children.  Visit the Adam’s Polishes website at to check if your lot number is part of the recall.  If so, dispose of the product according to local regulations.  To obtain a product credit, send a picture of your bottle with the lot number to  For more information, call the company at 1-720-812-3460.


#adamspolishes #handsanitizer #methanol #poisoning #recall

adamspolishes, handsanitizer, methanol, poisoning, recall



Kalera Fresh Lettuce Products Contain Bad Bugs



The FDA and the Kalera Public Limited Company are recalling Kalera Fresh Lettuce Products.  These lettuce products are contaminated with salmonella.  This bacterium causes serious and sometimes life-threatening gastroenteritis and systemic infections in the very young, in older frail persons,  and in those with weakened immune systems.  This lettuce was sold exclusively in Florida.  If you bought this product, don’t consume it but rather discard it carefully.  For a refund or additional information about this recall, contact Kalera at 1-407-574-8204.


#kalera #lettuce #florida #salmonella #infection #recall

kalera, lettuce, florida, salmonella, infection, recall



Nestlé Toll House Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Tubs Have Foreign Material



The FDA and Nestlé USA are recalling Nestlé Toll House Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Tubs.  Three batches of the dough were found to have soft plastic film in them.  Ingestion of this material is a choking hazard.  The affected product has batch codes of 22135554RR, 22145554RR, and 22155554RR with Best By dates of 1/28-30/2023.  No other NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE products, including other varieties of Edible cookie dough or Ready-to-Bake cookie dough are affected.  If you purchased one of the affected cookie dough tubs, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, call Nestlé USA at 1-800-681-1678.


#nestlé #chocolatechip #cookie #dough #foreignbodies #plastic #choking #recall

nestlé, chocolatechip, cookie, dough, foreignbodies, plastic, choking, recall

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