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Health Capsules - 02/16/2020





First the FDA Recalls:


FDA is compelling Medtronic to recall its MiniMed 600 Series Insulin Pumps.  This includes Models 630G and 670G and includes 342,205 devices.  The recall was initiated in November, 2019.  The reason for recalls is a missing or broken retainer ring the helps lock the insulin cartridge into place in the pump’s reservoir compartment.  If the cartridge is not properly locked in place, insulin may be under or over delivered.  There have been 26,421 complaints, 2,175 injuries, and 1 death.  Contact Medtronic Technical Support at 877-585-0166 for more info and device or part replacement.


 #diabetes #insulin #insulinpump #recall



Eisai Inc. is recalling Belviq (locaserin), a weight loss drug.  Last month, I reported that this medication had been linked to an increased incidence of pancreatic, colorectal, and lung cancer.  Now it is being recalled and withdrawn.  Anyone taking locaserin should speak with their doctors about an alternative.  Dispose of the unused medication.  The FDA is not recommending special screening for patients that have taken the drug.  It does recommend that prescribers notify their patients and report adverse effects.


#dieting #cancer



Gourmet International and Butlers are recalling  IRISH WHISKEY DARK CHOCOLATE TABLET BAR because it may contain undeclared milk. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of serious allergic reaction.  Return candy to point of purchase.  Questions to company at 1-800-875-5557.


#recall #candy #chocolate #allergy



Blendtopia Products, LLC is recalling its Superfood Smoothie Kits.  The smoothie blends affected: Glow, Detox, Energy, Immunity, and Strength.  These 7 ounce frozen treats are recalled due to potential contamination with Listeria.  To his organism can cause fatal infections in the very young, old, frail, or immunocompromised.  In the health, it triggers fever, severe headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea.  It can cause miscarriage and stillbirths in pregnant women.  Consumers should not use these products and return them or discard them.  Questions to 1-844-260-8181.

 #recall #smoothie #listeria #frozentreats



Miss a Bay LLC is recalling Ready PAC®Bistro® Bowl Spinach Dijon Salad.  Problems are undeclared egg and wheat allergens.  Problems for egg allergic and gluten-sensitive individuals.  Affected salads have the lot code 255588007.  Return product for refund.  For info, call Mary Toscano at 1-800-800-7822.


#recall #salad #celiac #egg


Lotte International America Corp is recalling Chocopie, Original, Banana.  There is a small amount of almond in the product not so labeled.  The product does state it is “manufactured in a facility that also processes peanut and almond.  Return the product to point of purchase for refund. Questions to company at 1-213-688-8806.


#recall #almond #allergy #banana



McCormick & Co. is recalling its Sunny Select Au Jus Gravy Mix.  This product has unlabeled dairy allergen.  Return or Dispose of product and contact company at 1-800-632-5847.


#recall #gravy #dairy #allergy



Save A Lot is recalling Coburn Farms Sharp Yellow Cheddar Cheese, Cherry Juice-Infused Dried Cranberries & Roasted Sea Salted Cashew Snackers due to undeclared peanut allergens.  Return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund.  Contact company at 1-314-264-7868.


 #crackers #snacks



Corinthian Foods is recalling Uncooked Sweet Potato Crusted Alaska Pollock Nuggets due to mislabeling.  The package contains chicken nuggets rather than fish nuggets.  Return the product for a full refund or call the company at 1-912-634-0240


#recall #fish #chicken #mislabeled



Nuts ‘N More is recalling its Plain Peanut Spread due to potential contamination with Listeria. Return the product to point of purchase or contact company at


 #recall #peanut #bacteria


New Seasons Market is recalling its Grab ‘N Go Vegetarian Lasagna with Gluten-free Pasta due to the presence of an undeclared soy allergen.  Dispose of the product, return it to the point of purchase, or contact the company via email,


#recall #lasagna #soy #pasta



Family Traditions Meat Company is recalling its ready to eat beef stick product Arcadia MEATS SMOKED BEEF STICKS ORIGINAL due to an undeclared milk allergen.  Return the product to point of purchase or call company at 1-641-847-8116.


#recall #milk #beefsticks



Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls:


Yamaha Golf Cars, Carts are being recalled due to defective front wheel hubs. These can crack permitting the front wheels to detach posing a crash hazard.  Stop using the cart and contact your dealer for a free repair.  Yamaha may be contacting you.  More info: 1-866-747-4027.


#recall #yamaha #golfcart 


Textron Specialized Vehicles is recalling Gas-powered Gold, PTV, Utility, and Shuttle Off-Road vehicles.  The starter generator wire can come in contact with the vehicle’s exhaust creating a fire hazard.  Stop using the vehicle and contact company for a free repair.  1-888-525-6040.


#recall #textron #offroad


Fanim Industries is recalling is Harbor Breeze Santa Ana Ceiling Fan due to an injury hazard.  The blade holders can break permitting the blade to be ejected from the fan.  Stop using the fan and contact company for replacement blades at 1-888-434-3797.


#recall #fan #ceilingfan




Coronavirus Update



  • The virus and its pandemic has been renamed by WHO: CoViD-19. Co for Corona Vi for Virus D for disease 19 for 2019 when it began.

  • Numbers of infected, hospitalized, and perished continues to rise quickly.  Get the latest stats from Bloomberg: and bookmark the page.

  • As of this recording, DATE: 2/15/2020, TIME: 8:30am ; ConfirmedCasesWorldwide: 67,175; DeathsWorldwide: 1527. 15 cases in US.  Largest cluster outside of China on the Diamond Princess docked in Japan with 218 cases.

  • Chinese cases suddenly rose by 15,000 when medical authorities there began diagnosing the disease using lung CT rather than virologic blood ID.

  • CoViD-19 death toll surpasses that due to SARS = 774.

  • No vertical transmission mother to fetus seen in China.

  • Best defense against CoVid-19 and the flu:  proper hand washing with soap and water.  How long should you wash.  At least 20 seconds.  That’s the Happy Birthday song twice or the entire alphabet song including “Now you know your ABC’s, won’t you come and play with me.


#coronavirus #covid19 #pandemic #epidemic



Those are this week’s Health News Capsules.


I’m Dr. Howard Smith


With this Health News Capsule


I’m Dr. Howard Smith

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