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HealthNews RoundUp - 2nd Week of February 2022






CoVid Vaccine Does Not Affect Exercise Performance

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Vaccination with the 2 dose Pfizer mRNA vaccine or the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine fails to impact almost any of a healthy person’s physiologic responses to exercise.  Investigators at the University of Arizona report this conclusion after studying 18 young adults 24 to 43 years of age as they participated in a quantitative, graced exercise program.


The data showed that a variety of parameters including respiratory gas exchange and production of exercise-induced metabolites in response to graded exercise were statistically identical before and after vaccination.  The only exercise parameters statistically impacted by the jab were the elevation of heart rate and the production of norepinephrine, and the impact was minimal.


So add vaccination to the other CoVid mitigation maneuvers that has no impact on exercising and that item is masking.


#CoVid #vaccination #exercise

CoVid, vaccination, exercise



Lung Damage From Repeated Cannabis Smoking



Long-term cannabis smoking damages the lung in ways different from tobacco smoking.  This conclusion stems from a collaborative study conducted by New Zealand’s University of Otago and our own Duke University,


The researchers reviewed longitudinal data from 881 participants beginning at age 18 and extending to age 45.  Cannabis and tobacco use were recorded through the years, and detailed pulmonary functions were assessed at age 45.  


Cannabis smoking, in contrast to tobacco smoking, leads to marked pulmonary hyperinflation or lung bloating sometimes called bong lung.  Smoking either leaf leads to increased airflow resistance that triggers reduced oxygen extraction and defacto suffocation.


#cannabis #tobacco #lungdamage #emphysema #bonglung

cannabis, tobacco, lungdamage, emphysema, bonglung



CoVid Antibody Therapy Going To The Wrong Patients



Those CoVid positive patients with chronic medical conditions that could land them in the hospital on a ventilator or worse did not receive the relatively scarce outpatient antiCovid monoclonal antibodies that would protect them from those fates.  Public health investigators at Harvard’s and Dartmouth’s medical schools draw this conclusion from their studies of Medicare claims data for services between November 2020 and August 2021.  


Data analysis revealed that the likelihood of receiving this vital preemptive therapy was a relatively robust 23% for those without any complicating medical issues compared with about 6% for those with 1-5 chronic conditions and a shameful 4.7% for those with 6 or more chronic conditions.  Those receiving these cutting edge therapies were also less likely to be black or on Medicaid.


The investigators suggest that those most in need had difficulties navigating the the multiple steps necessary to obtain these infusions and had less access to good care.  But those of us who have been around also know that these in-demand medications often end up in the bodies of the very wealthy and politically connected.


#CoVid #monoclonalantibodies #misappropriation

CoVid, monoclonalantibodies, misappropriation



What does “FDA Cleared” Mean?



I recently saw an ad for a portable EKG device called the KardiaMobile 6L. It’s a clever little device that permits you to record a 6 lead EKG at home. What caught my eye was the term FDA-cleared on the ad.  So I checked on the FDA’s website to find out just what that means.


The first step in the process of legal marketing of a medical device in the US is registration with the FDA.  If an FDA Registered medical device is substantially similar to a medical device previously registered, proven by rigorous testing to safe and effective, and approved by the FDA, it becomes FDA Cleared for marketing.  A device that is only FDA Cleared has itself not been subjected to the rigorous testing necessary to be labeled FDA-Approved.  If a device is not obviously similar to one approved, the FDA can still grant it an administrative clearance for marketing, the the device will be deemed FDA Granted.  Only devices that have undergone controlled testing and proven beyond a doubt safe and effective are granted the designation FDA Approved.


Sadly, many consumers assume that the two labels, FDA-cleared and FDA-approved mean the same thing.  UNTRUE.  There have been a number of cases where devices have been FDA-cleared based on their similarity to devices that have subsequently been recalled and removed from the market due to patient injuries.  In some cases, unethical manufacturers or importers just slap an FDA registerered, cleared, granted, or even approved label on a product without any justification.


So there is nothing wrong with the KardiaMobile device.  Just know, though, that the FDA has not verified that this so-called cleared device or any other merely cleared or granted device itself is proven safe and effective.  It is merely rubber stamped as cleared.  Buyer beware.


#fdacleared #fdaapproved #recalls

fdacleared, fdaapproved, recalls



Getting the 411 On My Reports



A number of viewers have inquired how they may obtain more information about the studies that I report.  There are two ways to obtain the references to the material I use in my broadcasts.


First is via my website  Go to the website and look for the menu items podnotes.  They are organized by current year and previous years.  Look up the notes for the month and week the report appeared.  Each report has the complete story and clickable references.


Secondly you can go to the report on my YouTube feed.  Each report there has the complete manuscript and clickable references.


Hope this helps for those of you who want to drill down deeper on a particular subject.




FDA Warning: the E25Bio COVID-19 DART Test Should Not Be Used



The FDA is trumpeting a rare warning to consumers not to use the E25Bio COVID-19 Direct Antigen Rapid Test or DART.  This test has not been authorized, cleared or approved by the FDA for sale and distribution in the US despite false labeling suggesting that it has been FDA authorized.  This product may also be sold under the trade name E25Bio SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Kit.


The FDA is concerned that these test kits may yield false and misleading results as the E25Bio company has not provided the FDA with data that confirms the test’s accuracy.  The FDA is also concerned that the instructions accompanying these test kits instruct users to collect samples from the throat by thrusting the swab through the nose into the upper throat or swabbing the middle portion of the throat through the mouth.  Such self-collection may be hazardous.


This FDA warning will be embarrassing to MIT, the Mass. Institute of Technology as the E25Bio Co. is an MIT spinoff started by Professor Lee Gehrke and research scientist Irene Bosch, both of MIT’s Institute for Medical Engineering and Science.


Those who used this test kit and depended upon the results should retest with an FDA authorized rapid antigen test or with a PDR Covid test.  Those who feel that they may have injured their noses or throats using the collection swab as directed should check with their providers.


Those with further questions may call the FDA’s Division of Industry and Consumer Education at 1-800-638-2041 or 1-301-796-7100.


#CoVid #antigentest #FDA #approval #falsenegative #falsepositive #warning

CoVid #antigentest, FDA, approval, falsenegative, falsepositive, warning




CPSC Recalls



SureClose® READYFIT 180° Hinge-Closer Sets

Problem:  These spring hinge closers malfunction, fail to properly close and secure gates in fences around swimming pools or other hazardous areas leading to injuries and drownings in young children.

 Actions:  Stop relying on these self-closing gates for protection.  Call D&D Technologies at 1-800-716-0888 or via email at to arrange for hinge-closer replacement or a refund.

Maxtrade’s Youth Coolster Mountopz All-Terrain Vehicles

Problem:  These ATVs fail to meet federal mandatory safety standards and speed limitations for vehicles intended to be used by children. Certain models have inadequate parking brakes.

 Sold:  ABC Bikes, Toys & Motorcycles, Affordable Excitement, All Star Scooters, ATV Wholesale Outlet, Dallas Power Sports, Dirt Cheap Motorsports, Mopeds & More, Mooney Motorsports, Rebel Racing, Rock City Cycles, Sooner Cycles and Upstate Cycle.  Also online at,,,,, and

Actions:  All owners of these ATVs should not permit their children to ride them and contact Maxtrade at 1-866-236-8993 or via email at to check whether your model is involved and to arrange a free repair at a Maxtrade dealer.


River Street Five-Drawer Chests

Problem:  These dressers are unstable unless anchored to the wall, and they may tip over causing entrapment, injuries, and possible death to young children.

 Actions:  If you have one of these dressers, unload it until it is properly secured.  Contact Rooms To Go at 1-855-688-0919 or via email at to arrange for a free in-home repair, a replacement, or a refund


KOYO Bounca The Squig Limited Edition Plush toys

Problem:  The pom-poms may detach from the toy and create a choking hazard for young children.

 Actions:  If your child has one of of these plush toys, substitute another safer toy.  Return the toy to a Games Workshop and Warhammer store for a full refund.  For more information or for an alternative route to a refund, use the email for questions or to provide photo proof of destruction by cutting the tail off the toy.


BAOPTEIL Children’s Robes

Problem:   These garments fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear.

 Actions:    Immediately obtain a fire-safe robe and stop your child from wearing these recalled garments.  Your may contact Amazon customer service for a prepaid mailer in order to obtain a refund.  Alternatively, you may contact the company via email at to obtain the mailer and refund.




Recalled now are Ski-Doo Expedition 900 ACE Snowmobiles



The CPSC and BRP are recalling 2022 Ski-Doo Expedition 900 ACE snowmobiles.  An inaccurate speedometer underreports the true speed of the vehicle by 50%, and this defect may trigger reckless driving, loss of control, and injuries to the driver, bystanders, and property.  About 400 of these snowmobiles were sold in the US.  Consumers should immediately stop using these recalled vehicles and contact a Ski-Doo dealer for a free repair. For more information, contact BRP at 1-888–272–9222.


#skidoo #snowmobile #speedometer #crash #recall

SkiDoo, snowmobile, speedometer, crash, recall



Can-Am Outlander All Terrain Vehicles are on Recall



The CPSC and BRP are recalling 2022 S Can-Am Outlander All Terrain Vehicles.  Inaccurate speedometers underreport the true speed of the vehicle by 50%, and this defect may trigger reckless driving, loss of control, and injuries to the driver, bystanders, and property.  About 1300 of these ATVs were sold in the US.  Immediately stop using these recalled vehicles and contact a Can-Am dealer for a free repair. For more information, contact BRP at 1-888–272–9222.


#canam #atv #speedometer #crash #recall

canam, atv, speedometer, crash, recall



Recalled are Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses



The CPSC and Serta are recalling recent models of Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses.  The mattresses involved in the recall are white single-sided mattresses in all sizes with navy blue side panels manufactured from July 15m 2021 through August 6, 2021.  These mattresses fail to meet the mandatory federal flammability standards for mattresses and thus create fire and burn hazards. The mattresses in question were sold at Aaron’s Furniture, Ashley Furniture, Macy’s, and Sam’s Club stores nationwide and online at  If you think you own one of these mattresses, immediately stop using it and contact Serta by phone at 1-888-762-0013  or via email at, to verify whether your mattress is included in the recall.  If so, Serta will ship you a replacement mattress and pick up yours free of charge.


#serta #perfectsleeper #mattress #flammability #fire #burn #recall

serta, perfectsleeper, mattress, flammability, fire, burn, recall 



Shop LC Personal Electric Space Heaters on Recall



The CPSC and Shop LC now recall Shop LC Personal Electric Space Heaters.  These heaters may overheat and create fire and burn hazards in the home or office.  About 4500 of these space heaters were sold on Shop LC television networks airing on DirecTV channels 75 and 226, AT&T channels 399 and 1399, Verizon channel 159, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, Charter, Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV and online at  If you bought one of these heaters contact Shop LE by phone at 1-877-899-0078 or via email at to obtain a free return shipping label and a refund.


#shoplc #heater #overheat #fire #burn #recall

Shoplc, heater, overheat, fire, burn, recall



Recalled are WORX Brand 13 Amp 1900 PSI Electric Pressure Washers



The CPSC and Positec USA are recalling WORX Brand 13 Amp 1900 PSI Electric Pressure Washers.  Its sprayer hose may separate from the wand creating  an impact injury hazard to the user or any bystanders.  About 17,630 of these spray washer were sold at Menards stores in the Midwest and at other independent hardware stores nationwide and online at  If you bought one of these power washers, contact Posittec USA by phone at 1-855–444–2833 or via email at to arrange for a free prepaid shipping label to return your washer and to receive a replacement washer.


#worx #pressurewasher #hose #injury #recall

worx, pressurewasher, hose, injury, recall




Adam the Apple Children’s Stackable Toys Recalled



The CPSC and Stack Em’ Up Books now recall Adam the Apple Children’s Stackable Toys.  The paint on these wooden toys contains hazardous levels of lead that exceed the federal lead paint standards.  Lead is toxic and may cause profound neurologic problems if ingested by young children.  About 200 toys were sold at online at  Take this toy away from your children and contact Stack Em’ Up Books by phone at 1-267-987-3328 or via email at to receive a prepaid shipping label for returning the toy and to receive a refund.


#appletheapple #stackabletoy #lead #poisoning #recall

appletheapple, stackabletoy, lead, poisoning, recall




Recall on Pittsburgh Automotive Pneumatic Roller Seats



The CPSC and Harbor Freight Tools announce the recall of Pittsburgh Automotive Pneumatic Roller Seats.  The connection from the seat to the seat post is unstable and creates fall hazards.  About 478, 800 of these seats were sold nationwide at Harbor Freight Tools stores and online at  Discontinue your use of these recalled seats and return them to your nearest Harbor Freight store for a replacement or a refund.  For more information or to arrange to ship your recalled chairs back postpaid, contact Harbor Freight Tools at 1-800-444-3353  or via email at


#harborfreight #rollerseats #seatpost #fall #recall

harborfreight, rollerseats, seatpost, fall, recall



Stance Kids Reiny Szn Mid-Cushion Crew Socks now Recalled



The CPSC and Stance have recalled Stance Kids Reiny Szn Mid-Cushion Crew Socks.  The decorative bells attached to the socks may detach and create aspiration and choking hazards for younger children.  About 10,800 of these socks were sold nationwide by Stance and specialty and premium apparel stores and online at  Stop permitting your child to wear these socks and return them to a Stance store or contact the company by phone at 1-888-391-9020 or via mail at to obtain a prepaid return shipping envelope and a $20 credit to use for your next Stance purchase.


#stance #socks #bells #choking #children #recall

stance, socks, bells, choking, children, recall 



Recall on Petzl Scorpio Eashook Lanyards with Carabiners



The CPSC and Petzl are recalling Petzl Scorpio Eashook Lanyards with Carabiners.   These devices are designed for adventure pack up.  The carabiner’s automatic closing system may malfunction and pose a risk of serious injury or death to the user.  About 230 of these lanyards were sold in the U/S and 22 were sold in Canada at Omni Progear, Ouray Mountain Sports, Moosejaw Mountaineering, Backcountry Gear Ltd. and boutique shops nationwide and online at  Do not use these defective lanyard-carabiners and contact Petzl by phone at 1-877-807-3805 or via email at to obtain a postpaid return envelope and a refund.


#petzl #lanyardcarabiners #accidentalrelease #injhury #death #recall

Petzl, lanyardcarabiners, accidentalrelease, injhury, death, recall



AllMeInGeld Children’s Nightgowns Are Recalled



The CPSC and AllMeinGeld are recalling AllMeInGeld children’s nightgowns.  These nightgowns fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children.  About 3900 of these nightgowns were sold online at  Do not permit your child to wear these nightgowns.  Amazon will contact you and provide prepaid mailers to return the garments for a full refund.  Alternatively, you can contact AllMeinGeld via email at in order to obtain the mailer, refund, or additional information about this recall.


#allmeingeld #nightgowns #flammability #fires #burns #recall

allmeingeld, nightgowns, flammability, fires, burns, recall 



Recall on Personal Electric Heaters



The CPSC and Home Easy are recalling Geek Heat DH-QN06 Personal Heaters.  The power switch on these heaters may spark when the switch is turned on or off creating a fire hazard.  About 3,000 of these personal heaters were sold at Army & Air Force Exchange Service stores nationwide, at the New Jersey chain of Value Zone stores, and online at,, and  Immediately discontinue use of these defective heaters and unplug the power cords.  In order to obtain a refund, cut the power cord, mark the heater as defective, take a photo of the destroyed heater, and email it to Home Easy at  For more information about the recall, contact Home Easy by phone at 1-844-801-8880 or via email at


#homeeasy #personalheater #powerswitch #spark #fire #burns #recall

homeeasy, personalheater, powerswitch, spark, fire, burns, recall



Escalade Sports Tennis Tables are on Recall



The CPSC and Escalade Sports now recall the Escalade Sports Tennis Tables.  These pingpong tables are unstable and may collapse should a player or bystander lean against them, and this may create a fall and injury hazard.  About 5200 of these tennis tables were sold at Target stores nationwide and online at  Stop using these recalled pingpong tables and contact Escalade Sports by phone at 1-866-556-2755 or online at for a free repair kit and instructions.  The company will refund you the purchase price if you provide them a photo showing the net cut in several places and the table disassembled.


#escaladesports #tabletennis #pingpongtable #collapse #injuries #recall

escaladesports, tabletennis, pingpongtable, collapse, injuries, recall




FDA Recalls



Mega Recall of Dried Salted Plums With and Without Chili by various makers due to lead



The FDA, La Fiesta Food Products Inc., Spice and Chili, El Chavito, El Super Leon Ponchin Snacks Inc., and Rojas Inc now recall La Fiesta Saladitos Con Chile (Salted Plums with Chili), Spice and Chili Saladitos Dried Salted Plums With Chili, El Chavito Saladitos Dried Salted Plums and Saladitos Enchilados Salted Plums With Chili, El Leoncito, El Super Leon branded Saladitos Dry Salted Plums with and without Chili, and finally Lupag Plain Dried Salted Plums.  These products are all contaminated with lead.  Though we are all exposed to tiny amounts of lead on a daily basis, exposure to larger amounts is toxic, particularly for infants and children.  Lead poisoning may trigger signs of illness including abdominal pain, vomiting, lethargy, irritability, weakness, behavior or mood changes, delirium, seizures, and coma.  Chronic exposures may produce no acute symptoms in children but lead to neurotoxicity with learning disability and developmental delay.  The LaFiesta products were sold in California, Nevada, North Carolina, and Georgia, the Spice and Chili products were sold online by, the El Chavito products were sold nationwide by retailers and on the El Chavito website, the El Super Leon products were sold at retail stores in California, and the Lupag items were sold in Southern California.  If you purchased the LaFiesta, El Chavito, or Lupag products, return them to the place of purchase for refunds.  The Spice and Chili product should be mailed back to A&E Corrales LLC, PO Box 78531, Seattle, WA 98178 for a refund.  The El Super Leon products should be disposed of.  For additional information, contact LaFiesta by phone at 1-408-326-0487 or via email at For Spice and Chili, email for more information.  Contact El Chavito via email at  For El Super Leon Ponchin Snacks, call 1-619-271-0846.  For Rojas, call 1-323-266-2192 or contact them via email at


#lafiesta #spiceandchili #elchavito #saladitos #elsuperleon #luchin #plums #chili #lead #toxicity #recall

lafiesta, spiceandchili, elchavito, saladitos, elsuperleon, luchin, plums, chili, lead, toxicity, recall



Recall on Golden Medal Enoki Mushrooms



The FDA and Golden Medal Mushrooms Inc. are recalling Golden Medal Enoki Mushrooms.  These mushrooms have been contaminated with listeria monocyogenes.  This bacterium can cause serious and sometimes fatal disease in the young, elders, and in those with immune competence issues.  The product in question has the lot # 300511 and was sold in Chicago.  Do not consume this product but return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, contact Golden Metal Mushroom by phone at 1-323-720-9126.


#enokimushrooms #goldenmetalmushrooms #listeria #infection #recall 

enokimushrooms, goldenmetalmushrooms, listeria, infection, recall



MegMan Performance Capsules are on Recall



The FDA and Junp LLC have recalled MegMan Performance Booster Capsules.   This dietary supplement marketed for male virility enhancement is contaminated with tadalafil, a prescription drug used for therapy of erectile dysfunction, and a phosphodiesterase.  This agent may react with medications containing nitrates such as nitroglycerin and other medications taken by those with heart disease and diabetes leading to dangerously low blood pressures.  The presence of tadalafil in this product makes it an unapproved drug with safety and effectiveness issues. The affected lot is # 2010291, Exp Date 01/07/2024 sold by,, and by other online retailers.  If you bought this product, contact the website from which you purchased it for instructions on returning it for a refund.  For more information, contact Junp LLC by phone at 1-929-559-4706 or by email:


#megman #performancebooster #tadalafil #nitrates #hypotension #recall

megman, performancebooster, tadalafil, nitrates, hypotension, recall



Recalled are Batch Ice Creams



The FDA and the Royal Ice Cream Co. are recalling Batch Ice Cream’s Vanilla, Ginger, and Mocha Chip Ice Cream flavors.  These ice creams are contaminated with listeria monocyogenes.  This bacterium can trigger serious and sometimes fatal disease in the young, elders, and in those with immune competence issues.  These ice creams were sold by Market Basket stores in MA, Big Y Stores in MA and CT, and by Roche Brothers Markets in MA.  They are all coded with the Date of manufacture of 1/19/22 and Best by of 7/19/23.  If you bought these ice creams, do not consume them.  Return them to the place of purchase for a refund.  For more information, contact the Royal Ice Cream Co by phone at 1-860-649-5358.


#fda #batchicecream #listeria #infection #recall

fda, batchicecream, listeria, infection recall



More Enoki Mushrooms are Contaminated



The FDA, Concord Farms and Jan Fruits, Inc. are recalling additional lots of enoki mushrooms.  These Chinese mushrooms are contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.   This bacterium causes serious and life-threatening infections in the very young, elders, and in those with immunosuppression.  Concord lot # 045633 was sold in California.  The Jan Fruits’ product labelled “Taiwan Best Quality Enoki Natural Mushroom***Manufacturer: Changhua County Mushrooms Production Cooperative” and “Distributor Jan Fruits Inc” was also sold in California.  Do not consume these mushrooms.  Return them to the places of purchase for a full refund.  For additional information about this recall, contact Concord Farms by phone at 1-323-582-6000 or Jan Fruits, Inc. at 1-323-923-2879 Ext. 3.


#enokimushrooms #listeria #infection #recall

enokimushrooms, listeria, infection, recall



More Male Virility Products Are Illegally Contaminated with Prescription Drugs



The FDA and a number of manufacturers and importers are recalling over-the-counter drugs due to contamination with the phosphodiesterase drugs tadalafil and/or sildenafil that are normally prescribed for erectile dysfunction.  These drugs are present in unregulated quantities that may be dangerous, particularly to those with heart conditions or diabetes that may be taking nitrate-contain medications including nitroglycerin.  These individuals could develop dangerously low blood pressures with risks of heart attacks or strokes.  The companies, products, and contaminating ingredients involved are as follows:

Positive Health; RiseUp Red Edition Capsules; Undeclared Tadalafil

Celebrate Today; Red Mammoth Capsules; Undeclared Sildenafil and Tadalafil

Your Favorite Shop; The Red Pill; Undeclared Tadalafil

ABC Sales Inc; MacDaddy Red and Purple Dietary Supplements;  Undeclared Sildenafil and/or Tadalafil


These over-the-counter drugs were sold online by but may be found on other online retailers including  Do not continue to use these products and report any adverse effects that may have occurred to your personal physicians.


For more information about these recalls contact:

Positive-Health: 1-302-824-3223 or

Celebrate Today: Brian Dunn at 1-631-642-2550 or

Your Favorite Shop: 1-551-255-0862 or yourfavoriteshoppills@gmail

ABC Sales Inc: Josh Green at 1-845-459-0632


#virilitysupplements #tadalafil #sidenafil #phosphodiesterase #nitrates #hypotension #recall

virilitysupplements, tadalafil, sidenafil, phosphodiesterase, nitrates, hypotension, recall

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