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HealthNews RoundUp - 1st Week of May 2020



Recall On Children’s Neck Pillows



Ximi Vogue is recalling its Children’s Neck Pillows.  The paint on the zippers and zipper pulls contains a high lead level.  The pillows affected are the Pink Elephant, the Gray Elephant, the Blue Chick, and the Green Dinosaur.  If you have one of these, return it to the place of purchase for a refund.  For additional information, call Ximi Vogue at 1-855-946-4002.


#recall #neckpillow #children #lead

recall, neckpillow, children, lead



Modular Robotics Rechargeable Battery Packs Are Recalled



Dexter Industries is recalling its Modular Robotics Rechargeable Battery Packs.  These batteries may short circuit and overheat causing a burn or fire hazard.  Those affected at 9.6V 2000Ah NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries with max charge current of 2 amps.  The packs have been sold individually as well as part of Classroom Kits and GoPiGo and BrickPi robotic bundles.  Return these items to the point of purchase for a refund or replacement.  Contact Dexter at 1-877-233-6859.


#recall #robotics #battery #nimhbattery #nimhbattery

recall, robotics, battery, nimhbattery, nimhbattery



Recall On Epson Scanner Power Adapters



Epson has recalled the Power Adapters Included with its V-series scanners.  The power adapter has the part number EADP-16CB B printed pin its label. These units may overheat causing burns and fires.  A total of 314,000 were sold in the US and 25,000 in Canada at Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, and miscellaneous department stores.  If you have a V-series Epson scanner, stop using it.  Contact Epson at 1-888-367-2656 for more information about a replacement.


#recall #epson #scanner #poweradapter #burns

recall, epson, scanner, poweradapter, burns



Ritz Cheese Cracker Sandwiches Have Been Recalled



Mondelez Global LLC is voluntarily recalling its Ritz Cheese Cracker Sandwiches Family Size (21.6 oz. carton). The carton is mislabeled indicating a cheese cracker within when in fact the product is a peanut butter sandwich.  The outer carton indicates that the product may contain peanuts but not that it is all peanut butter.  It contains 16 individually-wrapped sandwiches, and these are properly labeled at Ritz Peanut Butter Cracker Sandwiches.  If a peanut allergic person consumes these crackers thinking that they are cheese crackers, a life-threatening reaction could ensue.   If you have this carton, return it to the store.  Contact the company at 1-844-366-1171 for more information.


#recall #cheesecrackers #ritz #peanutcrackers

recall, cheesecrackers, ritz, peanutcrackers




An Asymptomatic CoVid Infected Neighbor Spews Virus



In small room or office where a person asymptomatically carrying the CoVid virus has been breathing or occasionally coughing, there may be anywhere from 100,000 to 100 billion copies of live virus hanging in the air to infect you.  This from a pre-published Swiss study just released online.


Coughing but also normal breathing generates aerosols that waft up into the air.  In a closed room, they tend to remain aloft.  Even distancing within the room would lead to you inhaling hundreds of virus copies, enough to infect you.


When you are near a non-family member, it is mandatory that you wear an effective mask filter.


#covid #coronavirus #aerosols #masks

covid, coronavirus, aerosols, masks





Me And My Llama Might Fight CoVid19



A bioengineered two-headed antibody constructed from a llama antibody to the SARS coronavirus prevents the CoVid19 virus from attaching to and infecting cells.  Virologists at the University of Texas-Austin worked for years on llama antibodies to SARS and MERS viruses and now report a way to repurpose them for our current coronavirus.


The llama anti-SARS antibody called VHH72 did also bind to CoVid19 but weakly.  Linking two of the VHH72 molecules together produced a novel antibody that did bind to CoVid19 spike protein preventing it from infecting tissue cultured cells while also continuing to block the SARS virus.  The investigators are beginning tests in animals.


Fingers crossed everyone.


#covid #coronavirus #llama #antibody #sars

covid, coronavirus, llama, antibody, sars



CoVid May Spread Via Feces



Here’s yet another reason to wash your hands more obsessively after using any toilet.  Fifty-three percent of CoVid positive hospitalized Chinese patients also had viral RNA in their stool as well as in their nasal and oropharyngeal samples.


CoVid in the gastrointestinal tract was not age-dependent as evidence of virus was found in subjects from 10 months through 78 years of age.  The virus also tends to linger in longer in the GI tract than in the respiratory system and 23% of patients still had positive stool samples when their nasal and oral samples turned negative.


CoVid is everywhere in population-dense cities. Watch out!


#covid #coronavirus #gastrointestinal #respiratory

covid, coronavirus, gastrointestinal, respiratory





We Blab Our Secrets To Our Phones



When composing tweet, texts, and answering surveys, you tend to reveal more private, confidential information on your smartphone than on your desktop computer.  University of Pennsylvania researchers report this conclusion from their analysis of more than 369,00 tweets, nearly 20,000 call-to-action web ads, and 10,000 restaurant reviews.


The investigators attribute this “truth serum” phone effect to our intimacies with these devices.  Because phones often serve as our adult pacifiers, we view them as safe zones.  We all too often lower our defenses and risk our own data security.


This study should prompt us all to be extraordinarily careful with content we provide on social media via the phone.


#smartphone #socialmedia #privacy #security

smartphone, socialmedia, privacy, security



Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With More Severe CoVid Infections



A global epidemiological study reveals a significant correlation between lower than optimal Vitamin D levels and both numbers of CoVid infections as well as deaths attributed to the virus.  British researchers focused on data from 20 European countries tabulating published average Vitamin D levels and CoVid statistics from each.


Serum vitamin D levels less than 30 nmol/L are considered deficient.  Such deficiencies were found in Spain (26), Italy (28), and in aging Swiss (23).  


The investigators note that vitamin D supplementation is proven safe and effective.  If you live in an area that is a virus hot spot, get plenty of sun and check your levels.


#covid #coronavirus #vitamind

covid, coronavirus, vitamind





Optavia Essential Old Fashioned Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal



Medifast of Baltimore is recalling its Optavia Essential Old Fashioned Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal.  This product contains traces of undeclared milk.  Even tiny amounts of milk may trigger life-threatening allergic reactions in milk-sensitive individuals.  If you have this product, destroy it.  Contact Medifast at 1-888-678-2842 for additional information and product replacement.


#recall #oatmeal #opavia #milk

recall, oatmeal, opavia, milk



Wake Up!! Coronavirus IS Killing Us ALL



Listen up. CoVid19 is deadly and everywhere in the air and on every surface.  It’s in many of us who don’t know we carry it.  If you have it, it’s on your breath, in your saliva, and in, pardon, your shit.


If you want to survive and avoid killing your spouse, mother, sister, brother, or your child, do everything to avoid catching CoVid.  Wash hands constantly.  Avoid touching public surfaces.  

Wear the best mask you can buy or make to avoid passing virus to someone else.  Distance from all but those with whom you live.


You’re not immortal!  More deaths do occur where people ignore science and common sense.


#covid #coronavirus #masks #wash #distance

covid, coronavirus, masks, wash, distance





Essential Trading Post Wintergreen and Birch Essential Oils On Recall



The Essential Trading Post is recalling its Wintergreen and Birch Essential Oils.  These products contain potentially poisonous methyl salicylate in non-child-resistant packaging.  If you have children in your home or children visiting, this is a risk for accidental poisoning.  Return the product to the point of purchase for a refund.  You may reach the company at 1-774-202-6121.


#recall #wintergreenoil #birchoil #essentialtradingpost #poisoning

recall, wintergreenoil, birchoil, essentialtradingpost, poisoning




Blood Thinners Help Save CoVid Patients



Coronavirus patients fighting for their lives on ventilators were twice as likely to survive if they received blood thinning drugs as part of their therapy.  Researchers at New York City’s giant Mt. Sinai Hospital system now report their analysis of 2,773 CoVid-infected patients.


Twenty-eight percent received powerful therapeutic blood thinning regimens used for lung, heart, or brain clots.  The ventilated patients on blood thinning experienced a 29% mortality while those untreated had a 63% mortality.  Untoward bleeding occurred in 3% of thinned patients versus 2% of unthinned patients.


We know that CoVid triggers enhanced blood clotting.  Effectively treating it saves lives and sometimes limbs.


#covid #coronavirus #clotting #anticoagulants

covid, coronavirus, clotting, anticoagulants




Becca Light Shifter Brightening Concealer Recalled



Becca Cosmetics is recalled its Light Shifter Brightening Concealer.  All shades are being recalled since mold was discovered on the applicators of some units.  If you have this product, return it to the point of purchase for a refund.  You may conduct an online chat with the company at


#recall #becca #concealer #mold

recall, becca, concealer, mold



Recall On Essential Sliced Columbia Bread



The Essential Baking Company of Seattle is recalling is Slice Columbia Bread.  There is undeclared egg in the product.  This poses a significant danger for egg-allergic individuals.  Apparently, the actual product in the packaging is challah. This product was chiefly sold in the Puget Sound region of Washington State.   If you have this product, do not consume it and return it to the point of purchase for a full refund.  Questions to the company at 1-206-545-3804.


#recall #essential #bread #egg

recall, essential, bread, egg



Noah Men’s Reverse Fleece Hoodies On Recall



The Noah Clothing Company is recalling its Men’s Reverse Fleece Hoodies.  The fabric fails to meet federal flammability standards.  It poses a burn risk to wearers.  Stop wearing the garment and return it to the point of purchase.  If you have questions, contact the Noah Clothing Company at 1-833-662-4692.


#recall #hoodie #fleece #noah #flammability

recall, hoodie, fleece, noah, flammability




Poppin’ Cobs 10 pack Microwave Popcorn Recalled



The Fully Popped Company is recalling Poppin’ Cobs 10 pack Microwave Popcorn.  Their brown paper bags can catch fire in the microwave leading to burns.   This product has been sold at Uncommon Goods Stores in Brooklyn, NY.  Do not use this product, and return it to the point of purchase.  For more information, contact Fully Popped at 1-866-767-2627.


#recall #popcorn #poppincobs #fire #burns

recall, popcorn, poppincobs, fire, burns




CoVid In Pregnancy



Most women with the novel coronavirus can successfully deliver CoVid negative babies.  This according to a Indian meta-analysis of 50 case series that studied 387 women who delivered 391 babies pre-published on the pre-print web site.  Ninety-five percent contracted the viral disease during their third trimester.


Ninety-six percent of the mothers had x-ray diagnosed pneumonia, and 11% of women required mechanical ventilation.  There was a 3% maternal death rate.  Eighty percent were c-section deliveries.  


Neonatal CoVid positivity, that is vertical transmission, was 8%. There were 25% pre-term births.  Only 8% developed respiratory distress syndrome.  Stillbirths represented 1.5% and 1% of the neonates sadly died.


#covid #coronavirus #pregnancy #verticaltransmission

covid, coronavirus, pregnancy, verticaltransmission




Asthmatics Fare Better Against CoVid



Asthma under active treatment may help recovery from CoVid19.  Case series from central China regions and New York City, two epicenters of the pandemic, raise questions about the CDC’s designation of asthma as a complicating factor for CoVid.


Asthma patients with CoVid have no higher hospitalization rates than than non-asthmatics.  In Wuhan, 5% of people have asthma but only 1% of those hospitalized with CoVid have it.  Ten percent of New Yorkers are asthmatics, but they are under-represented among those hospitalized with the virus.


Asthma or its treatment may be protective.  Asthmatics seem to less ACE2, the CoVid magnet, in their lungs.  The inhaled steroids they use may suppress the cytokine storm.


#covid #coronavirus #asthma #steroids #ace2

covid, coronavirus, asthma, steroids, ace2




Disinfect Your Mask By Lightly Cooking It



Heating N95 or KN95 masks to 170 ˚F for 30 minutes effectively disinfects, and you can do it up to 50 times without losing the mask’s CoVid filtration powers.  This conclusion comes from a study by 4C Air, a nanotechnology spinoff from Stanford University.


Investigators there compared various methods of cleaning medical grade masks including dry heating, steam, UV light, 75% alcohol, and chlorine bleach.  The alcohol and bleach both immediately destroyed the mask’s filtration capabilities.  Steam treatment degraded filtration function after 5 cycles of treatment.  The UVC treatment worked well for 10 cycles.


Healthcare workers and eventually all of us can recycle our N95 masks by oven heating.


#covid #coronavirus #n95 #mask #disinfection #heating #uv

covid, coronavirus, n95, mask, disinfection, heating, uv



DIY Face Shields Help Make Reopening Safe



To prevent resurgence of CoVid as business and school resume, take a page from our healthcare worker’s self-protection playbook.  Physicians at the University of Iowa encourage us to create PPE for ourselves without denying it to heroic professionals.


Equipped healthcare staff have CoVid infection rates a fraction of those in the general population despite constant exposure.  The Iowa investigators suggest that you can achieve similar protection by adding clear plastic face shields to your cloth masks.  The shields, made from acetate sheets you can buy at Staples and a hole punch, block 92-96% of virus.


Best news: face shields can be repeatedly cleaned and reused.


#covid #coronavirus #faceshield #mask #ppe

covid, coronavirus, faceshield, mask, ppe




Weight Yourself Down To Lose Weight



Wearing a weighted vest for just 3 weeks could help you lose 5 times more weight.  A new study from Sweden’s University of Gothenberg studied weight loss in 69 mildly obese subjects.


The experimental group wore 24 pound vests while the control group wore 2 lb vests over the study period.  The weigh-in at the end clocked a 3.5 pound average weight loss for the heavy vest group versus a .7 pound loss for controls.  The weight lost was in fat and not muscle.


The investigators attribute the effect to a natural “gravitostat.”  Animal experiments suggest it controls appetite.  Of course, moving about with a weighted vest does expend more energy.


#obesity #dieting #weightedvest #fat

obesity, dieting, weightedvest, fat

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