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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of August  2021



Medicine of The Future 1st Week August 2021



Today’s medical discoveries that point to future therapy:

A Blood Test Can Reveal Your Biological Clock

Genetically Engineered Cancer Immunotherapy 

A Thumb-sized Device Detects Bad Breath

Spider Venom Rescues Damaged Hearts

Rapid Smartphone Diagnosis of Infection



University of Colorado at Boulder physiologists announce a strategy for determining the settings of your internal biological clock, your so-called circadian rhythms, from a single blood test.  This info can help determine the best time for various therapies.  By measuring the levels of some 65 metabolites in the blood, the researchers could pinpoint volunteer’s circadian phase.  The test’s accuracy was within one hour of a gold standard melatonin analysis.


Cancers protect themselves by triggering Tregulating or Treg cells to inhibit killer T cells.  British and Italian geneticists have teamed to genetically turn off a family of enzymes called PIP4k that the Treg cells need to effective control good T cells.  Now the search is on for medications that can inhibit PIP4K proteins as part of an immunotherapy regimen.


Bad breath, technically called halitosis, is difficult to self-detect, and it’s embarrassing to ask others to monitor.  Korean materials scientists have developed an alkali-tungsten nanofiber that changes its electrical conductivity when exposed to the halitosis gas hydrogen sulfide.  They incorporated the detector into a tiny portable device that correctly identifies bad breath 86% of the time.  Work is underway to improve the accuracy before commercialization.


When heart muscle loses its blood supply, it becomes acidic and self-destructs.  Australian biochemists have isolated a molecule, Hi1a, from the venom of the deadly Fraser Island funnel web spider that blocks this self-destruct signal and permits the cardiac muscle to heal and live another day.  Hi1a could not only help heart attack victims but it could also prolong the viability of donor hearts awaiting transplantation.


Bioengineers at Canada’s McMaster University have developed a micro-sensor capable of identifying various microorganisms when it’s plugged into a smartphone.  The sensor, employing electroactive RNA-cleaving DNAzymes, can diagnose a bacterial infection in an hour versus days when cultures are used.  It can also be repurposed for rapid CoVid detection.


These and other cutting edge solutions are coming to your doctor’s office and our hospitals…….some day soon!



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biologicalclock, circadianrhythms, Tcells, immunotherapy, cancer, halitosis, bad breath, nanotechnology, spider, heartattack, cardiactransplant, bacterialinfection







CoVid Vaccination Blunts Delta Breakthrough Infections



A fully vaccinated person developing Delta CoVid is 93% less likely than someone unvaccinated to require any oxygen supplementation, has a viral load that fades faster, and develops a significantly larger burst of anti-CoVid antibodies.  Singapore researchers report these findings from their study of 218 individuals with a B.1.617. or Delta CoVid infection.


The 71 vaccinated persons who developed Delta CoVid were 3 times less likely to be symptomatic, 2.5 times less likely to develop frank pneumonia, 7 times less likely to require supplemental oxygen., and 4 times less likely to require CoVid-specific ancillary therapy including antibody cocktails and cytokine suppression therapy.  Only the unvaccinated were admitted to the ICU, required intubation, or died.


Delta Covid is nasty but tame-able in the vaccinated.


#CoVid #delta #vaccination

CoVid, delta, vaccination



Farnesol May Prevent and Treat Parkinson’s Disease



Farnesol is a form of alcohol found naturally in berries and other fruit.  In its synthetic form, farnisol is often used for food flavoring.  Neurologists at John’s Hopkins announce that this compound may prevent the onset and progression of Parkinson’s disease.


For their mouse experiments, the researchers selected farnisol from a herd of other drugs known to inhibit a protein called PARIS that kills off dopamine-producing cells and leads to the neurological decline of Parkinson’s disease.  The farnisol-fed mice were better able to maintain normal neurologic function when subjected to a biochemical agent that triggers a Parkinson’s-like disease, and they maintained twice as many healthy dopamine neurons.


Human trials remain in the future.


#farnesol #parkinsons #paris #dopamine

farnesol, parkinsons, paris, dopamine



Gradual Learning Fosters Better Retention



When you learn during spaced sessions, you activate the same set of neurons repeatedly and that improves your recall over time.  German neurobiologists draw this surprising conclusion from their experimental studies with mice in mazes.


The classic thinking is that learning by cramming repeatedly activates the same brain circuits and facilitates retention.  Studies of frontal lobe electrical activity during maze learning showed just the opposite as neuron-firing patterns fluctuate more and retention reduces if the learning takes place without spaced sessions.  It turns out spacing such sessions with one hour intervals produced optimal retention.


Given this information and an impending exam, you might want to separate any repeated study sessions by at least an hour.


#memory #retention #spacing

memory, retention, spacing



Nano-antibodies Are Powerful CoVid Therapy



Mini-antibodies derived from alpacas, when coupled together as triplets, can neutralize any of the CoVid variants 30,000 times better than a single antibody configuration and can be efficiently produced in huge quantities.  Molecular biologists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute report this very good news as the world faces the onslaught of the dangerous Delta variant.


These small but powerful nanobodies begin by vaccinating 3 alpacas with coronavirus spike protein.  Their resultant antibodies are tested for potency, and the very best are isolated and amplified in an industrial process.  Then, by combining 3 nanobody molecules into a therapeutic triad, the researchers produced an agent that binds so strongly to any of the CoVid variants including delta that all are effectively neutralized.


The best news: these nanobodies can be produced quickly and in huge quantities, and, when a new mutation occurs, the entire process from alpaca immunization to final product may be repeated in a timely and cost-effective manner.


#nanobodies #alpacas #CoVid #variants

Nanobodies, alpacas, CoVid, variants




Too Much Coffee Risks Dementia



Drinking more than 6 cups of coffee a day versus 1-2 was associated with a 53% greater risk of dementia.  Australian investigators studied the coffee consumption of 398,646 persons with records in the UK Biobank that included 17,702 who also had brain MRI data.


Though heavy coffee drinkers had a high risk of dementia, those who never drank coffee also had some risk compared with moderate coffee drinkers.  Analysis of the data also showed that the 6 cup a day plus coffee drinkers also had smaller brains overall and less grey matter.  They also had a 17% increased risk of stroke.


This data reminds us once again that moderation is always the best policy.


#coffee #dementia #stroke

Coffee, dementia, stroke




Combining CoVid Vaccines



Let’s say you got a shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or even the AstraZeneca vaccine.  Can you get one of the statistically more effective mRNA vaccines such as the Moderna or Pfizer?  The answer comes from  $  Denmark where researchers reviewed the experience of some 5.5 million Danes.


The records show that 144,360 received the AstraZeneca vaccine as a first dose but then 136,551 of them received an mRNA vaccine as the second dose.  The vaccine effectiveness of this combo was 88%.  This figure is very close to the 95% vaccine efficiency figure published for 2 dose courses of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and significantly higher than 66-70% figure for the full 2 dose AstraZeneca vaccination course.


What about Delta?  Data from Germany shows that the mixed vaccination regimen yields effectiveness against the Delta variant equal to a full 2 shot course of Pfizer vaccine.  There were no significant side effects.


#astrazeneca #mRNA #moderna #pfizer #vaccine #CoVid 

astrazeneca, mRNA, moderna, pfizer, vaccine, CoVid



CPSC Recalls



Generac Portable Generators On Recall



The CPSC and Generac now recall Generac® and DR® 6500 Watt and 8000 Watt portable generators.  An unlocked handle on these units may pinch consumers’ fingers against the frame as the generator is moved possibly leading to finger crushing or amputation.  About 321,160 of these generators were sold in the US and 4,575 were sold in Canada.  Stop using these generators until a locking pin has been inserted to secure the handle in place before and after moving the generator.   For a more secure, permanent fix, contact Generac for a free repair kit by calling 1-844-242-3493 or online at


#generac #generator #handle #crush #recall

generac, generator, handle, crush, recall



Recall On Specialized Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike Battery Packs



The CPSC and Specialized Bicycle Components are recalling Specialized 1st Generation Turbo Levo and Kenevo electric mountain bike lithium ion battery packs.  Water may penetrate the seal around the LED control pad on these battery packs causing the battery to short circuited ignite with fire and burn hazards.   About 2500 of these battery packs were sold.  Immediately stop using the recalled electric mountain bikes and contact Specialized Bicycle by phone at 1-800-772-4423 or via email at for a free repair.


#specialized #electricbike #battery #fire #burn #recall

specialized, electricbike, battery, fire, burn, recall




Shein Branded Children’s Sleepwear Sets Are Recalled



The CPSC and Shein now recall Shein Branded Children’s Sleepwear Sets.  The sleepwear sets are made of 97 percent polyester and 3 percent spandex and fails to meet flammability standards for children’s sleepwear posing a risk of burn injuries.  About 2320 of these sleepwear sets were sold online at  Do not allow your children to wear this sleepwear.  Contact Shein by phone at 1-877-245-8975 or email them at to arrange for return of this sleepwear, a full refund, plus a $10 gift card.


#shein #sleepwear #flammability #fire #burns #recall

shein, sleepwear, flammability, fire, burns, recall




Recalled are Birkenstock Kids’ Mogami Sandals



The CPSC and Birkenstock USA are recalling Birkenstock Kids’ Mogami Sandals Sizes 24-28.  A plastic rivet may detach from the sandal’s ankle strap and create a choking hazard for young children.  About 15,200 pairs of these shoes were sold in the US and 27 pairs were sold in Canada.  The sandals were sold nationwide at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Foot Locker and online at and  Immediately take these recalled sandals away from children and return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  For more information, contact Birkenstock USA at 1-844 505-4055 or online at


#birkenstock #children #sandals #choking #recall

birkenstock, children, sandals, choking, recall




Tkala Fashion Children’s Pajamas  Are Recalled



The CPSC and Tkala Fashion are recalling Tkala Fashion Children’s Pajamas.  These 100% cotton pajamas fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear, and they pose a risk of burn injuries to children.  About 6,000 of these pajamas were sold online at *2  Do not permit your children to wear these pajamas.  Contact Tkala Fashion via email at to arrange for return of the product and a refund.


#tkala #amazon #pajamas #flammability #fire #burn #recall

tkala, amazon, pajamas, flammability, fire, burn, recall



FDA Recalls



Recall on 365 Skinny Pills and Capsules



The FDA and Je Dois L’avoir announce the recall of 365 Skinny High Intensity Pills and 365 Skinny Emergency Boutique 30 day Capsules.  These diet products contain sibutramine, a DEA controlled substance that has been determined to pose significant health risks.  If ingested, these preparations may cause seizures, rapid heart rate, palpitations, heart attacks, and allergic reactions. They are a particular danger to those with high blood pressure, thyroid disease, those over 65, or children under 16 years old.  If you have these products, return them to the place of purchase or call the company at 1-559-302-6215.


#365skinny #sibutramine #cardiovascular #allergy #recall

365skinny, sibutramine, cardiovascular, allergy, recall



Nature’s Sunshine Love & Peas Protein-Rich Meal Replacement Is On Recall



The FDA and Nature’s Sunshine are recalling Nature’s Sunshine Love & Peas Protein-Rich Meal Replacement.  This product is contaminated with undeclared milk.  If ingested by a person with a milk allergy, it could trigger a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.  If you have this product, don’t consume it.  Contact Nature’s Sunshine by phone at 1-800-223-8225 or via email at to arrange for a refund or credit.


#naturessunshine #mealreplacement #milk #recall

naturessunshine, mealreplacement, milk, recall



Recall On Golden Natural Product Branded Dry Apricots



The FDA and Golden Natural Product Inc. now recall Golden Natural Product Branded Dry Apricot with bone and jumbo. These products contain undeclared sulfites.  Those with sulfite allergies may develop a serious or lief-threatening allergic reaction if they ingest the products.  These products were sold in CA, WA, and NY.  If you have these products, return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact Golden Natural by phone at 1-718-607-8181 or by email at


#apricots #goldennatural #sulfites #recall

apricots, goldennatural, sulfites, recall

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