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HealthNews RoundUp - 3rd Week of September  2021




CPSC Recalls


Recall On Gas One Propane Adapter Hoses



The CPSC and Gas One have recalled Gas One propane adapter hoses.  The hose may swell while in use leading to propane gas leakage and possible fires. About 19,500 of these hoses were sold online at,,, and  If you have one of these hoses, immediately stop using it and contact Gas One by phone at 1-800-698-5070 or via email at


#gasone #hose #propane #leak #fire #recall

gasone, hose, propane, leak, fire, recall



Costco Teak Shower Benches Recalled



The CPSC and Costco along with Ivena are recalling their teak shower benches.  This shower bench may collapse during use triggering falls and injuries.  About 70,000 of these benches were sold in the US and 11,317 were sold in Canada all by Costco stores and online at  Immediately discontinue use of this bench and return it to any Costco store for a refund.  For more information, contact the manufacturer Ivena by phone at 1-844-818-9388 or online at


#costco #ivene #showerbench #collapse #fall #injury #recall

costco, ivene, showerbenc, #collapse, fall, injury, recall



Recalled Are VITUS 14 and VITUS 16 Kids Bikes



The CPSC and Wiggle Ltd have recalled VITUS 14 and VITUS 16 Kids Bikes.  These bicycles have only front and rear handbrakes.  Federal regulations require children’s bicycles to be equipped with both handbrakes and footbrakes since younger children may be unable to stop the bike with handbrakes alone.  About 280 of these bicycles were sold online at and at  If your child rides one of these bikes do not permit them to continue using it.  Contact Wiggle Ltd. at support or chain reaction cycles at customerservi to obtain a free replacement wheel with a footbrake.


#wiggle #chainreactioncycles #brakes #footbrake #recall

wiggle, chainreactioncycles, brakes, footbrake, recall



Ballz QR Skewers On Recall



The CPSC and Burley have recalled Ballz QR Skewers.  This rod connects the Coho XC Cargo trailer to a bicycle, and it may bend or shear.  Should this occur, the trailer and the bicycle towing it will become unstable, the rider may fall and sustain an injury, and the bicycle-trailer ensemble may injure a bystander.  About 2,935 of these skewers were sold at REI stores and bicycle retailers nationwide as well as online at,, and  If you have one of these skewers, stop using it, contact Burley at 1-800-311-5294  or via email at to receive a replacement connecting rod.


#burley #skewer #connectingrod #cobotrailer #fracture #fall #recall

burley, skewer, connectingrod, cobotrailer, fracture, fall, recall



Recall On Janod Children’s Shaving Kits



The CPSC and Juratoys US now recall Janod Children’s Shaving Kits.  The brown trim on these shaving kit bags contains unacceptably dangerous levels of phthalate.  This chemical in plastic is toxic if ingested by young children.  These shaving kits have been sold by Nordstrom, Crate and Barrel, and Barnes and Noble stores nationwide as well as other toy, gift, and book stores.  They were also sold online at,,,, and  If your child has one of these shaving kits, stop its use and contact Juratoys US at 1-855-665-9287 or via email at


#juratoys #shavingkit #phthalate #toxicity #recall

juratoys, shavingkit, phthalate, toxicity, recall



FDA Recalls



Recall On Buurma Plain Flat Leaf Parsley



The FDA and Buurma Farms are recalling Buurma Plain Flat Leaf Parsley.  This product may contain E. Coli that produces Shiga toxin.  This bacterium causes a foodborne gastroenteritis heralded by stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and it particularly dangerous in the very young, elders, and those with immunosuppression.  This parsley has been distributed in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and South Carolina.  If you have parsley with a Buurma Farms twist tie, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  If you have questions, call the consumer hotline for Buurma at 1-866-827-3362.


#buurmafarms #parsley #ecoli #gastroenteritis #recall

buurmafarms, parsley, ecoli, gastroenteritis, recall



Velvet Raspberry Fudge Cordial Ice Cream Is Recalled



The FDA and Velvet Ice Cream have recalled Velvet Raspberry Fudge Cordial Ice Cream.  This produce contains undeclared peanut.  Those with a peanut allergy may develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions should they ingest this ice cream.  If you bought this ice cream, dispose of it immediately or return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact Velvet by phone at 1-800-589-5000.


#velvet #icecream #peanuts #allergy #recall

velvet, icecream, peanuts, allergy, recall



Recalled Are H-E-B Jumbo Stuffed Shells



The FDA and Seviroli Foods Inc. are recalling H-E-B Jumbo Stuffed Shells.  This product contains contaminating fragments of metal that could cause physical damage to the mouth, throat, and gastrointestinal tract tissues.  This product was sold by H-E-B stores in Texas.  Do not consume this product but return it to the place of purchase for a refund or destroy it.  For additional information, contact Seviroli Foods by phone at 1-855-432-4438.


#seviroli #HEB #stuffedshells #metal #foreignbodies #recall

seviroli, HEB, stuffedshells, metal, foreignbodies, recall



Little Debbie Mini Nutty Buddy Cookie Bites Sandwich Cookies On Recall



The FDA and McKee Foods now recall Little Debbie Mini Nutty Buddy Cookie Bites sandwich cookies.  These cookies contain undeclared pecans.  Those with a pecan allergy may develop serious and life-threatening allergic reactions should they ingest these cookies.  The affected cookies have best-by dates of Dec. 24 and 25, 2021 and were sold in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  Unaffected are Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Wafer Bars.  If you purchased these cookies in these state I mentioned, contact McKee Foods at 1-800-422-4499 to arrange refunds.


#littledebbie #nuttybuddycookies #pecans #allergy #recall

littledebbie, nuttybuddycookies, pecans, allergy, recall



Recall On Dole Curly Leaf Parsley



The FDA and Dole Fresh Vegetables are recalling Dole Curly Leaf Parsley.  This product contains Shiga-toxin producing E. coli.  Involved is product with harvest dates of August 18 and 19 2021 and distributed in FL, IA, MI, MN, and MO.  Affected bunches of parsley have a PLU number of 4899 and a UPC code of 0 3383 80330 0.  If you have this Dole Parsley, do not consume it but rather return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact Dole at 1-800-356-3111.


#dole #parsley #ecoli #gastroenteritis #recall

dole, parsley, ecoli, gastroenteritis, recall

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