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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of December 2022



CPSC Recalls


Waterproof Foam Mattresses Are Not Fire-Proof



The CPSC and ESS Universal are recalling Waterproof Foam Mattresses sold in twin twin XL, and full sizes.  These mattresses fail to meet federal flammability requirements creating fire and burn hazards.  About 1800 of these mattresses were sold online at  Immediately discontinue sleeping on these mattresses and contact ESS Universal at 1-833-259-9009 or via email at to receive a zippered mattress cover that does meet US flammability standards.  The cover fits over the foam core.


#foammattress #essuniversal #flammability #fires #burns

foammattress, essuniversal, flammability, fires, burns




Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Sundance Spas May Cook You



The CPSC and Sundance Spas have recalled Jacuzzi J200, J300, J400, and J500 Hot Tubs and Sundance series 680, 760, 880, and 980 Spas.  The temperature sensors on these units malfunction and display incorrect and cooler water temperatures resulting in user exposure to dangerously hot water, heat stroke, and burns.  About 23,700 of these tubs were sold in the US, 5400 were sold in Canada, and 40 were sold in Mexico.  If you have one of these spas installed, use an accurate thermometer to check that the water temperature is not higher than 104 degrees Fahrenheit before entering the tub.  If you find that your unit is displaying incorrect temperatures, contact your local Jacuzzi or Sundance Spa dealer to schedule a free repair.


#jacuzzi #sundancespa #temperaturesensors #heatexhaustion #burns #recall

jacuzzi, sundancespa, temperaturesensors, heatexhaustion, burns, recall



Rosso Motors ATVs Are Unsafe For Children and Teens



The CPSC and  Rosso Motors are recalling Rosso Motors eQuad X 800 watt and eQuad Q 1000 watt youth all-terrain vehicles.  These ATVs designed for children 6 and older are unsafe for 4 reasons: their maximal speeds are dangerously high; their suspensions fail to meet safety standards; the units do not meet other safety standards; and these ATVs were imported without a CPSC-approved plan.  About 2800 of these ATVs were sold online at  Stop allowing your children to use these ATVs and contact Rosso Motors at 1-855-546-2453 to arrange for a pro-rated refund.


#rosso #atvs #safety #speed #suspensions #recall

rosso, atvs, safety, speed, suspensions, recall



Samnyte Tattoo Numbing Cream Is Unsafely Packaged



The CPSC and Liu Xianli are recalling Samnyte Tattoo Numbing Cream.  This product contains the topical anesthetic 5% lidocaine and must be sold in child-resistant packaging which it is not.  About 9000 tubes of this numbing cream were sold online at   Store this cream container out of each of children,  contact Liu Xianli by email at to arrange a refund and safe disposal instructions.


#tattoo #numbingcream #lidocaine #packaging #childsafe #recall

tattoo, numbingcream, lidocaine, packaging, childsafe, recall



D-Ring Fritz Mirrors Fall and Injure



The CPSC and the Gabby company have recalled D-Ring Fritz Mirrors.  The ring and wire mirror hanging mechanism is defective leading to the mirror detaching from the wall, falling, and creating laceration and other injuries.   About 930 of these mirrors were sold at interior, design and home furnishing stores nationwide.  Consumers should contact Gabby via phone at 1-844-735-0250 or via email at to arrange for a free replacement mirror and instructions for removal of the old mirror.  As is often the case, you will submit a photo of the old item with certification that it will no longer be used.


#gabby #mirror #injury #laceration #recall

gabby, mirror, injury, laceration, recall



SIMU Awning and Shutter Motors May Shock



The CPSC and SIMU are recalling SIMU DMI6 Hz motors sold with powered  awnings and shutters.  The cables connecting to these motors may unpredictably disconnect if the awnings or shutters are opened or closed manually creating electric shocks and electrocutions.  About 13,800 of these motors were sold in the US, and about 12 were sold in Canada.  If you have one of these motors installed, stop using the manual override feature unless the motor is connected to a GFCI (Group Fault Circuit Interrupter) circuit or to a circuit breaker.  Contact SIMI at 1-855-944-5598 for assistance in identifying if your units are included in the recall and to arrange for a free inspection and motor replacement.


#simu #motor #awning #shade #shock #electrocution #recall

simu, motor, awning, shade, shock, electrocution, recall



Good Matters Three-Wick Candles Burn Dangerously Hot



The CPSC and the Good Matters company now recall Good Matters Three-Wick Candles.  These candles burn at higher than normal and safe temperatures that cause the candle jar to break leading to fires, burns, and lacerations.  About 30,100 candles were sold at Bealls, Gabriel Brothers, Homegoods, and Tuesday Morning stores nationwide as well as online and  Stop using these candles and contact Good Matters at 1-888-470-4276 for instructions on candle wick cutting and safe product disposal as well as how to provide proof of disposal in order to obtain refunds.


#goodmatters #candles #hightemperature #fire #burns #lacerations #recall

goodmatters candles, hightemperature, fire, burns, lacerations, recall




Thornhill Dark Brown and Natural Baby Cribs Have Weak Mattress Supports



The CPSC and Crate and Barrel are recalling Thornhill Dark Brown and Natural Baby Cribs, model number 304-903.  The mattress support pins on these cribs fit poorly and easily loosen leading to mattress falls snd baby injuries. About 280 cribs were sold in the US and about 5 were sold in Canada all online at  Stop using these cribs and contact Crate and Barrel at 1-800-967-6696 to arrange for a full refund.


#crateandbarrel #thornhill #cribs #infants #mattress #falls #injuries #recall

crateandbarrel, thornhill, cribs, infants, mattress, falls, injuries, recall



Gyroor C3 E-bikes Have Unstable Batteries



The CPSC and the Gyroor company have recalled Gyroor C3 e-bikes.  This e-bikes’ lithium-ion battery packs ignite creating fire and burn hazards.  About 3300 of these bikes were sold online at,, and  Stop using these battery packs on the pick and contact Gyroor at 1-833-737-1294 or via email at to arrange for a free replacement battery pack.


#gyroor #ebike #battery #ignite #fre #burn #recall

gyroor, ebike, battery, ignite, fire, burn, recall




Art of Green Laundry Detergent Products Have Bacterial Contamination



The CPSC and AlEn USA are recalling Art of Green Laundry Detergent Products.  These products are contaminated with pseudomonas aeruginosa.  This bacterium causes serious and life-threatening infections in those with weak immune systems and in those with implanted medical devices.  Pseudomonas may enter your body through your eyes, skin, or via inhalation.  About 14,550 bottles of these products have sold at Save Mart, Lucky and Food Maxx regional stores and online at  Stop using these Art of Green laundry detergents and contact AlEn USA at 1-800-615-3191 or via email at to arrange for a refund by submitting a photo of the UPC and date codes.  Dispose of the product ih the bottle via the household trash.


#artofgreen #laundrydetergent #pseudomonas #infection #recall

artofgreen, laundrydetergent, pseudomonas, infection, recall




FDA Recalls



World Market Peppercorn Collection Gift Set Is Moldy



The FDA and Something South African LLC are recalling Peppercorn Collection Gift Set, Batch 494951-T, Best Before End of JUN/2024.  This product is contaminated with the mold Aspergillus brasiliensis and Ochratoxin A found in the Malaysian Long Pepper.  The product was sold at World Market stores nationwide and on  Do not consume this pepper but return it to the place of purchase.  For additional information, email South African LLC at or call the company at 1-425-890-3031.


#pepper #worldmarket #pappercorngiftset #mold #infection #recall

pepper, worldmarket, pappercorngiftset, mold, infection, recall



Power Life High Impact Plant Protein Contains Milk



The FDA and Power Life Nutrition are recalling a limited quantity of its Power Life High Impact Plant Protein due to a mislabelling error.  Some bottles of the company’s High Impact Plant Protein were filled with High Impact Whey Protein that contains milk.  The packaging does not mention the presence of milk.  Those who are milk allergic could develop serious snd life-threatening allergic reactions to this product.  The affected lot # is 0914922.  If you have this lot of the product, contact Power Life Nutrition at 1-855-462-2496 or email them at to receive a prepaid return shipping label and free replacement product.


#powerlife #highimpactprotein #milk #allergy #recall

powerlife, highimpactprotein, milk, allergy, recall



Another Enoki Mushroom Recall



The FDA and Utopia Foods announce another enoki mushroom recall due to contamination with listeria monocytogenes.  This bacterium triggers serious and life-threatening infections in the very young, older, frail individuals, and in those with compromised immune systems.  Listeria also triggers miscarriages ad stillbirths.  The product is sold in clear and blue plastic bags marked with Utopia and the barcode # 8928918610017.  Return these mushrooms to the place of purchase. For additional information, contact Utopia Foods at 1-718-389-8898.


#utopia #enoki #mushrooms #listeria #infection #recall

utopia, enoki, mushrooms, listeria, infection, recall



ByHeart Infant Formula Has Bacterial Contamination



The FDA and the ByHeart company have recalled ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula, Milk Based Powder with Iron for 0-12months.  This infant formula is contaminated with Cronobacter sakazakii.  The bacterium can cause infection throughout a baby’s body including meningitis and gastroenteritis.  If you have any off this ByHeart infant formula at home, don’t feed it to your baby.  Check the bottom of the can for the following recalled batches: 22273 C1, 22276 C1, 22277 C1, 22278 C1, and 22280 C1.  Contact ByHeart by email at or by text at 1-909-506-2354 to obtain instructions regarding refunds.


#byheart #infants #formula #cronobacter #infection #recall

byheart, infants, formula, cronobacter, infection, recall

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