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TO OUR FAMILIES . . . . . . 


After 40 years taking care of children with ear, nose, and throat problems and after nearly 50 years practicing medicine, I will be retiring from day-to-day clinical practice on March 1, 2018.  I have loved every minute of this journey with you and your children, but all good things must come to an end.


I will continue to see follow up patients until the office closes February 28, 2018.  I am no longer accepting new patients, and I will not perform any surgery after December 31, 2017.  If your child's clinical needs include a surgical procedure after that date, I will refer you to one of my colleagues.


Your child’s records legally belong to you, and you must pick them up before the office closes on February 28, 2018.  You will then be able to take them to another specialist if your child requires continuing care.  


If your child already has a scheduled appointment with me over the next 3 months, Judy will give you your child’s records at that appointment.  If there is no appointment scheduled and you would like one, please call to arrange it.  If you only need to come by to pick up your child’s record, please notify our office so that we will have it ready for you.  We will be unable to mail records to you or to other physicians, and all paper records will be shredded after that time.


If you child requires continuing specialty care, your pediatrician is the best source for a referral.  As many parents know, friends and relatives can also give you excellent word-of-mouth recommendations.


It has been our pleasure and delight taking care of your children.  Judy and I wish you and your entire family a wonderful holiday season and healthy years ahead.

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