My goal is to provide comprehensive specialty care for infants, children, and younger adolescents with ear, nose, sinus, and throat problems. I particularly focus on two of the most common and difficult-to-treat problems: recurrent ear infections and the resultant hearing losses; and recurrent sinus infection.


I manage recurrent ear infections and recurrent sinus infections with a unique blend of comprehensive diagnostics and creative therapeutics.  I teach a child's parents the techniques they must know to prevent, control, and eradicate ear infections and sinus infections without the need for ever stronger drugs or surgery.


I am a member of the founding cadre of pediatric otolaryngologists: ear, nose, and throat specialists who treat only infants and children.  Over more than 36 years in the field, I have developed a unique set of diagnostic and therapeutic skills.   Using my proprietary child amusement techniques as well as specialized instrumentation, I determine the treatable causes of the child's issues.  Once I identify these factors, I use both cutting edge and time-tested medical therapy to eliminate them.  Only when less invasive avenues of treatment are exhausted or proven to be ineffective, will I recommend and perform surgery with a parent's and pediatrician's advise and consent.





The foundation of exemplary pediatric health care is a close doctor-patient-parent relationship. I want to establish a close working relationship with you as well as with your child. This begins during the course of our initial meeting and continues to develop during subsequent visits we have together.

Please plan to arrive for the first appointment at the time given to you. Built into this first visit is the necessary administrative time to register your child prior to your actual visit with me. If you are unfamiliar with the area, please allow extra time to negotiate traffic and find the office. We also encourage you to follow our directions (see 'How to find our office' to the left) rather than mapping services or your GPS device. We try to provide you with shortcuts unknown to the internet cartographers.  For all follow up visits, we request that you arrive no later than 10 minutes before your appointed time.

I like to begin each session with a discussion of your concerns about your child's ear, nose, and throat problems. It is most important that you feel comfortable about sharing with me all information relative to your child's medical condition. Some parents find it helpful to jot down in advance high points of the medical history as well as their observations and questions, so that they are certain to include all important details during our discussion. 

You may be asked to request that copies of your child’s medical records be sent to my office in advance of the first visit so that I may review it before our time together.  Remember that HIPAA regulations dictate that a doctor or other provider may only send copies of information actually generated in that office.  For example, if your child has seen a series of pediatricians and specialists, you would contact each and request that they forward their records to me.   Please don't hesitate to email, fax, or mail any other information that you have available.

After my examination and a summarizing discussion, I will prepare a note for your child's chart as well as a letter to your child's pediatrician.  I have a policy of sharing all information with patients and their parents via an email sent as soon as possible after each visit. 

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